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Apply Now: The GIZ-SAIS Investment Readiness program 2024.


A call for applications has been announced for the GIZ-SAIS Investment Readiness Program 2024 – a Pan-African program offering a year support program to help raise investment and help qualified startups reach more customers and have a significant impact across the African continent. The GIZ-SAIS Investment Readiness Program 2024. is only focused on tech startups based in Africa, providing market-based solutions for agriculture, food, and climate change. The program is currently available for entrepreneurs fluent in English and French.

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The Investment Readiness Program (IRP) is aimed at tech startups to help improve their investor readiness so that those supported can raise enough capital to attract more customers. The program aims to help startups transform the agriculture and food tech industry in Africa. It is geared towards helping Startups with tech solutions make the industry more sustainable and profitable while at the same time empowering Africans.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for the GAIS-SAIS Investment Readiness Program, you should meet the following requirements:

  • You must work and operate in Africa and have a certificate of registration.
  • You are required to have at least two (2) people who work with you full-time, they should have entrepreneurial and technical experience in their areas of operation.
  • You are required to have digital products and services that affect society positively
  • You must have launched your product service for at least more than six (6) months before submitting your application.

What you start to Gain

The benefits attached to this program are as follows:

  • You will be provided with personalized coaching both international and local. e.g., pitch training, growth strategy, data analytics & management, term sheet, valuation, market analysis, marketing & sales.
  • You have access to online training.
  • You will be given legal advice, online marketing, digital product optimization, design, coding, and travel costs to conferences.
  • You will also be able to integrate properly into the ecosystem and connect you with peers and support and help increase your visibility.
  • By being a part of this program, you will have access to investors, on regional, national, and international levels to scale your business.
  • Availability of special offers for female founders and women in leading positions in startups to gain networking and peer-to-peer learning as well as increased visibility.
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Program Timeline

Below is the timeline in which the program will follow:

  • Mid of January to March – Define Development Plans

You will be paired with a navigator who will serve as your main point of contact of SAIS team. You will engage in different opportunities available in the program. January to March, will involve online interactions and, in-person meetings at your location. We will conduct joint online sessions to bring you to the platforms we use throughout the SAIS IRP 2024.

  • February – Kick-off at SAIStival 2024

An industry joint event called the SAIStival will take place during this period. At this event, you will be able to network with current trainees and members of the alumni community.

March to September – Reaching Your Goals

During this period, you fully concentrate on reaching the goals that you set with your navigators from the beginning. You will continuously work with the mentors, experts and partners of SAIS.

  • September – Midterm Check-In

The entrepreneurs will meet again and reflect your progress and set goals for upcoming program and last period.

  • September to February 2025 – Investor Meetings

After successfully working on your set of goals from the development plans, you will work with the program organizers to continue to set more goals. Thereafter, you will start attending short trips to fairs, exhibitions, and conferences to meet with investors. The navigator provided to you will help you to find the best fit for your startup and help make the right connections.

For more information about The GIZ-SAIS Investment Readiness Program 2024, visit the official website of the GIZ-SAIS Investment Readiness Program 2024

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