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How to start a Fashion Business in Nigeria


The fashion business in Nigeria starts with the creation of new or replica designs and also the manufacturing, marketing, and selling of the designs.

Although it takes a lot of work, it is a very lucrative and interesting enterprise. Are you interested in setting up a fashion business? You need to understand the necessary steps to take, and if you desire to become famous like Yomi Casual, Frank Oshodi, and other famous Nigerian designers, you need to start with the right information.

In this post, we have compiled some vital information you need to start a fashion business in Nigeria from scratch. 

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Steps to start a Fashion Business 

Go to a Fashion School

Fashion Business in Nigeria
Fashion Business in Nigeria

This is the most crucial step to starting a fashion business; it will determine whether or not you are even qualified to be a fashion designer. So you need to register for a fashion school. Alternatively, you could choose to learn by doing an apprenticeship with experienced fashion designers. The most important thing is that you learn how to sew and create designs in order to become an expert in the field and be able to provide excellent services when the time comes. 

Write a Business Plan

Fashion Business in Nigeria
Fashion Business in Nigeria

When you become a certified fashion designer, the next logical step is planning your business by writing a business plan. You can have a professional help you plan your business and put it in writing, but you can also research and write it yourself to make it more personalized. However, a business plan doesn’t determine the success of your business, but it contributes significantly to it. 

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Determine Your Target Market

Fashion Business in Nigeria
Fashion Business in Nigeria

Fashion is vast and provides services for everyone, including males and females. However, to succeed in the fashion business in Nigeria, it is advisable to choose a niche and stick to it. While so many fashion designers have decided to learn and participate in all types of fashion designs, focusing on a particular niche and finding your target market helps you stand out from the crowd, proves your expertise, and makes sure that you are not over-stressed or overloaded. 

For example, you can design and sew for only adult males or only female children, etc. However, when your business grows, you can hire designers and other staff from different specialties to handle all the work while managing the fashion company. 

Get an Office Space 

Fashion Business in Nigeria
Fashion Business in Nigeria

Now that you have learned and made adequate plans for your business, the next thing to do is to get a shop or office to set up your business and display your designs. The office should be as big as you want and in a bustling environment where your business can quickly get enough attention.

Also, it would be best if you had an office with adequate parking space and less competition, so find a place that is not overly saturated with the fashion business. 

Buy all the Equipment and Materials Needed

Fashion Business in Nigeria
Fashion Business in Nigeria

Your beautiful shop or office cannot be left empty you need to fill it with what is required and get down to business as soon as possible. So here are some things you need for your fashion business. 

  • Sewing machine. 
  • Pressing iron. 
  • Weaving machine. 
  • Embroidery machine. 
  • Generator set. 
  • Furniture. 
  • Threads. 
  • Needles and pins. 
  • Tape rule and scissors. 
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Create a Brand for Your Business

Fashion Business in Nigeria
Fashion Business in Nigeria

Today, you can find people all over the world buying the identity of an item rather than the item itself. This is because the company has invested a lot to grow its brand so much so that people can pride themselves in wearing their clothes and products.

So the next best thing to do for your business is to create a brand; it includes everything your business stands for, from colour to website, to logo, and more. 

Start Sewing Beautiful Designs

Fashion Business in Nigeria
Fashion Business in Nigeria

Now that you understand what is expected of you and who your target market is, you can start making designs and sewing them for your prospective clients to buy them.

You can start with a small showroom where you will display your samples and make more upon request, and you can show your samples in other showrooms that are not in competition with your business: it may be a boutique or any bigger fashion brand. 

Market and Sells Your Designs

Fashion Business in Nigeria
Fashion Business in Nigeria

You cannot do without marketing in the fashion business; you need to promote your business as far as it can go so it will get the attention it deserves.

As a new business owner, feel free to apply different marketing strategies to grow your brand and do everything possible to retain the clients you already have. 

Skills Needed for a Fashion Business

Fashion Business in Nigeria
Fashion Business in Nigeria 

Unlike many other types of businesses, a fashion business doesn’t just involve buying and selling; it requires you to create what you are selling and you should be able to design wears that will not only suit your customer’s taste but also satisfy the need to keep up with trends. 

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Here are some essential skills you need as a fashion designer in Nigeria. 

  • Creativity. 
  • Time management skills. 
  • Negotiation skills. 
  • Good management skills. 
  • Marketing skills. 
  • Good communication skills. 
  • Flexibility and adaptability. 
  • Business sense. 
  • Sewing and art skills. 

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Bearing in mind that the fashion industry is already saturated, you must strive to be the best at what you do, and it all starts from your days of training, be focused and try to learn as much as you can. One of the things that will make you stand out in the fashion industry is customer satisfaction and trust; your clients must rest assured that you can deliver precisely what they have in mind at all times. 

This way, they won’t hesitate to refer you and give good reviews to your business. So even though there are many things to learn about the fashion industry, this guide will go a long way to help you start and grow your business, so congratulations in advance for successfully starting your own fashion business

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