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Apply now for the Future is Female Mentorship Program 2023 for Enthusiastic Tech female founders


Are you a female-founded African startup with a fantastic service or product and want to learn how to leverage PR and communications to elevate your growing company, apply now for the Future is Female Mentorship Program.

About the Future is Female Mentorship Program
The Future is Female Mentorship Program is a PR and communications mentorship program designed exclusively for African Tech female founders. It aims to provide support tailored to the business development needs of these founders.

In its fourth edition, the program is expanding its reach to more African female founders across the continent. It has also welcomed new partners, including Google for Startups Accelerator: Women Founders Africa Program and Salesforce Ventures Impact Fund, highlighting their commitment to developing tech in Africa. The Google for Startups Accelerator: Women Founders Africa Program works together with the Future is Female Mentorship Program to help women founders in Africa to empower and support these founders by giving them resources and chances to expand their startups and solve challenges specific to Africa.

Alongside longstanding partners Techcabal and Africa Communications Week, this edition promises to bring additional expertise, networking opportunities, knowledge, and resources to selected female founders. Salesforce Ventures Impact Fund, known for investing in top Africa-focused tech startups, will host a session on VC funding as part of their support for the program.

The program will equip African female tech founders of early-stage startups with PR and communications insights, knowledge, and skills to enhance their visibility and grow their businesses. It is open to African women based on the continent or in the diaspora, launching or growing a tech business for African markets or serving Africans in the diaspora.

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Salesforce Ventures Impact Fund has a strong interest in Africa and actively explores opportunities throughout the continent. The fund has made investments in leading tech startups focused on Africa, such as Flutterwave and Andela. As a part of their commitment to supporting the program, they will conduct a session on venture capital (VC) funding specifically for the selected female founders from across Africa


The Future is Female Mentorship program is looking for resilient, resourceful, and savvy female founders who have shown progress in building their tech-enabled businesses. To apply, please ensure you meet the following criteria:

  • The business should be less than two years old.
  • The company must be female-founded or have at least one woman as part of the co-founder team.
  • The company should be Africa-focused, serving African markets or Africans in the Diaspora.
  • The business should be an early-stage startup (pre-series A investment).
  • A business plan must be in place.
  • The company should have a minimum viable product (MVP).
  • A functional website is required.
  • The startup should have launched and achieved initial traction (e.g., revenue, user base, etc.).
  • Although applications from various business sectors are welcome, startups focusing on health, education, finance, agriculture, and sustainability will receive special consideration.
  • Businesses addressing the needs or providing services to African women and girls in African markets or the Diaspora will also be given special attention.

The Future is Female Mentorship Program details

As part of The Future is Female Mentorship Program, you will have access to valuable resources and expert guidance. Here’s what you can expect:

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Customized Online Masterclasses: Engage in personalized online masterclasses led by Claudine Moore, Allison+Partners Managing Director, Africa, and Adjunct Professor at New York University. These sessions will provide insights and knowledge tailored to your business and sector.

Virtual Sessions with Experts: Benefit from virtual sessions with members of the Allison+Partners team and leading experts from the tech ecosystem who specialize in your specific industry. These sessions will offer valuable guidance and expertise relevant to your business.

PR and Communications Fundamentals: Gain a comprehensive understanding of PR and communications strategies specifically for Africa-focused startups. Learn the essential principles and best practices to effectively promote your business.

Storytelling Techniques: Discover how to incorporate storytelling into your communications to create engaging and impactful narratives. Learn practical examples and techniques to effectively convey your brand’s message.

The Three T’s: Understand the importance of Theme, Tone, and Timing in your communications and content creation. Learn how to align these elements to enhance the effectiveness of your messaging.

Actionable Communications Campaign: Receive guidance on creating an actionable communications campaign for your startup. Learn how to develop a strategic plan to effectively reach your target audience.

Media Relations Overview: Gain insights into media relations and understand the differences between the hyper-local, regional, and global press. Learn how to navigate relationships with the media to maximize coverage for your business.

Business Relationship Development: Receive tips on building strong relationships with various stakeholders in the industry. Learn effective strategies for networking and fostering partnerships to support your business growth.

By completing the Future is Female Mentorship program, the 25 finalists will gain valuable knowledge about PR and communications for tech startups. They will learn to create a communication plan, use effective storytelling techniques, communicate strategically with different stakeholders, and position their startups for investment opportunities. The program will also provide customized insights tailored to their specific business and industry needs.

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How to apply
Click on the Future is Female Mentorship program application link, read the instruction and click continue to fill out your biodata

Watch the Future is Female Mentorship program alumni videos,, and
See the Future is Female Mentorship program 2022 finalist featured on Techcabal and the  2021 finalist featured in Forbes

Types of opportunity: Mentorship program/Funding
Deadline: Ongoing
Open to: Women founders in Africa
Organizer: Future is Female Mentorship program
Country: Africa

For more information visit the Future is Female Mentorship program 


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