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Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing: All You Need to Know and How to Start


Expertnaire Overview?

Expertnaire is said to be a digital marketing place that stands to help digital product producers increase sales through practical and great-accomplish Expertnaire affiliates marketing. Expertnaire is one of the fast-rising well-known digital websites for buying and selling educational products in Nigeria.

Furthermore, Expertnaire is an affiliate marketing business where digital products like books, tutorials, courses, etc. are being recorded for Expertnaire affiliates members to choose and advertise in other to make commissions.

Nowadays, Expertnaire is slowly coming to be Nigeria’s massive marketplace for digital products. 

Expertnaire affiliate marketing place is accessible to three categories of people: 

  • Digital product creators,  
  • Affiliate marketers and 
  • The consumers

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Who is This Business For?

  • Digital product creator: This is for those who create digital products like e-books, tutorials, online courses The products are shown on the Expertnaire affiliate marketing for sale. These are vendors on Expertnaire affiliate marketing
  • Expertnaire affiliate marketers are those that sell the digital product to their target audience by using the Expertnaire affiliate marketing tools and models– this enables them to make commissions whenever a potential client buys any of the products using their unique referrer link.

As an Expertnaire affiliate marketer, you would earn a commission on each product you sell through your referral link. But the commission you would get paid for on each product depends on what is set by the product vendor.


Ways You Could Earn on Expertnaire

The two ways to earn money on Expertanaire affiliate marketing are as a product creator or as an affiliate.

  • As a Product Creator/ vendor

As explained earlier, digital product creators are those that create digital products like e-books, tutorials, courses e.t.c, and record your products on the space for sale. These product creators and vendors are generally called vendors in the space. What you should do as a product creator is to create a digital product and list them on the marketplace then allow the affiliate marketers to promote the products and earn their commissions.


  • As an affiliate

An affiliate business associate is another means to earn money on Expertnaire. However, your responsibility is to promote the products placed by creators or vendors on the Expertnaire affiliate marketplace. You would be allowed to advertise the product as you want. All you need to do is to make sales, and at the end, you would receive a commission from the vendor, these commissions are paid to you directly by Expertnaire. With this, you would agree with me that it is one of the simplest means to earn a lot of money online.

Again, as an Expertnaire affiliate marketer, your social media space such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp status, and Twitter should be your number one marketing tool as an affiliate marketer if you don’t have a website. You should utilize them judiciously to promote the products.  You should always remember to use the different links sent to you by the system for each product. The system maintains that you get your referral and commission rate through that exact link.


How To Register on Expertnaire as a Vendor

Before you can register as a digital product creator on Expertnaire, you will need to pay a non-refundable fee of N25,000, this amount will be renewed every year and your digital products will be listed on the space. There are particular requirements that you need to provide for your products to be approved. Also, note that you will need to send the requirements and the details of your products to Expertnaire support before your products can be approved. 


Take note that whatever information you give must be original, as Expertnaire affiliate marketing does not give a chance for fake information or to resell other people’s products. Immediately after your products are accepted, create a vendor account that you will use to track your sales.

The Expertnaire affiliate network is now a center of discussion among Nigerians on social media as numerous people want to know how legit the company is and how the Expertnaire affiliate marketing strategy works.   

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However, if you want to find out all of that, you should continue reading this article as I will tell you all of it in detail. 


Requirements for new vendors

  • Before you apply to be a new vendor, know the terms and conditions to run as a vendor on the marketplace
  • Once you are ok with the terms and conditions, send the details of your product to the Expertnaire affiliate space for acceptance. Be aware that whatever you advertise on the space must not be copied as Expertnaire will not allow you to resell other people’s products.

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Below are the details you should send to Expertnaire:

  • The URL of your products as you will not be allowed to put a product with no sales page. 
  • Your way to the product’s delivery network and also the quality, for the product to have a value on it.
  • You must put the amount/rate you would pay Expertnaire affiliates for a product they sell “affiliates usually go for products with the highest commissions”.
  • Finally, send valid prospective client consent data through which your prospective client could reach you or your company in case there’s an urgency. Then, send the details above to using the subject line as the title of the mail.


For the Already Registered Vendors on Expertnaire

If you already have a vendor account, all you need to do on the platform are:

  • Send the details or the under-listed above to the Expertnaire affiliate for acceptance.
  • Immediately after you have been accepted, the Expertnaire affiliate marketing technical committee would put up your sales page for the product you sent on the Expertnaire affiliate marketing space. Because this would make it accessible to the Expertnaire affiliate marketing.


How To Register on Expertnaire as an Affiliate Marketer

For you to apply as an affiliate marketer on Expertnaire, you would need to pay a yearly sign-up fee of N10,000. Immediately after registration, the next step would be to choose your choice of a digital product to advertise.

Also be aware that, you only advertise via the link the Expertnaire affiliate marketing supplies you. Generally, it is good to advertise digital products with a high commission so you can earn more.

You must use a different link given to you by the network for each product because the system maintains you get your referral and commission through tracking that exact link.


How to Select Products to advertise on the Expertnaire 

  • The Niche

Your niche is where you major/where you can do best or your area of interest. Where you can do best maybe blogging, social manager, SEO consultant, relationship coach/expert, data entry digital marketer, and many more.

Nevertheless, you should consider a product that is in line with your area of interest before you choose the product you want to put up for an advert. Of course, you can’t advertise a product on social media manager whereas your interest is in data entry; ensure that you pick a niche first before you pick a product. 


  • Your Audience

Your audience is very important as an Expertnaire affiliate marketer. Before you select a product, you have to know, if the product would be of importance and useful to your audience, would your audience anxiously look forward to this product? Would your audience be excited or disappointed when you put it up? The reason is you don’t want to advertise unsuccessful products to people They would not want to waste their time and money.


Charges and commission

  • To advertise a product ensure that the commission on the product is worth it so you don’t feel disappointed. Don’t just advertise when you have not seen the commission. You wouldn’t want to promote a product only to realize that the commission will not be favorable when there are lots of other big commissions. Look before you leap.  
  • For you to register as a digital product creator on Expertnaire, it is necessary for you to realize that Expertnaire charges a 10% cost on all products you advertise. Payment would be collected on your behalf,  pay affiliates, and be able to deliver the product to the potential buyer
  • All products are sold on the Expertnaire affiliate marketplace with a 30 days refund agreement and then, the affiliate is paid every Friday whenever he makes a successful sale.
  • The Expertnaire affiliate marketing commission for a product is decided by the creator and could go as high as 75% of all the sales that you make. As an Expertnaire affiliate, you will be allowed to advertise any product you want to market.
  • Expertnaire affiliate marketing would make payments to both vendors and affiliates via bank payment. However, vendors’ payment comes every two (2) weeks on Fridays, while affiliates’ payment comes every Friday of the week.
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The Market

The market you want to put up should decide if a product is worth promoting. Always ask yourself, will there be a sale on this market? Inquire about the product if your potential client would need to demand such a product. 

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How Money is made on Expertnaire Affiliate Network

You can make money on Expertnaire in the following ways.

  • You earn a commission when you refer customers to join Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing networks. 
  • You could earn money by listing your products on the space as a vendor. You could sell your digital products like ebooks, videos, courses, guides, etc.
  • You could earn money by being an Expertnaire affiliate on the space, that is, directing products to the target audience to buy.
  • You could earn money by purchasing courses that are money profitable and productive. You could see lots of these courses available in the marketplace.
  • Finally, you earn money through teaching people the secrets to money-making, you know how people want to always know how to legitimately make money, you could learn from these spaces; create courses, and sell.


How Does It Work?

  • As an Expertnaire affiliate, you are allowed access to put up products you list on the space through different affiliate links for each.
  • This Expertnaire affiliate link will be used to trace your affiliate sales and to pay you commissions through the Expertnaire network.
  • When a purchase is made by a customer, both the vendor and the affiliate get notified via mail with their percentage proportions from the sale.
  • Products are then delivered to buyers via mail. This email contains an access link that redirects them to the products.
  • The vendor decides where and how the products come in whether in word doc, pdf or video formats, and you will be allowed access that is if you are a member where the product creator gives the product offering. A teaching program that needs hands-on understanding will most likely be done in a membership area where the product creator is the coach.


What Separate Expertnaire?

  • Large commissions: you will not see an affiliate marketplace in Nigeria, that pays huge commissions on whether selling digital or physical products.
  •  The commission for affiliates differs on each, but Expertnaire would offer up to 75% commission. But the difference commissions are based on the individual vendors, Expertnaire helps vendors to give incentives commissions that are very impressive to affiliates to increase sales. In essence, Expertnaire does not put up commissions, vendors do.
  • Commission And pay: Expertnaire affiliates are being paid every Friday which depends on the ready payout that is available. Vendors also receive payment on Fridays twice a month.
  • The Expertnaire referral commissions receive payment every last Friday of the month.
  • The Expertnaire affiliate marketing referral earnings are the money an Expertnaire affiliate receives when you are registered as a result of referrals and become an Expertnaire affiliate marketer. And the Affiliate referral commission is 3,000 naira which is 30% of Affiliate registration.
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Although to register as an Expertnaire affiliate, you would be required to pay a fee of 10,000 Naira yearly while vendors will register with N25,000.

  • Adjustment: As an Expertnaire affiliate, operating a vendor account or an affiliate account can be very adjustable.
  • An affiliate account could be allowed to be promoted to a vendor account. You could still maintain an affiliate account and a vendor account. It is all up to you as you decide on what you want.
  • Low fees & Product reliability: Expertnaire would take only 10% commission on sales of any product. Listed products will be backed by a 30-day bank money guarantee.
  • Ease Of pay: As a Customer, you are allowed to make payments via Paystack, USSD, and Bank deposit/transfer.
  • Vendors and affiliates are being paid straight into the accounts they give on payout Day.


You Should Also Note These Before You Register On The Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing Platform

  • Expertnaire affiliate would charge you a 10% payment on every product you list.
  • Expertnaire affiliate would receive money on your behalf, make payment to the affiliate, and also the product to the customer.
  • A 30 days refund product comes from the Expertnaire.
  • Expertnaire products come with a 30 days refund terms and conditions.
  • The vendors receive payment from the Expertnaire once every two(2) weeks on Fridays.

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How The Commission Is Shared Between Vendors And Expertnaire Affiliates 

As a vendor, you will decide the commission or the percentage of every product you sell, the affiliate will select whichever products he wants to market.

This means that the vendor sets a commission that goes to the affiliate, 10% goes to Expertnaire, and the vendor gets the rest of the commission.


Ways You Could Make Money On The Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing

You could earn a commission when you promote products that you put on the Expertnaire affiliate platform. But this commission comes when you make a sale, as the commission is paid into your account. On Expertnaire affiliate marketing, your earnings could be as high as 75% on each sale this is interesting you know.


How To Become An Affiliate On Expertnaire 

To become an Expertnaire affiliate, All are required to do is to visit the Expertnaire affiliate marketing official website and register as an affiliate. For you to register, you would be required to pay a non-refundable fee of N10,000, this payment will be renewed yearly in other to retain your Expertnaire affiliate marketing membership.

Expertnaire affiliates give earnings to both vendors and Expertnaire affiliates via bank transfer. Though, vendors’ payments in once every two weeks on Fridays, bu affiliates get payment every Friday of the week.

Will Expertnaire Teach You How To Sell Your Products?

Expertnaire affiliate will not teach you how to sell because Expertnaire affiliate is a product listing marketplace and not a coaching marketplace, hence, it will not teach you how to sell your products online. However, an Expertnaire affiliate would help you to connect with top Expertnaire affiliates directly via the telegram group platform or physical meetings.



Expertnaire affiliate marketing platform is a good place that can enable you to sell your product productively as a digital creator. Also, you could earn good money as an affiliate after you register on the Expertnaire affiliate marketing platform.

finally, you should know that Expertnaire affiliate marketing is a very broad marketplace, a high standard is been placed and a strong emphasis on quality products and services.


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