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Best Instant Loan Apps In Ghana–Top 10


In life, whatever you wish to do now you’ll definitely need money for it so we write this article to let you in on the best instant loan apps in Ghana.

If you consider how hard the system is, and how much people have lost trust in others, acquiring a loan could be the only reliable way of getting money for your projects and other daily activities. However, banks and financial institutions have become really complicated as far as the loan process is concerned. This has created the opportunity for financial loan institutions to operate via instant loan apps. The best instant loan app in Ghana got you covered Right from the comfort of your home, office, or business place.

Essentially, this can be done with mobile apps created by money lending companies and financial institutions in Ghana. These instant loan apps will give you access to quick cash and help you overcome your financial situation by offering you the best loan rates without collateral. Instant loan app in Ghana is now very quick and easy to apply.

These apps can be downloaded from the Google play store or Apple store with your smartphones. 

We will take our time to talk you through the top 10 best instant loan apps that offer instant loans within 24hrs without paperwork or collateral in this article. So take your time and read through because this article is for you.

Top 10 Best Instant Loan Apps In Ghana

1. MTN Qwikloan


The MTN Qwikloan app is one of the best instant loan apps in Ghana. MTN Qwikloan is a financial solution in Ghana that provides quick and convenient loans given to MTN subscribers in partnership with AFB bank to provide the best loan financial services to MTN users.

MTN Qwikloan is a short-term cash loan that requires no collateral paid into one’s MTN Mobile Money wallet. The loan does not require previous savings and is accessible. Consistent access to MTN Qwikloan depends on paying your loan on time.

It loans up to 1,000 GHS with a normal percentage of 6.9% interest rate. The collateral that is offered for this MTN Qwikloan is a regular use of the MTN mobile money and an assurance to pay back the loan at the stipulated time. 

MTN QwikLoan in Ghana has a guideline regarding eligibility for their loan and the eligibility test and confirmation are easier since it’s virtual.

The ability to meet the below requirements gives you an edge for a successful MTN Qwikloan application as a prospective applicant. The requirements for MTN Qwikloan in Ghana include:

  1. The applicant must be 18 years and above.
  2. You must own an MTN Ghana sim card.
  3. Also, you must be an active user of MTN Mobile Money services.
  4. If you are a constant user of MTN QwikLoan services, you must have a good credit score and history.
  5. There is a need to be an MTN service user for at least 90 days.
  6. Prospective applicants must have an active e-wallet.

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The Necessity For MTN Qwikloan Subscribers Are:

  • You must register on MTN mobile money service and regularly use the wallet for all your business or personal transactions.
  • For you to be eligible for the MTN Qwikloan instant loan app, you must be age 18 years and above.
  • For you to be eligible for the MTN Qwikloan instant loan app you must be an active MTN Ghana subscriber not below 90 days of usage.

Regardless, this MTN Qwikloan instant app will be offered to you (the subscriber) if your MTN mobile money wallet is high.

Note: If you are not eligible for the loan, it might be because you have a pending loan. It is always advisable to pay off an outstanding loan before requesting a new loan. Also, ensure that your MTN Mobile Money wallet is active.

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2. Fido Loan

If you reside in Ghana you must have seen Fido Micro Credit (FIDO), a financial institution based in Accra, Ghana. The Fido loan is known as one of the best instant loan apps in Ghana, which is licensed by the Bank of Ghana and trusted by satisfied customers. However, the Fido instant loan app is offered to you as a customer who applied and wants to use the money to grow your business.

Fido loan gives you a 14% interest rate as a new customer for 30 days, the interest amount is shown in the instant loan app before applying. If you have a good history of paying back your loan as an old customer you will be given a better interest rate on future loans, the lowest interest rate is 8% which is for 30 days.

With the Fido instant loan app, user’s can borrow up to GHS 200 on their first-time loan and repay back in 10 – 30 days’ time, and your loan amount increases every time you repay, you would get a bigger amount and a reduced interest as you apply more up to a maximum of 1000 GHS. . FIDO app evaluates each loan application and reserves the right to reject some applications. The decision cannot be reversed and they can only recommend you to apply again after 2 weeks

With Fido instant loan app, You can apply at your own convenient time and receive a loan decision in minutes. There are no hidden or extra fees, all costs are displayed in the app. No collateral or guarantee and money are disbursed instantly.

To apply for the Fide instant loan you need to download the Fido money lending app from the play store or apple store and fill in your details only once for subsequent application then confirm your details and you will receive an immediate loan decision.  If your loan is approved, you will receive the money instantly into your mobile money account. Kindly note that some customers might be asked to visit any of their nearest branches if they couldn’t verify your identity.

3. Sika Master Loan

Another best instant loan app in Ghana is Sika master instant loan. It is one of the largest loan financial institution platforms in Ghana where you can apply if you ever run into the need for money.

Sika master is a loan lending company that offers loans on low rate home mortgages for Ghanaian salary workers and business owners. A loan from Sika Master can help you get that holiday, buy some furniture and undertake some minor home renovations. Sika master has outlined on its website that its Loan Restrictions apply in compliance with BoG regulations.

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There Are 3 Types Of Loans Sika Master Provides

  • Salary advance: With a salary advance from the  Sika Master instant loan app, you could get up to 100% of your monthly net income
  • Personal loans: when you get a personal loan from Sika master instant loan you could get up to 25 times your monthly net.
  • Loyal repeat customer loans:  as a loyal repeat customer loan, you could get up to GHS 2,000.


4. Orbit Money Lending

Orbit Money Lending is one of the best instant loan apps in Ghana that offers personal instant loans for school fees, rent payments, and funeral and medical expenses.

Orbit money lending strives to provide quality and timely financial products to customers and help in the advancement and development of the Ghanaian economy, both public and personal sectors. The company provides quick loans to its clients without any registration fee, collateral or guarantor.

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5. Carbon Ghana App (Paylater)

Carbon Ghana app previously Paylater is one of the best instant loan apps in Ghana that has been top-notch in the history of best loan apps in Ghana, Carbon instant loan has more than 1M+ downloads on the play store; you can invest money and earn all in the carbon loan app.

With the Carbon Ghana loan app, you are entitled to loans from 80 cedis to 100 cedis on your first loan request. The chances of getting bigger loans depend on how soon and well you pay your previous loan.


The Reason To Choose Carbon/ Paylater Loan App

  • Carbon app has been known to have an interest rate as a good space to borrow money.
  • With the Carbon app, you will be allowed to save money in your secured wallet, with no, costs and you get paid monthly interest.
  • With the Carbon instant loan app, you will be allowed to Borrow money and get funds in minutes straight to your bank account.
  • A carbon app is a wallet, where your money is saved.
  • Carbon allows transfer with no fees to any Bank account.
  • The carbon app is a space that allows you to Invest with up to 16% interest on your investment.
  • With the Carbon app instant loan app, you could recharge and pay your bills.


6. Abba Bank Ghana Formerly Known As Barclays

Absa Bank Ghana formerly known as Barclays is a large financial services company, serving corporate clients, high net worth individuals, retail customers and small and medium enterprises.

Absa Ghana offers banking solutions in the retail, corporate and business sectors, as well as a range of e-banking services that can be accessed from your mobile phone.

 Absa is a Ghana-based bank loan app that gives instant cash loans to you if you are a current account holder with them. If you are interested you can apply via their online banking or Barclays Loan app and get funded in not more than 15 minutes.

Benefits Of Abba Formerly Known As The Barclays Loan App

  • Barclays will inform you about your loan rate before you apply
  • As soon as your application is being approved, the money will be paid directly to your bank account.

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7. Abba Ghana Loan App

Abba Ghana loan app is another listed as one of the best instant loan apps In Ghana which assures you of instant payday cash loans with easy, fast and secure banking.

Benefits Of The Abba Loan App?

Abba gives you several types of loans starting from:

  • Business solution loans
  • Ordinary loan accounts,
  • Commercial Asset Finance
  • Enterprise
  • Surprise chain development loans

You can apply for these loans via the Abba Ghana loan app website.


8. Fair Money Loan App

The fair money loan app is one of the best instant loan apps in Ghana with smooth loan applications. FairMoney instant loan app offers quick loans which you can use for different reasons starting from health emergencies, and rental payments, to other personal needs.

Fair money instant loan app is known for its merit-worthiness, customers can access instant loans on FairMoney without collateral, extensive documentation or office visits which typically make borrowing money stress-free for users.

In addition, customers can access higher amounts and monthly Installment loans. Customers with positive loan history performance would also be able to enjoy flexible interest rates.

Benefits Of Using The Fair money Loan App:

  • FairMoney instant loan app will give you a free save debit card immediately you open an account, and the card is delivered to you anywhere you are with no charges apply
  • FairMoney instant loan app will give you a 3% discount on airtime, data purchase anytime you recharge and other payment benefits you would also be offered smooth services when you are paying for utility bills with a discount. Fair money instant loan app is no doubt an outstanding kind of app.
  • FairMoney gives you 100% Bank Transfers monthly with no charges. This 100% transfer comes in anytime you make a transfer which means at the end of the month your account will always smile at you. The fair money instant loan app is a sure plug for you.
  • With the FairMoney instant loan app application, your loan is instantly transferred to our account. However, FairMoney loan is moderated with loan top-ups & loan addition services.
  • All your investment returns are 21% and the amazing thing is that FairMoney gives you the best interest rates when you make fixed deposits
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9. MTNXpress Loan

Initially, Qwikloan is the only app for MTN loan applications introduced by the AFB Bank in collaboration with MTN Ghana. A new loan service has been added to the mobile money loan services called Xpress Loan.

Although similar to MTN Qwikloan, the MTN Xpressloan comes with its own exciting features. The MTN Xpress loan is another well-known instant loan app space in Ghana.

The Xpressloan service offers loans to selected MTN customers,  and the loan is applied for credit to your MTN Momo account upon approval.


Benefits Of MTN Xpress Loan:

  • MTN instant loan app is for existing MTN Customers to use the loan service to access loans.
  • MTN Xpress need no saving and paperwork and the money is transferred directly into the applicant’s MoMo account.
  • MTN Xpress does not have a fixed loan


10. Branch Loans App

The Branch Loan app is one of the instant best loans in Ghana. This app gives you a credit loan with no collateral and your loan application request is accessed within minutes. The branch loan app transfers money immediately into your account after application.

The Branch app allows you to request an advance on your paycheck through a feature called Pay, which may be a lower-cost alternative to a payday loan. Instead of paying traditional interest on this advance, you can just leave a tip for the service. But not everyone is eligible for Pay, and the maximum advance amount is limited.

Reasons To Use The Branch Money App.

  • With Branch instant loan app, you can invest and earn an interest rate of 20%
  • With Branch instant loan app, withdrawal is modified for you to access your money anything anywhere.
  • Branch instant loan app smoothly allows you to pay bills and purchase airtime and data bundles directly from your Branch Wallet.
  • The Branch instant loan app do not charge previous fees or rollover fee, plus the Branch does not restrict how you spend your money, and their customer care is accessible 24/7.

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If you reside in Ghana and need a quick loan to sort out yourself, then you should try these loan apps as they are the best instant loan apps in Ghana. But, the main thing is with loan payback, as you may want to get fast loans. Maintain the agreed time to pay back the loan before applying for another loan. Loan apps have been presently making financial services e.g loans in Ghana very convenient for you.

Thus, this has decreased the challenges of financial frustration and the long method of going to loan financial institutions or Microfinance banks to apply for loans.

Here I have listed the 10 best instant loan apps in Ghana to guide you through your financial journey

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