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Chipper Cash vs Barter by Flutterwave: A Detailed Review


A few years back, people would not have imagined that they would soon be able to carry out all financial transactions within seconds through their mobile devices, talk less of doing them for free and even earn rewards. However, today there are numerous online payment platforms that can help you enjoy fast, easy and secure transactions every day. Amongst these many platforms, two stand out: Chipper Cash and Barter by Flutterwave. 

Determining which one to choose between them highly depends on the types of transactions you want to conduct, your location and preferred features. So this detailed review will help you understand what Chipper Cash and Barter has to offer and which one best suits your needs. 

Chipper Cash vs Barter 

What is Chipper Cash? 

Chipper Cash is a fast-growing Fintech company that uses well-built software to enable free and instant peer-to-peer financial transactions across Africa. Currently, there are no web versions of Chipper Cash, so you have to own a smartphone to use the platform. However, Chipper is available for Android and iOS, and it has a very simple user interface, so even as a new user, you can quickly familiarize yourself with the platform. 

What is Barter?

Barter is a Fintech application launched and powered by Flutterwave to allow users send and receive money within and outside the country at cheap rates. Barter is very easy to use and currently has more than 500,000 users in Africa and beyond.

Barter has many fantastic features and services, and it is a web-based platform that recently launched an app to make transactions fast and smooth for its users.

Chipper Cash vs Barter Supported Countries

Chipper Cash Supported Countries 

  • Kenya. 
  • Nigeria. 
  • Tanzania. 
  • Uganda. 
  • Ghana. 
  • Rwanda. 
  • South Africa. 

Barter Supported Countries

  • Kenya. 
  • Nigeria. 
  • Tanzania. 
  • Uganda. 
  • Ghana. 
  • Rwanda. 
  • South Africa. 
  • Zambia. 
  • United Kingdom. 
  • Ivory Coast. 
  • Canada. 
  • Belgium. 
  • Cameroon. 
  • Austria. 
  • Estonia. 
  • Ireland. 
  • Cyprus. 
  • Greece. 
  • France. 
  • Germany. 
  • Finland. 
  • Portugal. 
  • Spain. 
  • Malta. 
  • Italy. 
  • Slovenia. 
  • The Netherlands. 
  • Luxembourg. 
  • Latvia. 
  • Slovakia.
  • The United States. 
  • Finland. 

Chipper Cash vs Barter Registration and Onboarding 

Chipper Cash 

To enjoy the services of this amazing platform, you should first download the app on your mobile phone. Your phone number or a valid email address is the basic requirement for registration, and then you have to verify the phone number or email with a unique code sent to you. 

Another fantastic thing about Chipper Cash is that you can add multiple phone numbers and emails to your account, and you can log in with anyone of your choice. In addition, Chipper Cash encourages easy biometric login so you can access your account anytime with your fingerprint. 

After creating your account, you will be allowed to fund your wallet using a bank card, Chipper Cash does not charge for deposits and offers free peer-to-peer transactions. Also, you can receive any amount of money from anyone, anywhere. 

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Barter by Flutterwave 

Unlike Chipper Cash, you can either use the Barter by the Flutterwave app or the web version, and the registration process is the same. However, the transfer feature is only available on the app, so you cannot transfer funds on the platform through a web browser. 

When you download the app, which is available for Android and iOS, you can register with your phone number or email address and verify them with an OTP code. Then choose your password and enter your name; later on, you can add your BVN to your account to validate it and increase your transaction limit. 

To start using your Barter account, you need to make deposits, and there is no limit to how much you use to fund your account. Also, you can fund your Barter account with a debit card, mobile money or bank transfer. 

Chipper Cash vs Barter Transaction Limit 

Chipper Cash Transaction Limit

You can only send 42,000 Naira daily and withdraw 50,000 Naira daily on Chipper Cash. Also, you can deposit 50,000 Naira daily and 300,000 Naira weekly. Still, you can also increase your transaction limit by verifying your identity with your BVN and a selfie. 

However, after you follow the necessary process to increase your transaction limit, you can withdraw 1 million Naira daily, send 5 million Naira daily and 35 million Naira weekly and still receive unlimited amount of money.

Barter Transaction Limit 

Barter allows a transfer limit of 500,000 Naira daily and 15,000,000 Naira monthly, but you can receive unlimited amount of money. However, to increase your transaction limit on this platform, you need to email with the following information. 

  • The new preferred transaction limit. 
  • Merchant website(s). 
  • The percentage of disputed payments processed in the past year (if any). 
  • The measure you will take to prevent fraud and chargebacks on the website. 
  • Evidence of average monthly transaction volume.
  • Evidence of transactions with the last year. 

Chipper Cash vs Barter Features 

Chipper Cash Features

With over 4 million users, Chipper Cash is focused on bringing people together from several parts of the world, and they have many amazing features to help people enjoy a stable and smooth financial life. Here are the features or services you will find on Chipper Cash. 

Send & Receive Money

Say no to moving cash to banks or paying transaction fees to send and receive money. Now you can enjoy instant transfer between your Chipper Cash account and other users for free. 

No-Fee Money Transfers

Chipper Cash will allow you to move your funds between the platform and any bank or mobile money platform without charges.

Buy Discounted Airtime and Data Bundles & Earn Cashback

Did you know that on Chipper Cash, you can purchase airtime at discounted rates and earn a 2% cash back instantly? You can buy airtime for yourself or your friends locally and internationally. This platform is the best for instant airtime top across Africa and on any network. 

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Pay Bills Instantly for Free

You do not also need to pay fees for bill payments on Chipper Cash. Chipper bill payments services are available for everyone, it is easy and secure, and the entire process can be completed on the platform. 

Earn with Chipper

While enjoying numerous free and affordable services on Chipper Cash, you still have an excellent opportunity to make money on the platform. You can earn a lot of money by referring your friends to the Chipper Cash platform using your unique referral code, which you can get easily on the app. Also, there is no limit to how much you can earn through referrals. 

Virtual Card

Chipper Cash offers a virtual card that will allow you to make purchases online and still earn 5% cash back on all qualifying purchases. This virtual card has a higher transaction limit than traditional banks, and you can fund it with any currency from Chipper Cash supported countries.

U.S. Stocks Trading

Another very interesting and rewarding feature on Chipper Cash includes stock trading, which allows users to invest and own stock in top US companies like Tesla, Macdonald, Amazon and more. 

Barter Features 

There are numerous fast and secure transactions you can carry out on the Barter platform, most of which are affordable or even free. This is because the platform aims to provide a safe and secure environment for people to enjoy fast transactions at affordable rates. So here are some of the services you can access on Barter. 

Bill Payments With Zero Charges

Barter allows you to pay your bills from anywhere effortlessly with just a few steps, and the platform is easy to use, convenient and affordable. For example, you can now easily pay electricity, waste, and TV cable bills from the comfort of your home. 

Data Bundle and Discounted Airtime Purchase

You no longer have to move an inch from your home to buy airtime or struggle with your local bank accounts to subscribe to a new data bundle; Barter can instantly do that for you. 

Virtual Card

Barter allows entrepreneurs and business owners to access a virtual/physical card with a high transaction limit befitting a business. The cards can be funded with local currencies and have a very high spending limit for services like Instagram Ads, Wise, Facebook Ads, Alibaba, Google Ads and more. 

Instant Free Local and Cross-Border Money Transfer

You can send and receive money with Barter anywhere in the world, and you wouldn’t have to pay any transaction fees. You can also send and receive instant funds abroad with the Barter digital wallet, which supports various currencies.

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Barter Referral Program

Barter has a fantastic referral program for both old and new members to earn extra cash while you enjoy the platform’s services. The referral program allows users to invite their friends to the platform and earn a reward. 

Chipper Cash vs Barter Pros and Cons

Chipper Cash pros and cons

Pros of Chipper Cash

  • Available in many countries.
  • No charges on bill payments. 
  • Enjoy cash back on many products. 
  • Funds can be sent to and from the supported countries easily.
  • You can earn on the side with the referral program. 
  • Easy verification process. 
  • Availability of a multi-currency virtual card with high spending limits.
  • Invest and earn from top US companies. 

Cons of Chipper Cash

  • Chipper Cash technology might be too sophisticated for some people. 
  • No in-branch physical customer service. 
  • The multi-currency virtual card uses a black market exchange rate, which is always higher than any official exchange rate.

Barter Pros and Cons 

Pros of Barter

  • Efficient virtual cards with much higher monthly limits than the ones offered by conventional banks.
  • Pay bills and utility fees all on one platform. 
  • Fast transactions. 
  • Barter-to-Barter instant transfer with no transaction fees.
  • Easy user interface. 
  • You can receive money from abroad and locally.
  • Easy signup. 

Cons of Barter

  • Higher exchange rates. 
  • No in-branch physical customer service.
  • Barter uses the black market exchange rate for transactions, usually higher than the official rate.

Chipper Cash vs Barter Key Features 

Features  Chipper Cash  Barter by Flutterwave 
Stock trading  Yes No
Web version No Yes
Virtual card  Yes Yes
Free bill payment  Yes Yes
Referral program  Yes Yes
Local and international money transfer  Yes Yes
Data bundle and discounted airtime purchases Yes Yes
Transfer limit 42,000 Naira daily 500,000 Naira daily
Black market exchange rate Yes Yes


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Now that you have most of the information, you need to use Chipper Cash and Barter by Flutterwave, you can now carefully decide on which one best suits your daily transactions and business needs.

Both platforms are fast and secure and offer almost the same services, even though they have different transaction limits and fees. Chipper Cash services are mainly available in Africa, while Barter covers a broader region. Also, Chipper Cash is more affordable because it offers many free services than Barter. However, any of them would be great, and you will surely enjoy using them. 


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