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CICOPS Scholarships 2024: The call for application in now open


CICOPS Scholarships 2024 calls on Researchers In order to promote international cooperation, particularly with Developing Countries (these countries are Classified by World Bank as Low income, Lower income, and Upper middle income economies), the University of Pavia and EDiSU (Institute of the Right to University Studies) are providing 5 scholarships to visiting scholars for the year 2024 for a period of stay of 4 to 12 weeks at the University of Pavia.

Committee for International Cooperation and Development (CICOPS) was established in 1984 to promote cooperation with developing countries and stimulate relations between the University of Pavia and universities in these countries.

CICOPS is committed to human and institutional development in developing countries. This aim is achieved by offering young people the chance to grow and contribute to the development of their countries. After thirty-five years of experience in the fields of cooperation and development, it is clear that joint study and research projects help both developed and developing Countries. With this in mind, CICOPS is working towards creating an ever-growing network of international contacts, including foreign universities, governments and international non-governmental organisations. University cooperation is fundamental for diffusing knowledge as well as promoting dialogue and peace.

Eligibility for CICOPS Scholarships 2024

  • Applicants must have at least two years of either teaching experience or activity within international organisations and institutions.
  • Scholarships are designed for both junior and senior members of Universities in Developing
  • Countries or members of major research centres and international organisations or institutions with specific interest in the field of development studies.
  • CICOPS scholarships are reserved for research collaboration in the short term in order to encourage the mobility of researchers from developing countries. Applicants enrolled in a Doctoral or Postgraduate Course at an Italian University are not eligible to apply.
  • Applicants must have at least two year of either teaching experience or activity within international organizations and institutions.
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Applications for CICOPS Scholarships 2024 must be sent no later than May 31st 2023

To Apply for CICOPS Scholarships 2024:
fill out the online application form

Application procedure
The following documents should be uploaded to the online form:
1. Curriculum vitae ideally in European format with a list of publications
(file to be named: Surname_Name_CV)
2. Invitation letter from the professor or researcher with whom you intend to collaborate with (file to be named: Surname_Name_Letter)
3. The uploaded documents should be named as mentioned above. Applications without a correctly named curriculum vitae and invitation letter will not be taken into consideration.

4. Please only fill in your application form once you have received the letter of acceptance by your contact Professor at the University of Pavia.
5. Incomplete applications will be rejected; no exceptions will be made.
6. Please read carefully the CALL and the FAQ before applying, and fill out the ONLINE APPLICATION FORM only once you have received the letter of invitation by your contact professor at the University of Pavia.

Click on PICA to register. In order to apply for the calls
published on PICA, it is necessary to fill out the Personal data – full form. If you choose to fill the Personal data – restricted form, you will be requested to integrate your personal information when submitting an application.

To fill out the application form, click on the relative “CALL” button, and then on “NEW SUBMISSION” – the following page will be visible.
The application form is divided into pages and sections. Fill out each page with the relevant sections and click on “Save and proceed” (bottom left), alternatively for the display of contents only, click on “Next” (bottom right).

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If there are errors in the personal data that was entered during registration, candidates can correct them by accessing the “Profilo Utente” at the top right. When the insertion of data is successful, the system proceeds to the following page; otherwise, error messages/warnings will appear, and the candidate must correct the data already entered, or insert any data that is missing. The candidate will now see that the application to be presented is on the dashboard, with the status “Draft”. The candidate can in any case “Edit” and “Verify” his/her application before the indicated deadline.
To submit the application, click on “Submit”.

During the presentation phase, the system generates a preview of the application form. The candidate must once more confirm his/her intention to submit the application by clicking on “Submit” at the bottom of the page. At this point the system generates a PDF file of the application which can be downloaded.
After completing the procedure for filling out and submitting the application, the candidate will receive an email confirming the receipt of the form.

If changes need to be made to the application form after the PDF has been generated, but before the deadline for applications:

– If the candidate has submitted his/her application and received the email confirming receipt of the form, it will no longer be possible to modify it, but it can be withdrawn by clicking on the “Withdraw” button on the dashboard, after which it is possible to submit a new application;

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– if the candidate has generated the PDF file of his/her application, but has not completed the presentation procedure, then he/she can write to requesting that the application be opened and specifying the motivation; in this case the candidate must provide the application ID and attach an identity document.

Overview of CICOPS Scholarships 2024
Types of opportunity: Scholarship
Deadline: May 31st 2023
Open to: Researchers
Duration: 4-12 weeks
Location: Italy
Organizer: CICOPS
Country: Developing Countries

CICOPS can help you in searching a contact professor. In case of need, and for any other information, please write to

for more information about CICOPS Scholarships 2024 visit CICOPS 

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