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Top 17 Affiliate Programs That Accept Nigerians


If you are in Nigeria and you have been searching for the best affiliate programs that accept Nigeria in order to start a successful affiliate marketing business online, then you should read till post till the end. I have outlined the top 17 affiliate programs that anyone can join from Nigeria and you don’t need a VPN to get registered.

Affiliate marketing cannot be overemphasized and it is one of the best ways to make money every day through your blog post, and social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Whatsapp, etc. As an affiliate marketer, you could use several means to generate content and serve them to your potential audience while you earn good money in the process through the affiliate links.

There are different affiliate programs that accept Nigeria and in this post, I will be listing the most profitable ones – meaning the affiliate programs with higher earning potential. You could join any of them from anywhere in the world. 

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1. Expertnaire Affiliate program

Top 17 Affiliate Programs That Accept Nigeria

Expertnaire is one of the top affiliate programs that accept Nigeria and pays you when you make a qualified referral. If you are aware of or understand network marketing, you would understand how Expertnaire works. Expertnaire was formed by Toyin Omotosho in 2018 since then it is one of the best well-known affiliate programs in Nigeria and since it is in Nigeria it accepts Nigerians fully with no restrictions. 

Excessive information and several choices of products are one of the challenges that can hinder affiliate programs in Nigeria. However, this is one of the challenges that Expertnaire has tackled. Expertnaire affiliate program gives you a set of products to promote, the reason is they don’t want to put energy and time doing research just to find products. 

 It comes with methods for you though there are several levels of affiliate program marketers in the space.  If you are good at relationships, marriage consultant, inspiration, sports, social media manager, etc. then the Expertnaire affiliate program is for you as well as this article. You don’t need to have millions of friends or followers on social media to sell or have tons of experience, just know the basics and be familiar with your network.


2. Jumia Affiliate program

Top 17 Affiliate Programs That Accept Nigeria

Jumia is one of the affiliate programs that accept Nigerians. But the important thing you should do is to drive traffic to the Jumia marketplace online and select from the millions of products to promote on your blog post or social media page for your potential customers by directing them to the list of Jumia products to buy so that you could earn a commission which comes in weekly/monthly.

You can read this before getting started with Jumia – All you need to know about Jumia Affiliate Marketing and how to get started 

Nevertheless, Jumia is one of the best Nigerian and most trusted online marketplace which rank number 9 on Alexa at the period of this article. Jumia is one of the affiliate programs that accept Nigeria anytime anyway and a good place to earn money at your convenience provided you have a phone or laptop, steady power supply, and data. 


3. Konga affiliate program

Konga is also another great affiliate program in Nigeria that accept Nigeria. The Konga Affiliate Program would give you a unique commission percentage for each of the products that you promote and sell. The Konga commission is paid if your potential customers buy products through the links that you posted on your blog or social media, and the commission could go up to 9 percent.

Konga affiliate program is a good space to start your financial freedom in a legit means with a well-paid commission standard of 9% commission on all products. There are no strict rules or requirements to get started with the Konga affiliate program but getting a website puts you at an advantage.

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Konga affiliate program is powered by Konga Affiliate Pro, the leading affiliate tracking software. Konga Affiliate Pro makes use of a blend of cookies and IP addresses to track referrals for the best reliable work done.


4. PayPorte Affiliate Program

Payporte is an affiliate program that accepts Nigeria and is an online marketplace. PayPorte is an online marketplace that is and is viewed as Nigeria’s best retail store.

PayPorte since its launch has maintained a broad population that provides different products involving fashion and accessories, furniture, fabrics, tech gadgets, home appliances, and what have you. Payporte as an affiliate program in Nigeria gives a stress-free and smooth shopping feeling, and its affiliate program is rightful as good as the regular pay (commission).


5. Wakanow Affiliate Program

Wakanow is one of the affiliate programs that accept Nigeria and plans to open new branches across Africa. Wakanow also has other presence branches like Ghana, UAE, the US, and the UK. Wakanow has an accessible payment system with an experience in customer service and technology which is at the center of the function. Wakanow has expanded travel borders which is a force to be to become a force to be inferred within the African travel landscape.

Wakanow as one of the affiliate program that accepts Nigeria, also have an affiliate program created to allow travel agencies and individuals who engage in selling travel products to sell good discounted Wakanow travel products such as flight, airport pickups, hotels, tour packages, etc. to their potential customers to serve you better.

Wakanow would allow you to build your full travel business with the Wakanow Affiliate Programs.


6. Bet9ja Affiliate Program

Bet9ja is another great affiliate program in Nigeria. It has one of the best sports betting spaces in Nigeria. In sports betting, Bet9ja gives a casino and watch game happenings such as the well-known Bet9ja league. Bet9ja also has a promotion with a 100% welcome bonus of up to N100,000 ( with the largest offering of its kind in Nigeria for new customers who register and maintain the first profitable transaction. 

The advantages you would get as one of the Bet9ja affiliate programs is a 170% multiple increases on what you get and the creative real-time cash-out forms. Bet9ja would give you better influence over the betting, which would guarantee you gains and cut early losses by encouraging you to play in and cash out before the game bet started.


7. Affiliate Program

Travelstart is an online travel booking website that gives flights, vacation packages, hotel bookings, car rentals plus other travel services through an online booking engine. Travel Start has branches across main African countries with different large travel bookings, tourism, and ventures opportunities.  

Travelstart is a well-known African agency that has different users across the African continent which makes your affiliate program a huge one.

 As a Travelstart affiliate marketer, you would be able to display Travelstart offers on your site and other promotions using your Facebook page, blog post, etc. As such, you could make huge commissions.


8. Amazon affiliate program

Amazon is one of the best affiliate programs in the world and luckily, they accept Nigerians. it has an affiliate marketing bonus with tons of producers that you could promote in your network. Amazon pays straight into your bank account using a Payoneer account 

The Payoneer account is the best and most simple means you could receive payment from Amazon. To earn money on Amazon, you would have to run important traffic on Facebook, blog posts, websites, etc, not just any traffic but traffic that will influence your sales to earn a huge commission.

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9. ClickFunnels Affiliate

another top affiliate program that accepts Nigerians is Clickfunnels. It pays you as an affiliate member a repeated commission for a long time for all customers you refer.

 ClickFunnels is an all-in-one space that could be used to promote anything online.

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Clickfunnels gives particular training for a new affiliate marketer who just join the program. The best part of Clickfunnels is that it gives 100% strong training to teach you as a professional in affiliate marketing through Affiliate training. 


10. Bluehost Affiliate Program

This is another top affiliate program that accepts Nigerians. Bluehost is a web hosting provider and they offer different tools such as affordable hosting packages, simple-to-use tools, and quality customer services. Bluehost is one of the most famous hosts with more than 2 million signed-up members around the globe.

When you want to build a website, you should go for Bluehost.

The good thing about the Bluehost affiliate program is that you earn recurring commissions. 

The company gives shared hosting plans that come with the things you would require to begin your first website within minutes. With just a few clicks, you could own a domain name, website builder, and content management system (CMS) all would be accessible and ready to use.

Regardless, Bluehost gives WordPress hosting plans and VPS packages. This brings perfect work done if you have some experience building websites or you have outgrown shared hosting and require more changes from your plan.

11. Web4Africa Affiliate Program

Web4Africa company limited is one of the affiliate programs that accept Nigeria and the company has a headquarters in Ghana. The company is into expert retailing with a web-hosting on Linux and windows spaces, with an affordable domain name registration and online marketing methods for those who reside in Nigeria, Ghana, and other countries.

Web4Africa Affiliate program is by referring customers to buy web hosting plans and domain names from web4africa you get paid.

You earn money when you refer your friends and business partners to sign up for Web4Africa’s website. If the person you referred clicks on the site to buy something, you would be paid.  Web4Africa would pay you for this on each good transaction that you make.


12. WhoGoHost Affiliate Program

WhoGoHost also runs an affiliate program in Nigeria. It is a web solutions company, established in 2007.  WhoGoHost has risen to become one of the top-tier web hosting companies in Nigeria, giving services to people within and outside Nigeria.

WhoGoHost affiliate program is an easy means to make money online. Just refer customers to buy WhoGoHost products, the customers click on the link, make a payment through your referral link for any of the products or services, would earn  15% of the amount paid by the customer. You can refer customers to buy the WhoGoHost products and services through your affiliate link on your social media, website, or blog post.

To earn money from WhoGoHost, you would need to know how to build your websites from the WhoGoHost digital marketing course, or acquire the best social media and email marketing policies and techniques from the skilled and great digital marketing course.

You are qualified to withdraw your earnings and the minimum withdrawal is ₦3000. Again WhoGoHost’s interesting offer is that once you sign up for the WhoGoHost affiliate program, WhoGoHost will immediately credit your account with ₦500, just for signing up. With all my details on WhoGoHost, I think you should just get started straight away and start earning.


13. Aliexpress Affiliate Program

Aliexpress is another big affiliate program that accepts Nigerians. With millions of products on the online marketplace. More than 130,000 salespeople, Buyers from more than 200 countries and nations. Aliexpress Affiliate Program is free and simple to join.

Aliexpress products and services are handy and with a mouth-watering commission that would take you on your financial journey.


14. Grammarly Affiliate Program

Another top affiliate program that accepts Nigeria is Grammarly. Grammarly is not just an excellent writer’s device but is a must-have for every blogger including me. 

Grammarly makes sure that all your articles are both plagiarism and error-free. You can promote Grammarly premium offers when you refer people to buy and get paid for doing so. I can assure you that Grammarly is one of the best affiliate programs for bloggers although many people are yet to know about it and the few who know are happy they did. Like I would always tell my friend to get a grammar extension installed for an easy writing process.

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15. Binance Affiliate Program

Binance is a cryptocurrency company and they have an affiliate program that accepts Nigeria. It’s an exchange website for Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. Binance has thousands of different crypto dealers exchanged on a day-to-day basis. This affiliate program pays up to a 50% deposit when you refer.

If you are a Binance affiliate, you would be paid via Bitcoin, and the program is not limited to any place, you could sign up and start boosting sales. The interesting thing about these affiliate programs in Nigeria is that you could also invest your money in Cryptocurrency via the space and make twice as much as your affiliate commission.

With crypto, of course, you could tell the rest in no time to your wealth journey.


16. Avangate

Avangate is one of the affiliate programs that accept Nigeria with a large technology affiliate network for SaaS and software. If you are a tech lover such as computers and lots of software, then you would perhaps appreciate this affiliate network. The best part about the affiliate network is that you could rest assured of your financial freedom if you put your mind to it.

Avangate software is especially on a monthly subscription so this gives you the chance to make extra money as you maintain a subscription. 

The disadvantage is,

  • That it is a little strong for your registration to be approved as a newbie. 
  • Some of the products are high in quality and this is the reason why I chose them.

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17. Shopify Affiliate Program

Shopify is one of the affiliate programs that accept Nigeria. It is an online marketplace builder for creating an online store. Their affiliate program pays up to N700,000 ($2000) for one sign-up you refer to create a store with them however, you would need a lot of work to achieve this

When you refer a customer to create a store on Shopify, the basic payout you would be paid is $58 each.

The disadvantages are that:  

  • Shopify affiliates only payout via PayPal. But accepts affiliates from any part of the world but you could also get paid through the wire transfer if you are able to promote the biggest package of $2000.

 Before you sign-up you would be asked a few questions on how to promote Shopify and your answer would be determined if you would be approved within 24 hours or not.


How you could become an affiliate marketer in Nigeria

  • Select your network (something you are best in doing e.g relationship couch, health talk, sports, and what have you.
  • Search for  top affiliate programs to join
  • Put up your affiliate marketing spaces.
  • Use content marketing methods.
  • Create your audience.
  •  understand your market spaces
  • Boost important products.



I have listed and also explained all the top affiliate programs that could be of benefit to you financially. The best part is that they are all top affiliate programs that accept Nigeria, you could really earn a huge commission from these affiliates if you are consistent. All you have to do is to choose whichever one you deem fit to start your financial journey with and in no time you will start seeing some great results.

Just type any of it on Google and it will automatically direct you to each of the websites in a sec.


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