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i-FAIR 3 Call for Nominations of creative Entrepreneurs and Innovators for 2023 program.


i-FAIR is inviting selected venture capitalists, innovation and entrepreneurship hubs, incubators, startups, and programs to encourage them to nominate candidates for the third edition of the i-FAIR program in advancing their product development.

About i-FAIR nomination

i-FAIR is thrilled to invite entrepreneurs, startups, and innovators who are actively working on solutions that tackle Africa’s challenges and align with i-FAIR’s Areas of Focus. If your solution has a strong value proposition, validated demand, and ideally includes a hardware component (though it is not mandatory), and if you are either ready to develop a prototype or already in the process of product development, i-FAIR encourages you to nominate yourself or others for i-FAIR 3.

Through i-FAIR, selected participants will gain access to the necessary technology, machinery, and expertise to enhance their product development. This includes support in creating functional prototypes or minimum viable products (MVPs) for their solutions, as well as opportunities for funding and mentorship in business development.

About i-FAIR

i-FAIR is an initiative created through the collaboration between the Embassy of the State of Israel in Nigeria and the Office of the Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Our mission is to empower innovators, inventors, entrepreneurs, and venture creators in Nigeria. i-FAIR was established to address local challenges by promoting innovative, locally-made solutions, with the ultimate goal of inspiring Nigeria to become a startup nation.

Through our comprehensive 6-month program, i-FAIR equips participants with the necessary resources and support to turn their ideas into innovative and sustainable ventures. Our aim is to create opportunities that generate jobs and foster wealth for Nigerians and Nigeria as a whole.

At i-FAIR, we are fully dedicated to fostering innovation and empowering aspiring inventors and venture creators in Nigeria to transform their ideas into tangible inventions.


Clear concept and valid value proposition: The solution should have a well-defined idea and a compelling value proposition.

Initial market validation: The solution should have undergone an initial market validation process, demonstrating potential demand and viability.

Hands-on support for product development: The solution should benefit from practical assistance and guidance to enhance its product development.

Hardware component (preferred but not mandatory): While not a strict requirement, solutions that incorporate a hardware component are desirable.

African-owned or Nigerian-owned business: If the solution represents an established business, it must be predominantly African-owned or Nigerian-owned, with operations or plans to operate in Nigeria.

Addressing African challenges within our focus areas: The solution should tackle one of the challenges faced by Africa and align with our specified areas of focus.

By meeting these criteria, solutions have a greater chance of being considered for the i-FAIR program.

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Focus Areas

i-FAIR is specifically interested in solutions that fall within the following focus area:

Food Security (Agriculture and Food Technology): Solutions that enhance productivity and address challenges related to food processing and supply chain.

Health/Medical Devices: Solutions that improve accessibility to advanced healthcare services.

EdTech: Solutions that increase access to quality education tailored to local content and learning environments. This includes innovations such as AI in education and learning tools.

Circular Economy: Solutions that promote waste reduction and the transformation of waste materials into useful products, starting from product design to end-of-life management.

Clean Energy: Solutions that cater to rural and peri-urban communities lacking sufficient access to the national grid, focusing on real energy-access issues across the value chain.

Manufacturing: Solutions that enhance manufacturing capabilities, especially for small-scale manufacturing operations.

Infrastructure Monitoring and Maintenance: Solutions that address challenges in infrastructure maintenance and quality assurance.

If your idea does not fit into any of the above categories but demonstrates a proven need or demand, you are still welcome to apply. We acknowledge that passionate entrepreneurs with unique and unexpected ideas can often bring about the greatest innovations.


Application Process
The process for i-FAIR involves the following steps:

Nomination: VCs, Hubs, or innovation & entrepreneurship programs are invited to fill out a short nomination form to recommend candidates. Once the form is completed, a link will be provided to share with the nominated candidates.

Screening Process: Shortlisted candidates will participate in an online pitching competition. They will pitch their ideas to a selection committee consisting of investors, stakeholders, and experts. The committee will evaluate candidates based on their value proposition, market needs, entrepreneurial skills, and technical abilities.

Product Development Journey: Selected teams will embark on a product development journey that includes the following components:

a. Online Office Hours and Workshops: Participants will have access to experts from Innov8 Hub and the i-FAIR network. They will receive guidance and support to validate and improve their product market fit, value proposition, and overall product development. This includes assistance with product design and production.

b. Bootcamps at Innov8 Hub Abuja: Depending on the stage and readiness of the participants, they will be invited to attend 1-2 product development bootcamps at Innov8 Hub in Abuja. The hub is equipped with advanced technology, machinery, and experts who can assist with prototyping and product development, covering everything from design to fabrication.

c. Access to Potential Partners: Teams may be connected with potential partners for piloting or testing their products, depending on their readiness and progress.

Showcase Event: At a showcase event, participants will exhibit their prototypes, MVPs (Minimum Viable Products), or fully developed products. They will have the opportunity to pitch to investors and potential partners who may be interested in supporting their ventures.

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In-Person Bootcamps: For all in-person boot camps, travel expenses will be sponsored, and accommodation and meals will be provided for the participants.

This comprehensive process ensures that selected candidates receive mentorship, resources, and opportunities to refine and develop their products, with the ultimate goal of making a successful impact in their respective industries.

Benefits to Participants
Successful applicants in i-FAIR can enjoy the following benefits:

A platform for Transformation: i-FAIR provides a unique platform for participants to transform their ideas into inventions and develop working prototypes. This opportunity allows them to bring their concepts to life and turn them into tangible products.

Access to Innovation Center: Successful applicants gain free access and membership to a modern innovation center. They can utilize the center’s resources and facilities to work on and further develop their prototypes or products. Technical experts are available to provide hands-on support throughout the process.

Certificate Course and Mentoring: Participants have the opportunity to enroll in a special certificate course. Accomplished inventors, innovators, and researchers from Nigeria and the State of Israel will serve as mentors, providing valuable guidance and expertise to help participants refine their inventions and navigate the innovation landscape.

Exposure to R&D Processes: Participants will be exposed to the research and development (R&D) processes and procedures of leading international institutes. This exposure allows them to gain insights into best practices, innovation methodologies, and the latest advancements in their respective fields.

Pitching Opportunities: Participants will have the chance to pitch their inventions and prototypes to potential investors. This presents the possibility of adoption, patronage, or partnership, which can help participants secure support and resources to further develop their innovations.

Coverage of Expenses: For the in-person boot camps held in Abuja, i-FAIR covers transportation and accommodation expenses for the participants. This ensures that participants can fully engage in the boot camp activities without financial burden.

No Equity or IP Rights: Importantly, i-FAIR’s support does not involve any claims on equity, shares, or intellectual property (IP) rights related to the participants’ developments. Participants retain ownership and control over their inventions and innovations.

These benefits provide participants with valuable resources, knowledge, and opportunities to accelerate their innovation journey and maximize the potential impact of their inventions.

Benefits to Nigeria

Addressing Nigerian Challenges: i-FAIR focuses on the development of innovations that have the potential to address challenges specific to the Nigerian society. By supporting the creation of solutions tailored to local needs, i-FAIR contributes to the advancement of the country.

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Made-In-Nigeria Solutions: The program promotes the development of Made-In-Nigeria solutions to foster local innovation and reduce dependence on foreign technologies, allowing Nigeria to take ownership of its solutions and enhance its self-reliance.

Economic Advancement and Wealth Creation: i-FAIR facilitates the creation of ventures and startups, which in turn contribute to economic advancement and wealth creation. By nurturing entrepreneurial talent and supporting the growth of innovative businesses, i-FAIR stimulates economic growth and prosperity.

Job Creation: Through the development of innovations and the transition of these innovations into startups, i-FAIR helps create employment opportunities. As these startups grow and scale, they generate jobs across various sectors, contributing to reducing unemployment and promoting economic inclusion.

Technological Transfer: By introducing Nigerians to new technologies, processes, and procedures, i-FAIR helps equip individuals and the country with valuable skills and knowledge. This exposure to innovative technologies can have a transformative effect, empowering Nigerians to solve critical challenges and drive technological advancements locally.

Self-Sufficiency and Productivity: i-FAIR strengthens the Nigerian innovation ecosystem by fostering self-sufficiency and productivity. By supporting the development of local talent, promoting collaboration, and providing access to resources and expertise, i-FAIR helps create an ecosystem that is self-sustaining and capable of producing impactful innovations.

Nation-Building: i-FAIR contributes to nation-building by promoting innovation, research and development, and entrepreneurship. These pillars are vital for the long-term growth and development of Nigeria, fostering a culture of innovation and driving progress across various sectors.

Start-up Nation Ambition: By nurturing entrepreneurship and supporting innovative ventures, i-FAIR plays a crucial role in putting Nigeria on the path to becoming a start-up nation. This ambition aims to position Nigeria as a hub for innovation, attracting investments, and fostering a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem.

How to nominate

Please complete the short referral form to nominate candidates for i-FAIR. The form will only take around 2 minutes to fill out.
Once you have completed the form, you will receive a link that you can share with your candidates. This link will direct them to the application platform where they can submit their applications.

Types of opportunity: Training/ Funding
Deadline: 10th June 2023
Open to: Entrepreneurs
Duration: 6 months
Location: Abuja
Organizer: i-FAIR
Country: Nigeria

To read and watch videos about the i-FAIR program click the links bellow

For questions you can Email i-FAIR: at or
You can also reach them by Phone: +234 906 5200 034
For more information visit i-FAIR 

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