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10 Best South African Payment Gateways


Having a rock-solid partnership with a payment processor or service provider is a very important asset for most digital businesses. If you plan on running a business that services South African clients or customers, it is important that your research the best South African payment gateways in order to make an informed decision on which provider to work with. Some business owners have had horrific experiences with their payment processors which greatly impacted their business; also, considering the man-hours and resources payment integrations demand, this may be one very important decision you would want to get right.

What is a payment gateway?

A payment gateway facilitates the transfer of funds between you and your customers. It enables your e-commerce site to request money from a customer’s bank for products/services that they have purchased. When it is approved, the payment is safely moved to your bank account.

The payment gateway go-between the customer and the retailer which builds a path for a business transaction that will be achieved safely and smoothly. The major players in the payment process are as follows:

The Business Owner/Merchant

This is you in running your business in an upright way such as e-commerce, sports, crypto, seller, etc that would give a product/service to your customer.

The Customer

The customer is also seen as the cardholder who has or needs access to the products or services that the merchant/seller is selling; he or she usually initiates the transaction.

The Card Issuer

This is your client’s/customers bank which gives the cardholders credit/debit card of their desired brand e.g visa card.

The Processor

Here, the possessor is the financial institution that keeps the client’s bank account business transaction (see as the seller’s account).  The possessor’s bank connects the seller to the card issuer or customer’s bank for the payment to be processed.


If you want to run an online business in South Africa that requires customers or clients to pay online, you would need to sign up with a South African payment gateway or any payment gateway that accepts South African merchants. Some of the best South African payment gateways you should consider working with are;

1. Paygate

One of the best South African payment gateways is Paygate. Paygate is a well-known South African payment gateway service provider which runs under the DPO group. Paygate allows you to run your business across the continent to approve payment via e-commerce with all currencies and payment techniques which involved all the main cards, mobile money, and wallets.

This Paygate development method will continue to provide the company’s achievement as one of the leading South African payment gateways within a growing payments platform. As such, the Paygate company works a long-term, trustworthy, and common effective relationships.

2. MoneyMatrix

Is one of the best South African payment gateway; MoneyMatrix is a space that assists payment methods in South Africa for all debit and credit cards types as well as different wallets, vouchers, instant bank transfers, and mobile service solutions to enable sellers to effectively use the South African payment gateway portfolio. MoneyMatrix runs to maintain the payment methods easy, user-friendly, and available to all.

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Payment is an important part of any businessman which is the reason for MoneyMatrix, to solve its payment solutions, remove overhead, and stand to enhance speed in business solutions.

Finally, MoneyMatrix runs processing while lessening the need for physical calls and customer tension. The real-time rules engine enables merchants to build and deploy computerized rules lowering the need for physical calls.

3. Yoco

One of the best South African payment gateways is Yoco, the payment gateway that makes it smooth to refine online sales and mix a customer’s WordPress mart with the business website so you can track your in-house and online sales in one.

Whether merchants have a WordPress mart or have a plan to create one, the Yoco payment gateway makes it smooth and easy for payment to be transacted. If you have a website that you manage or an e-commerce store on behalf of your customers, the Yoco payment gateway will run this workflow, as it mixes with Woocommerce and WordPress to help and make your business smooth and stress-free.

Yoco, one of the South African payment gateways comes with an ahead cost and all costs are 3.40% (ex. VAT). All Yoco sales are made via Yoco point of sales e.g cash, card, AFT, mobile payments, and what have you and all of this is shown on the Yoco business websites.

Your can could maintain the record of your business on a weekly and control every feature of your business, from your products to the supplier, the price of the products, your team access, and more. Your business website would allow monitoring of all your products via the Yoco point of Sale. You could adjust the price of your products, and manage how your team has access according to the roles and the duties to improve profit

4. PayFast

PayFast is one of the best South African payment gateways for an online business. PayFast enables you to smoothly approve protected and immediate online payments wherever you are. If you use an already store cart method or you have a custom-built website, PayGast would give you a complete combination that is adjustable. As such, PayFast is seen as the best South African payment gateway facilitator of any kind.

5. NetCash

NetCash is one of the best South African payment gateway, a provider to companies, organizations, and businesses of all kinds. NetCash renders outstanding payment services with a refined different of services to assist categories of various businesses and their special demands.

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NetCash business traders online payment gateway techniques from an e-commerce website with Netcash Pay Now Gateway, WordPress, Magento, e-commerce and what have you. With the NetCash South African payment gateway, you could give your clients different techniques and improve the intensity of the payment that your customers make.

6. Peach Payments

Peach Payment is one of the best South African payment gateway that facilitates easy, stress-free, smooth, and stable business transactions and consumers in South Africa. Peach Payments gives you all the necessary mechanisms and challenging solutions you would require to run a digital platform with safe knowledge for you and your customers.

The reason is that in Peach Payment, your satisfaction as a customer is an essential core. Active routine, which Peach Payment company builds hard to make sure that you are satisfied and your business grow whilst Peach Payment company as well.

With the use of Peach Payment spaces, you could pay your suppliers and business partners with no stress using a smooth API to submit payout demands. Peach Payment also gives you website assessment payments, with an understanding price that has a stated price on each payout.

7. SnapScan

SnapScan is one of the best South African payment gateway, which has adjusted how South African pay and also get paid. SnapScan launched its first mobile app in 2013 and integrated the SnapsCan technology with Standard Bank’s impressive financial infrastructure and professionalism.

SnapScan, one of the South African payment gateway has it’s a team of companies with expertise that go on to fast, easy and protected means to run business transactions with no fuss of dealing with cash or card.

With all of this SnapScan aforementioned solutions, SnapScan could grow to a different point of sale -POS, e-commerce, invoice system for smooth payment, and as a new business owner, you would be given a free starter kit once your sign up on SnapScan website is successful and accepted.

With SnapScan South African payment gateway, you could be allowed to put up your SnapCode anywhere your mobile payment is been approved and you would receive verification of payment via SMS.

Finally, SnapScan integrates smoothly and no-stress business into several point-of-sale systems for fast, convenient, and protected business transactions.

8. PayU

PayU is one of the best South African payment gateways; PayU builds creative financial management services solutions for a. Big business markets across the world.

PayU creates options when it comes to lending solutions in a way that suits you and your customers as well. And it removes the risk from business dealers. PayU will simply add a new payment method to the payment page.

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Convenience and safety are provided as you do not have to process card details thanks to PayU’s tokenized cards. Single sign-on for your customers is that the services are simplified as all transactions do not require a sign-in.

9. SiD Secure EFT

Sid Secure EFT is one of the best South African payment gateways with a creative mind of SID payment solutions which is the first of its species to come into South Africa. Presently SID business owners can receive a secured e-commerce or online mobile app EFT payment gateway through the SID website, emails, or invoices.

10. PayGenius

PayGennius is one of the best South African payment gateways with reliable and easy solutions to run business payment transactions; with an adjustable solution for all types of business dealers in a bid to satisfy your customer’s when processing their payments.

PayGenius maintain track of the online/eCommerce mobile and POS payments you receive and save them in a safe and convenient dashboard.

PayGenius also acts as a third party in terms of saving and encrypting your bank details and processing payments for you in a simple, fast and safe means. PayGenius do not do registration or setup, costs. Registration and set-up of the payment gateway are free. PayGenius only charges a marginal amount of the payments you receive.

Also, there are no fixed costs, no monthly fees, and no minimum period commitment. You just pay according to the volume of transactions processed via PayGenius.


South African payment gateway is the guard of your customer’s payment data. For all your e-commerce, a payment gateway transfers the data from you to the customer and the giving bank using data encryption to restrict unwanted threats out of the sensitive card data. Putting away control. A payment gateway would save you from expired cards, insufficient funds, and closed or overrunning credit limits.

Payment gateway services are needed for all e-commerce/online credit card processing. It’s the same process as a point of service (POS) device run when you pay for your food at a restaurant or supermarket or any means which involves buying and selling provided POS is accepted.

The Payment gateways with your purchase products from a brick-and-mortar store. So, the main role of a payment gateway is to authorize transactions between you and your customers.

When you want to put up a payment gateway on your e-commerce/online website, you will be required to make various decisions. Two of the most important revolve around the type of merchant account you choose and ensuring that your customers’ payments are guarded.

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