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Ayoba SME Accelerator Program 2023 to Empower Yong Nigerian Entrepreneurs Business Growth


The Ayoba SME Accelerator Program is a special initiative that helps small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) overcome obstacles and expand their operations in a sustainable way. In the next three months, this program will provide more than 10,000 SMEs in Nigeria with digital tools and knowledge to improve their chances of growing and succeeding. Ar you a Nigerian entrepreneur? Apply for this program to gain knowledge and skills to help your business grow.

About the Ayoba SME Accelerator Program
The Ayoba Nigeria SME Accelerator Program 2023, done in partnership with Adanian Labs, aims to boost the development of Nigerian businesses through digitalization. This program tackles various challenges that small businesses often face, such as difficulties in accessing funds, using technology for growth, getting into markets, and finding meaningful guidance. Its purpose is to encourage innovation, increase competitiveness, promote growth, and establish lasting job opportunities.

Ayoba SME Accelerator Program details
SMEs participants that will take part in the program will receive training on the following, including but not limited to:

  • Learning about digitizing SMEs through training sessions.
  • Enhanced skills to help businesses grow and last.
  • Opportunities to enter new markets using the Ayoba platform and its collaborators.
  • Connecting with other SMEs for networking prospects.
  • Greater visibility and recognition for your brand.


The following are the benefits participants will gain from the Ayoba SME Accelerator Program:

  • Building a Stronger Business Ecosystem
    Our program’s main aim is to foster a dynamic business ecosystem by encouraging collaboration and networking among SMEs, mentors, investors, and stakeholders through the Ayoba platform. By working together, we will empower SMEs to thrive and contribute to the growth of Ayoba’s user community.
  • Promoting Afriwill Identity & Culture
    Our program is dedicated to promoting the Afriwill identity and culture using Ayoba’s platform. We celebrate the rich diversity of languages and cultures across the continent, which further enhances Ayoba’s reputation as a values-driven platform that brings people together.
  • Focusing on Key Growth Areas
    At Adanian Labs, they prioritize developing technological solutions for Africa’s crucial growth sectors, primarily powered by SME industries. This strategic focus allows Ayoba to effectively assist SME customers in these sectors, thus expanding its customer base within these pivotal industries.
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Eligibility Criteria

Each application will be evaluated individually to ensure it aligns with the program’s objectives and offers maximum benefits to the selected businesses. Below are the qualities They will be seeking:

  • Market Presence/Product Launch
    Applicants should have already launched their business, offering a product or service in the market.
  • High-Potential SMEs
    they are particularly interested in SMEs with high growth potential, capable of making a substantial impact on their industry or community.
  • Technology Integration
    The product or service should have the potential for expansion through technology and digitization.
  • Team Competence
    The core team should possess the skills and expertise necessary to drive overall business growth.

The application window officially opens: on August 10th
The application deadline: August 24th
Reviewed and screened: August 17th – August 30th
The final selection of participants is announced: August 31st
Program Duration: Three-month program beginning from 1st week of September

How to apply
You can join the Ayoba SME Accelerator Program by clicking on the application link to access the registration form. Fill out the form appropriately.


Types of Opportunity: Ayoba SME Accelerator Program
Deadline: Ongoing (Check website for updates)
Worth: Training, Networking, Market Access, Brand Exposure, and More
Open to: Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Nigeria
Duration: Three Months
Location: Online (Ayoba platform and partners)
Organizer: Ayoba Nigeria SME Accelerator Program in collaboration with Adanian Labs
Country: Nigeria

For more information, you can contact the Ayoba SME Accelerator Program @
Head Office – Lagos: 3, Otunba Adedoyin Ogunbe Crescent, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos

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You can visit the official Website of the Ayoba SME Accelerator Program

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