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20 Content Ideas for YouTube in Nigeria


There are many content ideas for YouTube that keep people entertained and informed. YouTube is an online platform where you make, upload, and watch videos; you can also like the videos and share your thoughts in the comments section.

In addition, you can share, download and add videos to your watchlist. Finally, YouTube allows you to subscribe to channels if you would love to keep seeing their videos and get notified whenever they upload videos. 

For some people, YouTube is just a social media platform where they can have fun and get maximum entertainment; for others, it is much more. However, YouTube is truly more than just a social media platform for entertainment. You can learn a lot from this platform, from the “How To” videos to the “Educational” videos, and you can also make a lot of money over time by uploading videos. 

Are you surprised that you can earn money from YouTube? Don’t be. With the advent of YouTube marketing, you can upload videos and make money as the video gets a lot of attention and traffic. 

However, your videos must contain creative, unique and engaging content. Moreover, you must be ready to share these videos consistently for a long time before you expect to earn money. So this guide will show you 20 content ideas for YouTube. 


Making prank videos is one of the most thrilling content ideas for YouTube; however, you need to be good at acting, creative, and confident to prank people. Pranks are viral on YouTube, and as long as you can incite people’s curiosity and make them laugh, you will certainly get many likes and shares. Also, make sure your pranks are not harmful or violent so that you don’t cause harm to anyone or get into trouble.


Comedy is one of the most exciting and popular content ideas for YouTube. It will feel good to know that you can put a smile on somebody’s face despite what the person is going through. So if you are funny and can make people laugh, then you can make comedy videos and upload them on YouTube for people to laugh, have fun and be entertained.


Unboxing is simply unpacking a new product and explaining its features and added accessories. You can unbox toys, phones, and some electronic gadgets. This is one of the content ideas for YouTube that people love the most because apart from the enlightenment it brings, it is satisfying to watch the unboxing of new products, even those you can’t afford yet.  


Yes, a lot of people are interested in fashion, especially women; they want to keep up with the trends and newest designs. So fashion is one of the most followed content ideas for YouTube.

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Currently, so many brands are coming up with new designs every day, so you will always have something to discuss. By uploading fashion videos, you can help improve people’s dress sense and keep them updated on their favourite brands.


Tech/gadgets is one of the content ideas for YouTube that is always very satisfying to watch. For example, you can make videos comparing two gadgets from different brands or videos explaining the features and recent improvements of a gadget such as a phone, laptop, headphones, Bluetooth speaker, etc. 

Hair Care Tips

Sharing hair care tips is one of the content ideas for YouTube that is very useful to many people; you can share hair care tips like how best to grow hair, how to stop hair from breaking, how to make hair appear shiny and so on.  

In addition, you can also share helpful tips on the best hair products, how to use them and their effect on your hair. If you are consistent with these hair care tips, many brands will contact you to advertise their hair care products. 

Life Hacks

If you are innovative and you have some new tricks known to you alone, then you should begin a lifehacks YouTube channel. Life hacks are videos teaching people shorter and easy ways to do certain things, so, a lot of people will love and appreciate your videos. 

Your videos can be based on dressing, cooking, cleaning or reading hacks; anything as long as it is unique and creative.

Baking Tutorials

If you love baking and know how to bake, you should understand that there are also many people out there that are just like you; the only difference is they do not know how to bake. 

This is one of the most rewarding and profitable content ideas for YouTube; you can teach people simple baking procedures and also get a chance to advertise your baking services to billions of people worldwide.


Yoga is an activity that helps to harmonise the body and mind: it features specific exercises, meditation, relaxation, postures and breathing techniques. Yoga helps people relax and unwind, but in a bustling country like Nigeria, many people rarely have time to learn and practice yoga in person. 

So if you are a certified yoga instructor, you can make videos to teach people different yoga poses, from basics to more advanced poses. This way, you will give so many people easy access to learn yoga and also advertise your services. 

Health Tips

Everyone should live a healthy life, but they can’t do this when they are not adequately enlightened on the dos and don’ts of healthy living, especially people that are not medically inclined. 

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This is why if you start sharing health tips on YouTube, you will find out that it is one of the most fulfilling content ideas for YouTube. You will help people live healthy lives and help them live longer, and save them from the many illnesses associated with old age. 


Sharing news on YouTube is one of the most helpful and vital content ideas for YouTube because everyone would love to stay updated on the current happenings in the country. So you can upload daily updates about politics, the economy, sports, etc. 

Celebrity Gist 

Celebrity gist is one of the most followed and popular content ideas for YouTube in Nigeria. Nigerian celebrities always want to trend on social media because that is the only way to stay relevant and loved by their fans. 

On the other hand, the fans are always interested in these celebrities’ daily activities and lives. So you can stand as a bridge between celebrities and their fans by uploading videos of celebrity scandals, lifestyle, fashion, etc. However, make sure you upload only verified information. 


There are so many content ideas for YouTube that are about food; it can be how to prepare different Nigerian meals, food recipes, food best for healthy living, food types suitable for specific medical conditions, and so on. 

Everyone loves food, so if you even as much as upload videos of yourself eating or serving your meals, people will love it. 

Educational Contents

Educational content is one of the content ideas for YouTube that can help so many people in different spheres of life. You can make videos to teach any subject or course, for example, mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology, etc. 

This doesn’t have to be in a regular school pattern; you can just teach in the areas students find more challenging to understand. Also, you can decide to give simple tips that can help students study better, or you can make educational videos for kids.

Advert Placement

Everyone is into one business and wants to drive sales and retain their customers. As a result, many pay YouTubers to make videos describing their products and services, prices and business location to people. 

So making and uploading these advert videos to create awareness for millions of people worldwide is another perfect way to make money on YouTube as a YouTuber. This is one of the most profitable content ideas for YouTube because you can get paid by the brand you are advertising for and still get paid by YouTube. 


So many people love dancing; some are good at it, while some just wish they were. So if you can dance very well, nothing stops you from sharing some good dance moves with the world. Uploading dance videos is surely one of the most entertaining content ideas for YouTube. 

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You can share step-by-step guides on dance styles that are popular in Nigeria, tips on how to be a good dancer, what dancers are doing wrong and so on. 

Baby Contents

Baby videos are one of the most captivating content ideas for YouTube due to babies’ natural acting and beautiful appearance. 

So many people are still fascinated by babies; how they react to things, their growth process, how fast they can learn, etc. You can also upload videos of yourself trying to mimic babies. It will be funny and very entertaining. 

Sports Updates

Sports updates are one of the most engaging content ideas for YouTube, especially for men. If you have a passion for sports, you mustn’t participate in it before you can find fulfilment; it is also very fulfilling to follow up on sports and provide accurate updates for others.

You can focus on sharing tips and useful strategies for those that are into sports, or you can upload highlights from different sporting events. 

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Motivation & Inspiration 

Of course, you know it will always feel good to make other people feel better and help them through whatever situations they find themselves in. So motivation & inspiration videos are one of the most rewarding content ideas for YouTube. 

People go through a lot daily, and some just need a little push to start that thing they have always wanted to do. So it will be great if these people can draw strength from you and be encouraged. 

Music Tutorials 

Uploading music tutorial videos is one of the best content ideas for YouTube because apart from earning money for yourself, you can also help other professional or newbie singers do well in their careers. You will feel satisfied knowing you can help millions of people train their voices and become great singers. 

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There are numerous content ideas for YouTube, which is why whenever you go on the platform, you find so many videos to watch, and you won’t even know how you spend hours there. 

Similarly, when you start uploading helpful content ideas for YouTube as a YouTuber, you will also keep a lot of people engaged for hours and then stand a chance to start earning money from it. These 20 content ideas for YouTube discussed in this guide are engaging and valuable ideas, provided you do what you love and do it consistently. 

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