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10 Powerful Tips on How to get YouTube Subscribers

The first thought that may come to your mind when planning to start a YouTube channel is how to get YouTube subscribers. After all, there are millions of already established YouTube channels, and many of them are already popular. 

In addition, there are also many YouTube channels that are already creating the same content you intend to create for your channel. So with these thoughts in mind, you should know that there will be high competition and getting subscribers may not be easy. 

However, with these 10 very effective tips on how to get YouTube subscribers, you will be able to convert many of your viewers to subscribers in a short time. 

Post Consistently

One of the best ways to easily get YouTube subscribers for your channel is by sticking to a schedule; this way, you give your viewers something to look forward to and encourage them to subscribe so they can efficiently follow your videos. 

If you have not been consistent with your uploads on your YouTube channel, you should start practising it now. 

Uploading videos at the same time every day is an excellent way to practice consistently but to create top-quality content, you should prioritise quality over quantity. So once in a while, if you cannot meet up with the schedule because you do not want to rush things, then it’s okay. Just remember to address the issue in your next video and maybe apologise to your viewers for the delay.

While consistency can come in different methods, a consistent schedule is most effective in getting YouTube followers. In addition, it is also best to stick to one particular niche or topic because it might take more than one video in a specific niche to turn a viewer into a subscriber. 

Use Subtitles

Creating videos with subtitles on YouTube has many benefits; for one, your video will rank higher in the YouTube algorithm; secondly, you will be helping many people understand your content better. 

Some people may not understand your language or have difficulties hearing, and adding subtitles to your videos is a humane and considerate thing to do for such people. Therefore using subtitles is among the key things you should do if you are looking for how to get YouTube subscribers. 

Reach out to More People Via YouTube Stories and Community Tab

Regardless of how dedicated you are to your YouTube channel and your goal to grow your subscribers, you may still not be able to produce and upload new content every day.

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However, it is essential to upload content on your channel daily to keep your viewers engaged, but how do you achieve this? You can promote your videos through the YouTube community tab, upload status, post voting polls and ask questions. 

So even if you can only upload one or two videos per week, you can always take out 5 mins of your time to post quick content on the community tab. It would also help if you could make video responses to questions that viewers frequently ask and maximise YouTube stories to keep your viewers engaged whenever you are very busy. 

All these methods will help you to quickly build trust with your viewers and establish a good relationship with them. 

Create a Visual Identity for Your YouTube Channel

If you are seeking how to get YouTube subscribers, you might not easily think of branding, but it is one of the most effective and professional methods you can utilise to increase your YouTube channel fan base. 

You may have noticed that the most popular and successful YouTube channels have a clear visual identity that they have intentionally created to make their content more unique and outstanding. Your visual identity includes theme, title fonts, intro video, slogan, etc. You just need to teach your viewers how they should see and recognize your channel anywhere. 

When creating a visual identity for your YouTube channel, there are numerous ideas to consider. For example, you can make custom thumbnails that best describe the contents you are sharing, a simple intro video that will tell people that they are about to watch something you created. It could also be a banner that describes the kind of content you make and what your channel represents. 

Reply to People as Often as Possible

If you are looking for how to get YouTube subscribers for your channel, replying to people’s comments, compliments, criticism, and suggestions is an excellent way to turn viewers into subscribers and build a good relationship with your subscribers. 

It is best to make responding to your viewers a habit because encouraging participation from your audience can help grow your fan base and automatically increase your subscribers. 

Generally, when your viewers feel you value and care about them and listen to their opinions, they will be more encouraged to subscribe. 

Use Call to Action

Call to action or CTA is a quick, effective way of asking your viewers to do something; you can use it in the middle of your videos, but it is usually best at the beginning or the ending of your content. 

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You can use this call to action to ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel directly. It may feel too commanding, but it works most of the time, especially when you have created very nice content and your viewers are satisfied with your work; asking them to please click the subscribe button will not be too much to ask. After all, they watched your videos for free and probably learned something from there. 

This is a very good way to get YouTube subscribers as it is straightforward and makes your viewers decide quickly if they would like to subscribe or not, so you can see instant results.

Avoid Copyright and Take Down Issues

With the millions of channels on YouTube, you can easily fall prey to copyright issues. For example, it is easy to use pictures, videos, or music that violate copyrights, and you might need to take them down after uploading them. 

This can ruin your reputation and give your viewers the wrong impression of your channel. Also, you will waste a lot of time trying to settle the issue. Hence it is always better to avoid copyright issues and takedowns so your viewers can trust every content you create for uniqueness and accuracy. 

Click here to see a complete guide to YouTube copyright rules.

Set Subscriber Goals

While getting subscribers on your YouTube channel may be slow and your efforts may seem unproductive, you can set subscriber goals to make the process fun and so that you will have something to look forward to. 

Set a reasonable goal; for example, you may want to get 1000 subscribers in a month; you can set your goal for 250 subscribers a week and work towards the goal to ensure you achieve your aim within the set time. This will help you keep track of your progress and keep you motivated while growing your channel. 

Identify What Interests Your Viewers the Most

Identifying what your audience is interested in is a good step if you are looking for how to get YouTube subscribers.

If you have uploaded up to 20 videos or more on your YouTube channel, try to check and compare them to see which one got the most views and subscribers. To easily access this data, visit your channel’s ‘’YouTube Studio’’, click ‘’YouTube Analytics’’, click ‘’View More’’, and select ‘’Subscribers by Video’’. 

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Now you can analyse all the videos you have uploaded so far and see the ones that your viewers love the most so you can make similar content. 

However, there can never be a shortage of YouTube content ideas, so while you create what you think your viewers love to gain and retain more subscribers, do not also fail to try out new things and see how your viewers will respond to them. 

Generally, people like how-to, listicle, reaction, and versus videos, so find the one that works best to turn your viewers into subscribers. 

Make Sure Your Videos do not Exceed 5mins 

You always make your videos 30 to 60 minutes long, probably because you need to explain everything in detail or stay that long to build trust with your viewers. Your thoughts are not entirely wrong, but it is possible to make shorter videos and still be very detailed; you can do this by being precise and just cutting out unnecessary scenes. 

No matter how complicated your topic is, people will appreciate it better if you create shorter videos that do not exceed 5 minutes. 

Science has also proven that viewers only give short attention to online videos, except they really cannot do without the video. It was said that 20% of viewers do not exceed the first 30 seconds of videos, so how do you plan to keep them for more than 5 minutes?

Therefore, if you have been wondering how to get YouTube subscribers, you should try to make shorter videos so your viewers don’t get bored. 

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It is not easy to grow YouTube subscribers, and you might be tempted to join the people that believe in taking the easier route of buying YouTube subscribers. However, it is healthier and more convenient to get free subscribers with time and effort instead of buying them and risking account termination, untrue fans and frequent fluctuations in your views and engagements.  

So are you a YouTuber, whether a beginner or a pro looking for how to get YouTube subscribers for your channel? If you utilise these 10 tips properly, you can change your narrative for good. 


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