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Top Sites to Find Freelance Writers


Who are Freelance Writers?

First, freelancing is simply a term that describes a state of being self-employed and not necessarily committed to any long-term employer.

Freelancing is when a person uses their techniques, understanding and mastery to work with several potential clients on different projects or contracts at their own pace, provided they can meet deadlines.

Now that you know what freelancing is, you can easily guess who a freelance writer is. A freelance writer is a professional writer who writes for different companies or clients to get paid but not as a company’s full-time staff. 

Why do you Need Freelance Writers for Your Business?

Many businesses, companies or organisations request the services of freelance writers every day for the following reasons. 

  • Freelance writers make your business operations more flexible. For example, you can terminate a contract without worrying about any potential industrial action, get writing jobs done on weekends, and won’t have to work with disgruntled staff or employees.
  • Working with freelance writers will help you publish more often and consistently as you can hire as many writers as possible since you will only have to pay them per job. 
  • A freelance writer will ensure your contents are proofread, plagiarism-free, well researched, and aligned with the ton of your brand.
  • Instead of paying full-time staff monthly regardless of their speed and efficiency, you can save a lot of money by hiring freelance writers since you only hire them for specific projects.
  • You can get new ideas and second opinions for the advancement of your business from freelance writers.

Freelance Writers Niches or Job Specialisations

The first step to finding freelance writers is knowing the category of the services you need. Many freelance writers focus on a specific niche, and that is what they have more experience writing on. 

So when you go on these sites, you can effortlessly search for freelance writers if you know the type of writer you need. A few examples of freelancer writers’ niches or job specialisations are:

  • Blog writers: writing contents for blogs.
  • Content writers: creating contents for ebooks, white papers, and social media.
  • Web content writers: writing for business website pages; about us pages, landing pages, service pages, etc. This is similar to blog writing, SEO writing, and copywriting.
  • SEO writers: writing contents focused on ranking in search engines like Google.
  • Video script writers: creating video scripts.
  • Social media writers: writing posts for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  • Copywriters: creating landing pages, service pages, product pages, or emails to drive sales for brands or companies.
  • Email writers: writing email newsletters and sales emails for businesses/companies.
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10 Best Sites to Find Freelance Writers

Many sites are designed to connect freelance writers with potential clients. These sites may be dedicated to freelance writers or can generally be meant for all freelancers like graphics designers, proofreaders, website designers, social media marketers, etc. 

This guide discusses some of the best sites to find freelance writers. The sites allow full-time and part-time jobs and are also suited for varying skill levels. So on these sites, you will find writers with different experience levels or expertise and at different pay rates.


Upwork is one of the most popular and easy-to-use sites to find freelance writers; it is a combination of two sites formerly known as oDesk and Elance. Upwork is a home for millions of exceptional freelance writers and clients, with over 3 million job listings per year. In addition, this site features graphic designers, freelance writers and content marketers. 

However, Upwork may feature all sorts of freelancing jobs. Still, numerous freelance writing gigs are available on Upwork, such as blog writing, website content, technical writing, SEO writing etc.

So if you need the services of a creative and professional writer, you can simply go on Upwork and select the one that suits your business needs (price, expertise, and niche).


Cloudpeeps is a meticulously curated freelancing site, and it is one of the best places to find freelance writers who can do remote jobs on website content, creative email marketing copy, and much more.

The writers on this site can do a lot more than just plain writing across different niches for you; they have a vast range of expertise and creativity that makes Cloudpeeps a one-stop platform to get everything you need to grow your business. 


iWriter is one of the most popular freelancing sites that makes searching for freelance writers very easy. On iWriter, you will post your writing jobs, and different writers will apply, so you just select the most qualified writer for the job.

Potential freelance writers are tested with two short writer tests of 250 words each, and the writers are allowed to apply for jobs according to their results for these tests.  So you can rest assured that only verified and expert freelance writers will be allowed to apply for writing jobs. This also makes your screening process a lot easier.

In addition, since different writers will apply for jobs already posted on the site, the clients will have to state their offers. So freelance writers will go with prices, mode of payment, and job descriptions already stated by the clients if it suits them, of course.  

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FlexJobs is one of the best freelancing sites which can help you easily search for experienced freelance writers for your business. FlexJobs carefully screens and verifies jobs before making them available for writers and also screens the freelance writers before allowing them to apply for jobs on the site. 

FlexJobs allows you to find freelance writers more effectively for your part-time, full-time,  remote or freelance jobs. Also, you can enhance your brand through webinars, targeted emails, newsletters, and creative website content with freelance writers on FlexJobs. 

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Guru is one of the biggest sites to find freelance writers. Freelance writers create their writing profiles and feature their past writing jobs, so you can easily tell their experience level and the type of contents they are good at. 

Their profiles also indicate specific skills and expertise, so their profile shows up when you search for freelance writers’ services on the home page. In addition, the Guru freelancing site also features “Guru Work Rooms” to help freelance writers manage communication with their clients more efficiently. is a freelancing site or job board where small businesses and larger cooperations can search for freelance writers by posting their available writing jobs, and then the writers will apply. 

Many freelance writers can apply for one job simultaneously on this site, and since no signup is required from writers before they can gain access to apply for jobs, you should screen them to select the one that suits your business need. features journalism, copywriting, and blogging gigs from businesses/companies and other freelancing sites like Indeed, BloggingPro and Craigslist. 


If you are serious about getting professional and exceptional freelance writers for your business, then Contently is definitely one of the freelancing sites you should try. In 2015, this site was ranked as the “best content marketing platform” by Digiday, and it is still one of the best today. However, this platform is not for you if you are looking for modest-budget writers. 

With over 55,000 professional writers, Contently provides a highly curated platform that offers premium freelance services for businesses. However, they work with top brands like Google, American Express, GE, and Walmart, so their rates for freelance writing jobs are expected to be very high. 


Skyword is a premium freelancing site with careful curation and high standards for writers. They also offer one of the best account support systems for content creation. Skyword only works with freelance writers that are already professionals and influential in their industries, so they have great writing experience and expertise in their respective niches.

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The system of operation on this site will work in your favour since they have an established distribution network, and the writers often have their audiences.  


Textbroker is also one of the best and most easy-to-use freelancing sites to find freelance writers. Signing up with this site is free; you get access to thousands of professional and experienced freelance writers. 

Textbroker ensures a smooth working environment between clients and the writers, providing a good platform for writers to improve their skills and expertise. They also offer an easy means of communication between clients and writers. 

Textbroker charges clients 1.5 cents per word, but the fee varies with the writer’s experience. For example, if you engage freelance writers with three or more stars, you would have to pay more than 1.5 cents. 

Writer Access

Writer access is one of the most efficient and stress-free freelance marketplaces where you can find freelance writers. Writer access features all types of writers, from blogs to copywriters.

They also help businesses to plan their contents and provide skilled and creative writers who have been screened, tested, and evaluated for the best performance. So when you get a freelance writer from this site, you are assured that you are getting the best. 

These freelancing sites are the best platform to find expert and professional freelance writers for full-time or part-time jobs. These sites operate in two ways they either allow you to post your jobs and the writers will apply, or they create profiles for writers, and you can hire anyone with the details you find on their profile. However, some freelancing sites offer both options. 

The best part of working with freelance writers on these sites is that they have a built-in payment system that helps you make secure transactions and provides a scam-free working environment for you and the writers.

In addition, these sites will keep your personal data safe and give you the best chance to establish your brand and take your business to the next level with top-notch creative and exceptional contents.


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