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10 Best Nigerian Investment Companies That Pay Weekly


Legit investment companies, a guild to know the best Nigerian investment companies that pay weekly or legit means to make money online weekly. Do you feel tired of working yourself out and having to wait for a whole month before you would be paid? if you need to invest in Nigeria which company would you go for? If you are curious about these questions then this article is for you.

Nigeria has lots of investment companies that would make your earning journey worthwhile, In this article, I will show you the best legit Nigerian investment companies that pay weekly without fear or concerns and this article will prove their Genuity. I will list a few of the best Nigerian investment companies that pay weekly, based on my research.

Some of these companies have been in existence for years now, while some are newly launched. Why not read through to find out some of the best Nigerian investment companies that pay weekly.


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10 Legit Companies You Can Invest In And Earn Weekly

1. Meristem Security Limited

Meristem security limited is a company that majors in giving financial services. Meristem has been proven to be a valid online stock investment and one of the best Nigerian investment companies that pay weekly.

Meristem Security Limited has five sectors. One of the sectors that are in charge of the investment branch is the Meristem Stockbrokers where you have the Meritrade (an internet trading app) launched in 2014, which has been rated as one of the best investment apps in Nigeria recently.

Meristem Security Limited has been registered on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) and monitored by the security and exchange commission. However, Meristem is not a side business that you wouldn’t want to invest in because of fear or risk. With Meristem, your money is safe and secure; so you can invest, without a doubt and be sure of getting paid weekly.



2. Bamboo

Bamboo is another online investment company in Nigeria that pays on weekly basis. Bamboo is known as a developer of an outlet that is aimed at assisting customers to discover, invest and trace their investments in Nigerian and U.S. companies.

The bamboo mobile app is set to be on data encryption when dealing with users’ financial information and two-factor authentication (2FA) protection and authorizes users to modify their rights by buying into a bundle of sticks (called an ETF).

On the company app, you can invest as little as $10-$20 stocks on the Nigerian stock exchange and American stock exchange where you can buy, hold, or sell foreign and local stocks on the Bamboo app, right from your android phone/ PC and start earning in dollars.

Required Documentations: Bamboo must verify all users before being authorized to use a bamboo account.

Payment Options: If you deposited from a Naira payment option, you can only withdraw to a Naira account. If you deposited from a USD payment option, you can only withdraw to a USD account. If you made deposits from both payment options, the percentage of deposits from one channel is the percentage of withdrawals that can be made to that same channel.

E.g. If 20% of your deposits are from the USD Debit/Credit card option on the app, then 20% of withdrawals will also be to a USD account. Withdrawing to a Naira account has a 45 Naira fee. Withdrawals to a USD account have a $45 fee. The minimum withdrawal amount to a Naira account is ₦300. The minimum withdrawal amount to a USD account is $500.

Bamboo is here to make your dreams a reality with the utmost policy for your financial journey.



3. Stanbic IBTC Holdings PLC

Stanbic IBTC holdings PLC is one of the best Nigerian investment companies that pay weekly. Stanbic majors in financing, risk management, trading, investment banking, and different advised services.

With a minimum investment amount of N5,000, the fund gives investors liquidity, flexibility, capital protection, competitive yields, various investment portfolio together with the understanding and track record of Stanbic IBTC Asset Management in the Nigerian financial markets. Stanbic IBTC Holdings is one of the best Nigerian investment companies that pay weekly or monthly in Nigeria.


Stanbic Ibtc Holdings Gives:

  •       Banking services
  •       Investments management
  •       Pension management
  •       Wealth management
  •       Assets management
  •       Financial advisory services

Stanbic IBTC holdings allow you to invest in mutual funds, capital funds, and stocks in Nigeria and other countries.


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4. Recharge and Get Paid (RAGP)

Recharge and get paid has fast grown to be one of the best Nigerian investment companies that pay weekly. If you are looking for telecom industry in Nigeria to invest in then RAGP is for you.

RAGP Company partners with all the mobile networks in Nigeria.

Immediately you register into the platform as a new member:

you will be given a 20% welcome bonus.

When you buy airtime either for yourself or for sale you earn a 2% profit.

When you buy data either for yourself or for sale you earn a 4% profit.

When you refer others to the platform with your code you earn a 20% profit.

When any of your referrals buy data, you earn a 4% profit of the amount.

And when your referral refers others, you earn a 10% profit from the amount of registration.

RAGP Company allows you to make money from your airtime and data costs and also getting active referrals is the fastest way to make money in Recharge and get paid. you could recharge your customers’ phones directly from your e-wallet if you start up a VTU selling point.

Recharge and Get Paid company ideology:

When you recharge you get paid

When you buy data, you get paid

You refer people,  you get paid

Your People recharge you get paid

Your people buy data, you get paid

Your people refer people,  you get paid

You register with RAGP, and you get paid.

You are made a distributor and dealer with all privileges to Mtn, Glo, Airtel, 9mobile, DSTV, GoTV, and Startimes.

Recharge And Get Paid certainly, is the best Nigerian Investment company that pays weekly in the telecom sector.



5. Cowrywise

Cowrywise Investment Company is almost the same as Piggyvest which allows you not only to save but also invest and it pays weekly, Cowrywise investors are allowed access to money market funds whether, in dollar or naira, Cowrywise is a savings and investment space that is created to give you the needed means to make financial management a lifestyle.

Cowrywise does not only make your regular savings and investments simple and automatic but also allows for easy monitoring of your savings and investments.



6. Uber Riding

If you have a corolla car that is still very fine, with the air conditioner working well, you can easily start up uber riding. Since Toyota Corolla, Honda Accord, and Toyota Camry are known to be well-produced and well-designed cars for Uber It has been proven to be fuel-efficient and strong. The 1.8L engine option of the Corolla would ride you as far as 30miles for just one gallon of fuel.

Again, the cost of keeping it sparkling and repairing is cheap. It has featured a bang sound system and a cool air conditioner. When you go to purchase a Corolla, you are guaranteed the worth of your money. Corolla is a good put-up ride-sharing with Uber. Investing in Uber Riding brings in cool cash for you weekly.

The Nigerian branch of Uber is the best investment company that pays weekly. In Uber riding, you could get a driver, or the company can assign one to your car or you can also decide to be the driver yourself. But whichever means you choose Uber is way profitable and lucrative.

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Uber requirement:

  •       Your vehicle must be well airconditioned
  •       The model year should be 2000 or newer
  •       Must be a 4-door car
  •       Good condition with no cosmetic damage
  •       A working radio

Your paperwork:

Must have a vehicle inspection report

Must have Vehicle insurance

Must have a Roadworthiness certificate

Must have a valid Hackney permit

There are standards your car must meet before you would ride-share. You know every company has a standard and Uber is not left out.  You would be required to take the car to the Uber Company for all the necessary inspections. Of course, you would get about 30% to 35% earnings weekly.

Most Uber drivers make huge earnings weekly, so the agreed amount is being remitted to you weekly. Uber Company pays you every Friday or Saturday which is based on the agreement. As a car owner, you could earn daily. Rather than cruise which will in turn be a dormant car that may end up being a liability to you. Use your car to make some good investments and get paid weekly while it is still in good shape.



7. Adro Trading Limited

Adro trading limited is one online investment company and asset management space where you invest and earn. Adro Trading limited is suitable for those who have a thing with:

Forex trading

Cryptocurrency trading

Gold trading

Stock trading

Weather Adro in the trading commodity market, or trading in the foreign exchange market. Adro is one of the best Nigerian Investment companies that pay weekly in terms of profits based on digital assets. Adro investment is not just any trading or trading you could just run into without proper research that is why you must be of legal age before you would be allowed to invest and as a citizen of Nigeria, you must be 18 years and above.

The least amount you invest in this company is $20, and the highest is $20,000 but it all depends on your chosen investment packages. To register and activate an account in an andro company is through different categories of currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Perfect Money, AdvCash, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dashcoin, and Payeer.

The interest on your account in Adro Trading Limited is acquired daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and yearly but it is up to you to decide.  These funds allow you to transfer to your local bank so you could withdraw in cash. Andro Company allows the use of the Comodo Green Bar EV – SSL Security system to secure their investors’ accounts.

More than one account is not allowed in the Andro investment company. If one of the andro experts happened to find trading or using more than one account, your account would be denied access because It is against the ethics of the company.


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8. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has proven to be one of the best Nigerian investment companies that pay weekly in the online platform for early tech starters in terms of change and profits. Affiliate marketing is not a Ponzi scheme, and neither is it money doubling.

With little tech-savvy, you could earn money online through affiliate marketing. In Nigeria, we have many affiliate networks that you could invest in and earn a living on a daily and weekly basis.

You are required to first of all research the company you are interested in other to earn and make a huge profit. Some of the companies that are into affiliate marketing are Jumia, Amazon, gearbest, Hostgator, Skimlinks, Godaddy, CJ affiliate, commission factory, and lots more.

Affiliate marketing is a means through which a company pays you a particular percentage of money (a commission) for each sale you drive to the company via your affiliate link. The interesting thing about affiliate marketing is that it is free to register provided you have an email, an android phone, data, and light.


E.g Jumia as an affiliate company gives a welcome bonus of N500 with a normal 9% commission on every purchase in the first month. Once you have successfully registered In the Jumia affiliate program, you could promote the products through a Blog or website

Social media eg Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so on

Facebook Advert

Google advert

Mails etc.

Two ways you can earn from affiliate marketing is through revenue and affiliate program.

Through Revenue:

You could earn an income bonus from daily login, reading of news, commenting, and daily sharing of a sponsored post on social media.

Through Affiliate programs

When a member you refer through your link buys an item, a certain percentage of commission (money) will be paid to you usually 70%-100% commissions.



9. Piggyvest

Piggyvest is a very secure online savings platform that makes saving possible by combining discipline plus flexibility to make you grow your savings. Piggyvest helps over 3 million customers achieve their financial goals by helping them save and invest with ease. Piggyvest has been proven as one of the best Nigerian investment companies that pay weekly, it is also the best savings and investment space in Nigeria founded on the 7th of January 2016 with the name piggybank as a savings-only platform. Piggyvest is known as the first online legit savings and investment in West Africa.

Piggyvest will help you to achieve your financial freedom by encouraging you to save responsibly and invest on the go. You earn 10% to 15.5% interest on savings and over 25% return on investment.

Piggyinvest security levels are measures to keep your personal information safe and secure. You want to know how you can invest and get paid weekly through piggyvest then go to the link



10. Real Estate

Another investment company in Nigeria that pays weekly is Real estate. If you haven’t heard about real estate this article of for you. Real estate investment deals with buying property to generate income and not to use it as a place of living. Real estate has been proven to be an investment business in Nigeria that is truly profitable, rewarding, and beneficial, real estate company is where most of the top billionaires in Nigeria are today’s investors.

The real estate company is so different that there is something for everyone as long as you are interested and you have the marketing skills. You must not necessarily have money before you could invest, like I said have marketing skills. Real estate is no doubt one of the best Nigerian investment companies that pay weekly.

Go now and secure your future by investing in any of the above-mentioned thanks.

Why You Should Invest In Real Estate

  •       Investing in real estate is a way to improve your weekly income.
  •       It has huge returns.
  •       It has long-term Security. 
  •       It has a tax benefit
  •       It has a stable return.
  •       It leverages funds.
  •       It protects against inflation.

Real estate is for you if you want to build wealth


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All investment companies and platforms have ethics, rules, and laws guiding their operations. Before you choose any of these investment companies I have listed, take your time and make your research properly.

And of course like I said earlier, every company have their rules, regulations, and ethics guiding the company.

All of these investment companies I have listed and explained are profitable and lucrative that you would earn weekly. All you need to do is choose your area of speciality and start your investment journey to wealth.

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