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OpenAI Cybersecurity Grant Program 2023 ($10,000) Apply now


OpenAI is starting a program called the Cybersecurity Grant Program. They want to give $1 million to support and measure the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in cybersecurity. They also want to encourage important conversations about AI and cybersecurity.

If you believe in a safe and creative future where AI plays a big role, you can send in your ideas and become part of this program. The Cybersecurity Grant Program goal is to collaborate with people around the world who protect against cyber threats. Using AI to make cybersecurity stronger and create a safer online environment for everyone.

The Cybersecurity Grant Program aim and objectives
The Cybersecurity Grant Program has three main objectives:

Helping defenders: OpenAI wants to make sure that the latest and most advanced AI tools are available to those who defend against cyber threats. They want to prioritize the use of AI technology to strengthen defense systems and give defenders an advantage.

Evaluating capabilities: OpenAI aims to create ways to measure how effective AI models are in dealing with cybersecurity issues. To understand the strengths and weaknesses of AI systems and find ways to improve them so they can better protect against cyber threats.

Encouraging discussions: OpenAI want people to have in-depth conversations and gain a thorough understanding of the challenges and opportunities in this field. They believe that through these discussions, they can find better solutions to the complex problems in AI-driven cybersecurity.

Funding Information
OpenAI has set aside a total fund of $1 million USD for this program. They will provide grants in amounts of $10,000 USD at a time. These grants can be given as API credits, direct funding, or other equivalents that can support the chosen projects.

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Project Ideas
Here are some project ideas that have been suggested for the Cybersecurity Grant Program:

Gathering and organizing data: Collect data from cybersecurity experts to create a dataset that can be used to train AI systems to defend against cyber threats.

Detecting and countering social engineering: Develop AI tools that can identify and mitigate tactics used by attackers to manipulate and deceive people.

Automating incident response: Create AI systems that can automatically assess and prioritize cybersecurity incidents, allowing for faster and more efficient responses.

Identifying security issues in source code: Build AI models that can analyze software code and detect potential security’s vulnerabilities, helping developers make their code more secure.

Assisting in-network or device forensics: Develop AI tools that can assist in investigating and analyzing cyberattacks, helping experts gather evidence and understand the attack methods.

Automating vulnerability patching: Create AI systems that can automatically identify and apply security patches to software, reducing the time it takes to address vulnerabilities.

Improving patch management processes: Use AI to optimize the prioritization, scheduling, and deployment of security updates, making the patching process more efficient and effective.

Enhancing confidential computing on GPUs: Develop AI techniques to improve the security of data processing on GPUs, enabling better protection of sensitive information.

Creating deception technology: Build AI-based systems such as honeypots to mislead and trap attackers, diverting their attention from real targets.

Assisting in malware detection: Develop AI tools to help cybersecurity experts in identifying and detecting malware based on its behavior and signatures.

Assessing security controls and compliance: Use AI to analyze an organization’s security measures and compare them with industry compliance standards to identify gaps and suggest improvements.

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Promoting secure software development: Assist developers in creating software that is designed and built with security as a priority from the beginning.

Educating end users about security best practices: Develop AI systems that can provide guidance and support to individuals in adopting good security practices to protect their digital assets.

Building robust threat models: Assist security engineers and developers in creating comprehensive threat models that identify potential vulnerabilities and attack vectors.

Generating targeted threat intelligence: Use AI to gather and analyze relevant information about emerging threats, tailoring it to the specific needs and context of defenders.

Supporting code migration to secure languages: Help developers migrate their code to memory-safe programming languages, reducing the risk of memory-related vulnerabilities.

To apply
To apply for the Cybersecurity Grant Program, you need to submit your proposal using the online form. You can access the form at this link:

Please note that the Cybersecurity Grant Program is focused on defensive cybersecurity projects and offensive-security projects will not be considered for funding at the moment.

When submitting your proposal, keep in mind that OpenAI prioritizes projects that have a clear plan for licensing or distributing their work for the maximum benefit and sharing with the public. Make sure to include your plans for making your project accessible to as many people as possible.

Types of opportunity: Grant
Deadline: Ongoing
Worth: $1 million
Open to: All
Organizer: OpenAI
Country: Global

For more information, about the Cybersecurity Grant Program visit OpenAI.

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