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11 Best Web Hosting In Nigeria


What Is Website Hosting?

Website hosting is a server that is seen as the strength of hardware that houses websites and data that connects to the sites. The best Website hosting in Nigeria would provide the technology and the server a space that is needed for your website to be accessible on the Internet. This would allow users to search for your website and view your web pages online.

All the component of your website is saved on a server and accessible via your web hosting. These factors or elements are such as files, text, images, videos, and what have you. You could see Servers that are physically located in data centres, which are normally run and managed by different web hosting companies.

The best Web hosting in Nigeria services is the ground of the Internet which the user browses on. If you have a website, then it needs to be on the web for the functionality through Clicks plus these hosting services are the ground where you put up your site and keep it running so your targeted audience or users can access and see it when they type in your URL.


Best Web Hosting In Nigeria

Here I would explain some of the best web hostings in Nigeria vividly.

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1. Web4Africa – Biggest Web Host in Africa

Web4Africa is the best web hosting in Nigeria. However, Web4Africa monthly plan is somewhat costly unlike some of the best hosting companies in Nigeria. You might not feel good using it because of the monthly plan while some would feel good using it considering the quality service it renders.

Web4Africa web hosting in Nigeria has a good support team that is top-notch as well; Web4Africa cannot afford to disappoint you and the company.  Web4African cost is N800 but you could be given a discount if you choose to pay yearly which is quite okay if you choose to may do with it as well.

Web4Africa has some packages like unlimited bandwidth, a free.COM.NG domain, a free SSL Certificate, unlimited emails, unlimited add-on domains, cPanel, unlimited databases, weekly backups, and a very fast support team, and what have you.


2. QServers – The Reliable Web Host

The QServer is one of the best web hosting in Nigeria and so far the most reliable website hosting company in Nigeria due to its service uptime. Using QServers you will not get a notification for a down server or server inaccessible. However, you would get limited factors from other hosting website companies.

QServers as one of the best web hosting in Nigeria has a basic web hosting server that can regulate a good sum of traffic better to another server. QServers hosting plans monthly is fair and you would get to save more if you want to pay yearly.

QServers’ package: such as 2 GB of storage, 8 GB of bandwidth, a free.COM.NG domain, a free SSL Certificate, unlimited emails, 5 subdomains, cPanel, unlimited MySQL, and daily backups should in case the website encounters some challenges, while you are working on it.


3. WhoGoHost

WhoGoHost is one of the best web hosting in Nigeria and a well-known web. WhoGoHost has 9,000 active clients and more than 23,000 active domains who registered with them. WhoGoHost has what it takes to handle your web hosting requirement.

WhoGoHost, the best web hosting in Nigeria has several options to select from such as shared hosting, reseller packages, cloud hosting, and VPS hosting. WhoGoHost is one of the accredited IBM business partners, a Google Suite reseller, a Cloudflare certified partner, an Inter-Switch partner, and what have you. You see all these certifications, they are amazing but the cost plan will tell if you want to choose them or not.

WhoGoHost has the smallest hosting package as the premium plan which comes with some interesting components. WhoGoHost packages per month are fair and the yearly plan is fairer and you could also save from it.

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WhoGoHost plan will offer you access to 6GB of storage space, 30GB of bandwidth, 10 sub-domains, and 2 add-on domains, a free.NG domain, a free SSL Certificate, unlimited emails, unlimited databases, 24/7 support, and what have you.


4. BlueHost

BlueHost is one of the best web hosting in Nigeria; because called it the best web hosting provider for their CMS, BlueHost offers outrageous value at a very fair price. BlueHost packages are the shared hosting plan such as one-click WordPress installation, free SSL certificate, MOJO marketplace to install apps, a free domain name, cPanel, a 24/7 support team,  $175, and what have you in free add credits.

You would be offered all of this at a fair price. This is rather affordable, seeing that BlueHost is the most highly rated web company around the globe. If you are looking for a speedy, secure, and the best user experience on your website, then BlueHost is your plug when you want to have the best web hosting in Nigeria.


5. DomainRacer:

DomainRacer is one of the best web hosting in Nigeria and it is well-known as the best web hosting service company around the globe. DomainRacer service provider would offer you all the web hosting plans with great features at a fair price.

DomainRacer provides LiteSpeed technology which is 10x speedy to the Apache server and leaves you with high-speed web hosting services. DomainRacer provides a free SSL certificate that protects your site from third-party outbreaks & a free SEO Default tool to keep your website ranking on Google always.

DomainRacer has a fair price and it also protects your web hosting provider which offers you an unlimited SSD storage space, 99.99% uptime, and unbounded bandwidth. You have no reason to worry about the backup because it’s got you covered and it gives free weekly JetBackup services. With the DomainRacer as the best web hosting in Nigeria

you would experience total zero downtime of the server. It sends hosting services such as Shared hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting, Reseller hosting, LMS hosting & Application hosting, and what have you.

The good thing about DomainRacer is that its data focus is located in India, the UK, Germany, Singapore, France, USA & Canada. It also gives 7+ protection operations such as DDOS protection, ImunifyAV+, Imunify360, ModSecurity, PYXSoft, EmailSpam protection, MagicSpam protection, and Firewall. DomainRacer would give you a free SitePad website builder with 1000+ themes to build your website without any coding understanding.


6. Domain King

Domain King is one of the best web hosting in Nigeria and is confidently used by the majority of website companies. Domain King is one of the best web hosting companies and one of the well-known naira payment hosting companies used by hundreds of Nigerian websites and blogs with a hosting plan that is as small as 300 naira monthly.

In essence, you could get your website hosted on a domain. This Doman King plan is featured with a free SSL certificate, which is suggested for SEO. More so, Domain King has massive plans that cost 800-1,599 per month.


7. Hub8

Hub8 is one of the best web hosting in Nigeria and is new in the Nigerian E-tech market. Hub8 the best web hosting in Nigeria has affordable features for many webmasters in Nigeria. It is specially featured with a free WordPress hosting plan that gives more than 500MB storage and 100MB bandwidth. Hub8 pro plan begins at just N490. Hub8 price is fair for WordPress sites.

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8. Global Hosting 247

Global Hosting 247 is one of the best web hosting in Nigeria and one of the topnotch web hosting companies for Nigeria webmasters which gives you the basic plan,

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Global Hosting 247 best web hosting in Nigeria has features 1GB disk space, 15GB bandwidth, free site builder, free SSL certificate, and unlimited FTP. All of these are priced at 2500 naira each year. The long or Improved Shared Hosting Package gives you 6GB disk unlimited bandwidth, free site builder, and a free SSL certificate for as fair as 7000 nairas per year.


9. Registeram

Registeram is one of the best web hosting in Nigeria with its pidgin sounds. The Registeram is a Nigerian-based web hosting company that gives one of the best services in domain name registration and web hosting. Registeram introductory hosting plan features one free domain, 50GB disk space, 25GB bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, 5 domains allowed, 5 MySQL databases, 20 Subdomains, PHP, PHPMyAdmin, all for as affordable as 11,500 each year.


10. HostNowNow

HostNowNow is one of the best web hosting in Nigeria and is easily growing in Nigeria among the web hosting in Nigeria company. HostNowNow gives varieties of hosting alternatives such as reseller hosting, shared hosting, and cloud hosting; Hosting your website on this platform is as affordable as 3000 naira each year.


11. SmartWeb Online Solutions

SmartWeb Online Solution is one of the best web hosting in Nigeria that solved the hosting challenges you have been wanting to solve for your new websites. SmartWeb Online Solution, the best web hosting in Nigeria has had a good reputation since 2004.  It gives a feature of 10GB to unlimited space depending on which subscription package you want to select.


A Good Web Hosting In Nigeria Should Have The Following


  • It Should Be Secured

With no security on your website, scammers will make a gateway into your website and it will be very frustrating because you will not be the one in charge of your data security but scammers and I guess this is not what you want. Wanting to have one of the best web hosting in Nigeria then your website security should be your priority thus learn to invest in adequate security measures before scanners will invade your website.


  • Have Customer Support

Seeing your website break or stop working is not a joke neither is it for anyone who wants to make a profit through his website. Sometimes this could be a result of a mistake from your end such as editing your site’s code and taking it offline. However, this could be a result of your website that is well supported.

Whenever there’s a challenge like this, you would want to have a loyal support team behind you. There is nothing as annoying as having a challenging website when you have delivered an email or had an ad run. Some other big sales or marketing tactic that is driving people to your site, just to realize that it has crashed, nobody wants to have such. See the support team as the engine house, that will help to bring your site back to its functionality state.

  • It Should Be Reliable

When you rely on your website to generate leads, or you are selling products, then every site is seen to be offline. However, it will cost you money determination, and time. There’s a reason that your site would go offline.

A reliable host will work to make sure your website is not involved in hosting-based challenges and your security is not jeopardized because of the exposures in the server. Good hosts will not only put your effort into fixing challenges but also make sure that related challenges do not affect your website in the future.


  • Have A Backup For Your Website Content

If you want to have the best web hosting in Nigeria and you do not want your users to feel disappointed then backing up your website content should be top-notch. Maybe you may accidentally delete some of the information on your website at some stage, or face scamming or hacking challenges.

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 This is the reason why your necessary information should be back-up somewhere hidden. It is always good to have your site backed up by your web hosting provider service every 24 hours. Then again some of the web hosting in Nigeria do not provide this back-up, in essence, back-up should be something that you should check or find out from your service provider before you sign-up.


  • Bandwidth

When it comes to bandwidth, you need to assess your disk space and the bandwidth needs and if your website features lots of graphics, dozens of pages, and big sizes of traffic, you would be needing different a good bandwidth and disk space. There are no limited plans which make life smooth. If you need an easy website and you do not want to generate a large sum of leads, then getting away with disk space and bandwidth is on the go.


  • Compatibility

Have two things to work together in your though; with the feeling of looking for the best web hosting in Nigeria, you should not overlook the important thing like the kind of operating network that is supported. Switching and operating is what you would not want to do, so make sure you assess the compatibility before you finalize on the best web hosting in Nigeria service provider.


Some Top Features When It Comes To Top Hosting Quality

Hosting value is influenced by different features that are necessary to look at when making a decision process. Here are some of them.


  • Uptime Guarantee

An uptime guarantee is being listed therein which is necessary to look at, try not to ignore an uptime guarantee which Hostgator has one of the decent uptime guarantees of 99.98%


  • Load Time

Load time is yet really valuable. Therefore if your website is taking more than a sec to load a page, this means that your business is going down gradually before your very eyes. To maintain your business in the future, ensure your web host service provider has a fast load time. A2hosting will send a 360ml load time for pages, the fastest in the company.


  • Customer Support

Well, in every company, customer support is very necessary, and having a challenge with your website is not what you should take for granted. Customer service working, being accessible and having the understanding to work with smoothly and simple is top-notch.

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  • Location

Your server and location have a big part to play in the speed of your website host loading service. However, the server that is accessible, and the service is speedy but where those servers are seen in the world will affect the value. Search for a server in big locations near to you.

There are several kinds of hosting services that care for changing kinds of companies. Some of the web hosting providers will establish your website completely though it depends on your company standard and size, you will select a hosting company based on the features of your company.



As the best web hosting in Nigeria, you would need quality and affordable web hosting in Nigeria so that you will not exhaust all your on a web host. From the best web host, I have listed and explained therein, select the one that will be best for you and work with it.


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