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Flutterwave Payment Gateway – The Easy Way To Receive Online Payment


With Flutterwave Payment Gateway, you can now easily send and receive money from anywhere in the world. Find out more about it in this post.

Each day the world keeps evolving, technology seems to advance at a very fast pace, and various sectors of the economy are also keeping up with this rapid growth.

When we come down to business, recall there was actually a time when for every business transaction that occurs there needed to be physical contact between both the seller and the buyer, for it to be successful.

This setup has really created a limit on the number of people’s convergence for a seller’s products or services and most times it restricted businesses from venturing into the international market.

I mean how a person who is actually outside one geographic location with a different currency makes a payment for a product or service, is really a huge setback for businesses, especially the ones that desire to expand their reach beyond their borders.

When banks were initially set up they didn’t resolve this problem so a solution needed to be created.

But with the emergence of the internet, several platforms were able to integrate and help proffer solutions to this problem. Some of these platforms include Paystack, Payroll, and Flutterwave.

So, if you are into business and you desire to expand your reach beyond the boundaries of your country, and you are looking for an online payment model that will enable your customers to make payments irrespective of their location or currency. Then, there is good news, because various platforms have already been set up to make this possible. Platforms such as Flutterwave, Paystack, Payroll, and the likes.

However, for the purpose of our discussion, we will be focusing on Flutterwave payment gateway with highlights about What Flutterwave is all about, the online payment options of Flutterwave, and how to create a Flutterwave account.


Flutterwave Payment Gateway

Flutterwave Payment Gateway is a Fintech company that was founded in 2016. Flutterwave currently operates in over 11 African countries and its headquarter is located in San Francisco California.

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They provide streams to help businesses with payment operations for their international clients. It can be used to send and receive money from all over the world. 

Once you open an account, you can create a payment link that can be shared with your customers or networks who want to pay for your service or make donations.

At every stage of your business growth, Flutterwave Payment Gateway has features available for you. 

The best part is that you can receive online payment from your customers anywhere in the world, and they are able to pay you through their preferred method of payment. 

In business, we always try as much as we can to ensure that you don’t lose customers because they don’t have a way to pay you. But with the help of this online platform like Flutterwave Payment Gateway, your customers can pay you through Flutterwave in over 150 currencies and in more than 10 ways. 

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Online Payment Options Available on Flutterwave

Here’s a list of all the ways your customers can currently pay you through Flutterwave: 

  • USSD – USSD is (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) 

It is simply a shortcode provided by mobile network companies so people can carry out services. In countries like Nigeria, people can make transactions through their bank’s USSD codes through the Flutterwave checkout modal. 


  • Card Payments

This is one of the most popular kinds of payment worldwide. This payment method allows you to make use of a credit or a debit card to make payment for a sale of goods or services. Card Payments are accepted through the Flutterwaves Payment Gateway.


  • Dashboard payment 

Wallet-to-wallet transfers are now available on Flutterwave Payment Gateway. You can make payments to merchants on Flutterwave right now from your wallet to theirs, it’s FREE, it’s easy, and you don’t even have to leave your dashboard. How convenient is that?

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  • Barter payments

With Barter, you can manage your finances and also receive payments from your customers. Send and receive money globally, Create virtual dollar cards that work anywhere online. 


  • Pay with Bank Transfer – 

With Flutterwave, your customers can pay you via a unique bank account number (generated on the payment gateway), and you can confirm payment immediately on your dashboard. 


  • Visa QR 

Visa QR Is an innovative way to make payments with Flutterwave. It enables you to send money from your bank account to any merchant by scanning a QR barcode.


  • Paga 

Paga is a payment option for merchants who make use of the Flutterwave payment gateway. Your customers can pay you directly from their Paga wallet.


  • PayAttitude 

Flutterwave merchants are able to accept payments from PayAttitude customers using the PayAttitude payment method.


  • Migo

Pay with Migo allows your customers to get access to microloans to complete their transactions immediately. You receive all your funds as usual, and the customers can pay Migo the loan within 14 days. 


At Flutterwave, the list of ways your customers can pay you are growing constantly and continually increasing. Our goal still remains to simplify payments for endless possibilities. 

The best part is you have full control over all the ways you want to receive payments through Flutterwave, you can manage this on your dashboard. 

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How To Create A Flutterwave Account

  • Go to their website and click on Flutterwave, fill in the required details, and click on proceed.
  • An email will be sent to your mailbox, check to confirm the email address which will redirect to your account.
  • Next is to select your purpose for using Flutterwave – The reason for this is to help you get the right tool just like it is written on the top of the image below. 
  • You will be directed to the dashboard section. In this section, fill in the information as requested. Observe that this section is divided into three – bank account, merchant information, and document upload. As you complete each of them make sure it is correct and then save it.
  • Then you proceed to verify your account.
  • Click on >START SESSION.
  • Once it’s completed your accounts will be on review, and when it’s approved, an email will be sent to you congratulating you on successfully creating your account.
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How to Receive Payment in Flutterwave (Local and International)

To receive local and International payments to your Flutterwave account, you have to first create a payment link.

Creating a payment link is very easy, follow these steps.


How to Create a Flutterwave Payment Link

  1. In your Flutterwave dashboard, go to the Payment Links page and select >Create Payment Link.
  2. For a single payment, select >Single Charge while for a payment plan select >Recurring Charge.
  3. Fill in details of the payment; if you wish to allow your customers to specify the amount to be paid, leave the >Amount field empty, otherwise, fill in a specific amount. 
  4. Then, select >Create Link to create the link to your payment page.
  5. The payment link will be shown on your dashboard. You can copy and share the link with your clients for them to make payments using their cards, bank accounts, USSD, etc., as applicable.



I hope this article was helpful, but in case you wish to have more information about what Flutterwave Payment Gateway is, you can as well create an account and get to explore its various features.

Remember this platform guarantees a payment solution for your business both locally and internationally.


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