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Carbon Loan App Review: A Detailed Look At The Loan Platform.


This is a detailed look at the Carbon loan app platform. Keep reading to get all the information about the loan app platform.

As you know, human wants are insatiable (you and I inclusive). The need to want more out of life grows as you grow each and every single day. These wants tend to put us sometimes in a situation known as an “Emergency” that ought to be attended to almost immediately and if otherwise might eventually lead to probably selling some of your valuables as an exchange to meet those wants and most of the time we often perceive these wants to be our needs. 

Whatever the case, either “Wants” or “Needs”, you need to have a way around it in order to stay protected against rainy days and not run into bankruptcy. 

Rewind to the old days, man has always deployed a means to meet her needs/wants. This is linked to the first means of exchange, “The Barter System” when man realized that no individual is self-sufficient and does need the association of others to get what he wants by exchanging one of his items with the one he wants. This act made life easy and bearable for man.

As globalization ensured man adjust accordingly to the trend, which gave birth to banks and other financial institutions to help solve some problems. One of which is “lending” to enable man to take care of his immediate needs and wants. 

More technological advancement means more accessible and better changes in things. The financial industries are inclusive. This gave birth to mobile applications and loan apps by both the public and the private sector. 

A simple Google search about loan apps will present you with many of these options. Among these options will be the Carbon loan app. This brings us to the focus of this article. Carbon loan app review


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What’s A Loan App?

With little to not much digression, a loan app is simply a financial application owned by a private or public institution, whose goal is to provide soft loans for individuals or anyone to meet up with their insatiable needs or wants. Examples of these loan apps include Cabon, Okash, Easybuy, and Lcredit just to mention but a few.


Functions Of A Loan App. 

Loan apps may offer different varieties of functions but all are not far from their core function which all loan apps can be categorized under, which is;

  • Provision of soft loans.

Pros Of Loan Apps

  • Helps you to mitigate against emergencies.
  • Serve as a means of income
  • Accessibility: You have 24/7 access to loans 
  • Flexibility: When you receive a bank loan, the bank will not provide a set of rules dictating how you spend the money. … 
  • Maintain Control: You don’t have to give up equity to get a loan from a bank.


Cons Of Loan Apps

  • High payback interest rates
  • Capable of destroying your reputation to friends and family thereby referring to you as a thief, in a situation where you are unable to meet their demands.

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Carbon Loan App Review: 

Carbon Loan App is a digital banking mobile app that provides access to various financial services at free, fast, convenient, and most reliable conditions to Nigerians and Africans at large.

Carbon Loan App was formerly called “PayLater”, which is a major pioneer in credit loan allocation, especially in Nigeria.

The company started in 2012 in Lagos as a credit company which was then named “One Credit” offering loans to only salary earners using paperwork documentation procedures for customers’ applications.

In 2015, the company then changed again but this time with the name “OneFi”, offering more credits to a broader range of Nigerians. The company, later on, launched its fully digital consumer lending platform called “PayLater”, which attracted over a million Nigerian users who downloaded the PayLater App for faster loan applications. PayLater evolved as the first mobile service app of its kind.

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Some features and benefits of the Platform. Carbon Loan App presently represents a wider, diverse digital finance solutions platform offering versatile financial transaction services including quick loan access, simple payment solutions, high-yield investment opportunities, high-interest savings, and other personal finance management.


Features And Services Offered By Carbon


  • Quick Loans 

Carbon Loan App not only keeps to its original promise of offering convenient credit to consumers. Now a wider class of customers including salary earners, business persons, entrepreneurs, SMEs, Corpers, and students can access instant loans seamlessly from anywhere in the world using the Carbon PayLater digital app available for download both on android and ios devices.


  • Accessible payments and transfer features.

From wherever you are, you can conveniently and simply make payments, and pay bills for electricity, and cable subscription,   from the comfort of your home with just some taps on your mobile phone using the Carbon Mobile app.  The physical Carbon debit card grants you seamless access to cash withdrawals from anywhere in the world. With the virtual Carbon card, you can make payments to your favorite local or foreign online stores in dollars.


  • Records of your transactions history and credit report.

The Carbon loan app offers you easy and quick access to your personal credit history and balance across every bank and financial platform at no cost. You can track your diverse transaction details and history in one place without the usual charges required by using other channels.  


  • High Return of Investment (ROI) And Saving Plan. 

As a business enterprise or an individual, when you decide to save on a Carbon Mobile Bank account, you earn a higher interest rate than any traditional banking system. 

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Requirements To Apply For Carbon Loan. 

To apply for the Carbon Loan, you’ll need to have the following requirement handy.

  • A Complete Carbon account
  • A functional smartphone
  • A valid BVN and means of identification.
  • Valid bank details


How To Apply For Loan On Carbon Loan App

Below are the easy and fast steps to apply for a loan on the Carbon loan app.

  • The preliminary first step is arguably to download the app on Google Play Store or App Store:
  • Sign up on the Carbon loan app by providing credible basic details including your name, email, and phone number.
  • Take real-time passport photographs on the app using your smartphone camera and upload them. This is essential to access loans on the app.
  • Apply for desired loan option, then follow the requisite instructions and tap “submit”
  • Provide card details for loan repayment and repayment schedule option.
  • Wait for approval and upon review and approval of the loan application, you get fund disbursement to your Carbon Wallet almost immediately or within minutes of application.

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Carbon Loan App offers you a free and fast financial transaction debt at diverse levels – with its multiple features for an instant loan application with convenient repayment and interest rates, capital investment, and savings on high interest, bill payments, and personal transactions, amongst other beneficial features.


The app operates on a regular basis offering simple, fast, and responsive procedures for a smooth and successful mobile banking transaction. Undoubtedly, the Carbon loan app provides intelligent and reliable leverage for digital financial solutions for individuals and business enterprises alike.


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