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The world is changing and the trend of making money online is moving very fast, it is very important to follow the trend and be up to speed as it is evolving.

To start a CPA marketing in Nigeria, you need to make good provisions of unlimited internet access first and if you are not the kind that purchases data when there’s a need in fact as a CPA marketing in Nigeria, you should not wait till your data is exhausted before purchasing a new one.

Data use should be seen as your transportation to work in that way you would know that data is your work. CPA marketing in Nigeria can be done with the phone, PC, tablet, or any device that you can use to access the internet.


What Is CPA Marketing In Nigeria

The full meaning of CPA is Cost per Action. CPA Marketing in Nigeria is an affiliate type where you are paid a commission when you put up action from your traffic. These actions could be:


When you deliver an email address.

When you make a form sign-up.

When you put down a phone number.

When you download a document.

When you carry out a poll.

When all these actions have been done properly, you would be required to generate a lead which would be converted to money or cash. In essence, whenever you complete an action you get a commission per lead but it depends on the offer in CPA marketing in Nigeria.

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To Sign-Up For The CPA Marketing In Nigeria You Need To:

  • Create an affiliate marketing portfolio website where you would post and trace anyone who visits your sites and anyone who completes actions on your post.
  • Select the type of network that you know will not disappoint you and speed up your portfolio site. It is okay to start before you select the network that you want to join.
  • You should register with a network – which is the CPA marketing process that will not start if you didn’t sign up for a network and be approved.


How Does CPA Marketing Work?

CPA marketing in Nigeria will give you an architect for you to submit your job or product to CPA marketing in Nigeria to promote the proposal through CPA marketing in Nigeria.

CPA marketing in Nigeria will give a fixed sum of money to you (the marketer) for each offer which is based on how much the CPA  gives the architect has invested. As a CPA marketing affiliate in Nigeria, you have an easy job.

Step – 1 Register to a CPA network, once you are accepted, go through the previous offers and choose the one that will be good for your work. Immediately you have defined the kind of offers CPA marketing in Nigeria provides, promote it as much as you want to your protective audience.


CPA Marketing In Nigeria Network

Not all networks that you use will generate money for you, you need to discover a network that you are good at and you would also make money from.

  • Courtship
  • Mobile apps
  • Estate
  • Work-out
  • Software
  • Athletics
  • Business opportunity


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Steps To Build Up A CPA Marketing In Nigeria

  • Create A Cpa Marketing Portfolio

Have your marketing manifesto and keep files of your best thriving achievement. Maintain files of your different audiences who click on your post and the turn-around fee of other links that you post on your site.

 The other links could be beads you have sold on your site or an affiliate program like Jumia, or Paypal.

  • Select Your Network

Select a network first before sign-up as a CPA marketing in Nigeria do a thorough breakdown, and select a network that will be preferable for you to work with, the reason is when you select a network that is difficult for you, you will not grow.

  • Sign Up With The Cpa Network

 Sign up, join or submit an application to a CPA network. Joining a CPA network is the key point. Join a network that is well known, that pays on time, and is legitimate and stable.


How To Get Accepted By A CPA Network

If getting accepted for a CPA marketing in Nigeria is somewhat challenging, you have to be truthful when registering the application, the reason is CPA marketing in Nigeria do not review application manually and if CPA does not satisfy the CPA by giving the essentials data, CPA will instantly decline your application process.

Here are a few tips that will help you to be approved for CPA marketing in Nigeria.

  • Learn To Be Truthful

Ensure that you register the application with your correct data like your real name, date of birth, home address, gender, Nationality, etc. The CPA marketing in Nigeria is doing all of these to shade you away from scammers not hack the data that you provided.

Let the CPA be aware of the network that you want to use and the ways to generate leads. Learn about the processes of generating as you would want to mention what method uses that will be required of you to generate leads to offers every day.

  • Own Your Website/Blog

You just will not start working when you have not created a networking /blog. The reason is that your blog/website will be used as a way for you to learn your writing mastery, and you could also post or showcase some of your work on your blog/website for your targeted audience.

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  • Learn To Review Your Whois

Few of the CPA marketing in Nigeria will review to know if the whois address of your website matches your email address.

  • Learn To Call CPA Customer Care First

Make the call to the CPA network instantly when you are done with your registration like 5 minutes after you have submitted and it shows successful. Call CPA for an update that your application shows successful registration and CPA would know how serious and interested you are to get started.

  • Learn To Be Positive And Hopeful While At Your Interview

The CPA marketing in Nigeria will want to find out more about you after your registration is successfully submitted. CPA will like to find out your understanding of CPA and know your answer


Receiving Your CPA Affiliate Link

As soon as you get accepted into a network, you will get an affiliate link. The link will be used to track all your future activities such as your sales, and also get your conversion rates via it.

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Getting Acquainted With Your Affiliate Manager

Immediately you join a CPA network, a CPA Manager will be assigned to you. The manager will help you get started with the program. The Affiliate manager (AM) calls or emails you to get you to run some of their new offers. Your Affiliate Manager is your inside source at the network so make sure you build a strong relationship with him/her. Be nice and professional when they reach out to you.


Design Your Site Around CPA

When you join a network and have a CPA offer ready to go, then it’s time for you to integrate it into your site. It is advisable to get a custom design that gives your site a legit look.


How To Make Money With CPA Marketing In Nigeria

Before thinking of making a huge amount of money with CPA marketing, firstly, you will need a CPA account from any CPA network and also locate your niche which I have mentioned before.

Go to your CPA affiliate dashboard, there you will see high top offers, latest offers, highest converting offers, highest EPC offers, and recently post offers.


How To Promote CPA Offers

  • Find different offers: Go to your CPA affiliate dashboard, go to browse offers, and there you will see different CPA offers available in the market. Sites like
  • Have different CPA offers. These sites offer from all the CPA networks available in the world.
  • Select the category of offers that you want. If you have a blog in a particular niche then select an offer related to that niche. In case you want to promote a specific country then you can select the country for your offers.
  • Click on the offer that you want and you will be provided with an affiliate link to the particular CPA offer that you click, affiliate banners and tools, traffic method allowed for the CPA offer, and many more.
  • Once you’ve joined a network and selected your CPA offer, then promote it on your blog and the best way to go about it is to integrate your affiliate links into the blog content. By doing so, you will get higher click-thru rates.


Advantages Of CPA Marketing In Nigeria

  1. Just like affiliate marketing, with CPA marketing in Nigeria, you could however earn and you will be paid with no lead generated.
  2. You could have different accessible CPA offers. CPA offers that are accessible across all networks you could think of.
  3. You could start with small finance ahead of time.
  4. Simple to set up. CPA marketing in Nigeria is simple to set up, all you need is a website/blog and a CPA strong network that will not utter your work.
  5. Pay After you have sold. You will not be asked to pay for leads that you didn’t convert.
  6. Enhance Marketing Reach: CPA marketing in Nigeria has an enhanced marketing reach, I.e wherever you are it can be accessed without delay.
  7. CPA marketing is profitable: Yes CPA marketing is profitable in Nigeria and beyond provides you are determined and focused. CPA marketing in Nigeria is one work that you would always smile at whenever you are focused. Just have a reliable network, and power supply/generator. laptop/Smartphone etc.
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Disadvantages Of CPA Marketing In Nigeria

  1. Just like every other starter of any job, as a starter here, it is always very hard to be approved into top CPA marketing in Nigeria networks.
  2. Lots of the good CPA offers are justly accessible to the leading countries like the USA.
  3. As a CPA marketer in Nigeria, you should learn to be skilful as it is a very strong space.
  4. With CPA marketing in Nigeria, you could make millions and in a simple conversion, it could be as low as $0.10 – $10.
  5. Using a successful CPA marketing campaign you could help to increase the order of your CPA marketing brand in Nigeria.


CPA Marketing Terminology

Category: category here is a network where CPA offers relates to, in essence, it could be fashion, athletics, healthy living, recreation, and Dating.

Affiliate Manager: affiliate manager here is a person who takes charge of the affiliate program for the trader or vendor. The affiliate manager is also accountable for joining with the affiliate, recruiting, and producing earnings.

Commission: commission here is the money/commission that is been paid to an affiliate when a profitable conversion or sales is accomplished. It could be a balance amount or percentage.


Conversion Rate: The percentage rate at which a particular action is performed. In other words, the number of successful conversions is divided by the total traffic.

Contextual Link: contextual link here is seen as a text link put within an affiliate website that has links to the advertiser’s sites.

Earnings Per Click (EPC): earning per click here is the payment that an affiliate makes each time a targeted audience clicks on your website. 

Offer Page: offer page here is the web page in which the targeted audience takes all the important activities.

Return on Investment (ROI): return on investment is the sum or commission that you make using a campaign. You could always total this as the earnings shares by the ads that you spend, added by 100.

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With CPA marketing in Nigeria, you could make profitable and be financially independent but the most necessary thing is for you to generate leads and get the best offer for your leads. Provided you are following the right process, with CPA marketing in Nigeria your money is sure.

CPA marketing in Nigeria helps you to make cool cash from the comfort of your home. Just know the basics, have a reliable lead with the right audience for all your CPA offers marketing in Nigeria. When you do the right thing using CPA marketing in Nigeria, your success is assured. Have in mind that as a starter, you could be big, all it needs is time, commitment and eagerness, and consistency. Use this guide and your ladder of wealth will be a story.

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