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The Future of Energy for Mobility Innovation Challenge 2023 (Win €150,000) Apply Now


Plastic Omnium, in collaboration with SoScience, has launched the Innovation Challenge, focusing on the Future of Energy for Mobility. This exciting opportunity aims to expedite innovation by harnessing collective intelligence through an open innovation approach. The Innovation Challenge includes lots of benefits including €150,000.

About the Innovation Challenge 2023.

SoScience is a French organization expert in facilitating multi-stakeholder research and collaborations on innovative projects with positive impacts on society. Our methodology “The Future Of” was recognized in June 2021 by the UN as a good practice to meet the 17th SDG

As a leader in sustainable and connected mobility, Plastic Omnium is partnering with SoScience, which specializes in responsible research innovation.
The objective of the challenge is to create multi-actor collaborations around projects to explore sustainable research and innovation solutions with a positive impact

As a participant, you will connect with individuals and organizations bringing new perspectives, network, and collaborate to bring your ideas to life.


The Innovation Challenge is open to a wide range of experts from various backgrounds and fields such as:

  • Companies: Whether you are a well-established company or a startup, if you have an innovative solution or approach related to the challenge, you are encouraged to apply.
  • Academic researchers: If you are involved in scientific research and have insights or projects that can contribute to solving the problem, you are welcome to participate. This includes researchers from any field of study.
  • Social entrepreneurs: If you are an entrepreneur focused on creating positive social impact, your innovative ideas and solutions are highly valued in this initiative.
  • Non-profit organizations and associations: If you represent a non-profit organization or an association and wish to collaborate with other partners to develop local programs or initiatives, you are eligible to apply.
  • Public organizations: Public policy actors who are interested in experimenting with projects at a local level or co-designing new tools to address the challenge are encouraged to participate.
  • Service providers: If you offer services such as funding or innovation acceleration, and can contribute to boosting promising projects or identifying new development opportunities, you are invited to join.
  • Artists or art collectives: If you are an artist or part of an art collective and have ideas or creative means to raise awareness about the challenge, your participation is welcomed.
  • Experts on the subject: If you have expertise and knowledge related to the challenge, regardless of your background, you are encouraged to contribute and share your insights.


How to apply
To apply for the Innovation Challenge open the application link then click on “Register now” and fill out the information appropriately.

If you are selected to participate in the Innovation Challenge meet-up day event, you will enjoy several benefits:

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Access to an international network of innovators: You will have the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and find potential partners for your projects from around the world.

Integration of social and environmental impact: You will be encouraged to incorporate social and environmental considerations into your projects, ensuring that they have a positive effect on society.

Exploration of new applications: You will be able to explore and discover new applications for your projects, expanding their potential impact and scope.

Dissemination of results: Your project results will be shared and promoted, allowing you to reach a wider audience and make your work known to others.

Project acceleration: By participating in this initiative, you will receive support to accelerate the progress of your projects, helping you achieve your goals more efficiently.


Additionally, three collaborative projects will be selected and awarded the following:

Six months of coaching from SoScience: You will receive guidance and mentorship from experts at SoScience, who will help you refine and develop your projects further.

Financial contribution from Plastic Omnium: Plastic Omnium will provide financial support to the awarded projects, helping to fund their implementation and advancement.

Free project page on the SoScience platform: You will have a dedicated page on the SoScience platform to showcase your project, increasing its visibility and attracting potential collaborators and supporters.


Why apply?
There are several reasons to apply for this Innovation Challenge, depending on your background and interests:

A. If you are a start-up or a social entrepreneur

  • Meet new industrial partners: This initiative provides an excellent platform to connect with potential industrial partners who can contribute to the growth and development of your start-up or social enterprise.
  • Accelerate your Research & Development projects: By participating, you can expedite the progress of your research and development projects through collaborations and access to resources.
  • Grow your development through new impactful collaborations: Engaging with other participants can lead to valuable collaborations that have a positive impact on your business growth and development.
  • Get a project funded: The opportunity to secure funding for your project exists through the awards and support provided by the program.

If you are an academic researcher

  • Valorize your academic projects and accelerate their development with industrial partnerships: This initiative enables you to enhance the value of your academic projects by forging partnerships with industrial entities, fostering their development and application.
  • Brainstorm with other experts: Collaborating with other experts from diverse backgrounds can provide valuable insights and perspectives to enrich your research.
  • Find new impactful applications to your academic projects: Through interactions with other participants, you may discover new avenues to apply your academic projects, thereby increasing their real-world impact.
  • Disseminate the results of your projects: The opportunity to showcase and disseminate your project results to a wider audience can help increase visibility and generate further opportunities.
  • Benefit from free coaching to find new funding opportunities: The program offers coaching to help you explore additional funding options for your research.
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If you are an industrial company

  • Expand your ecosystem of innovation partners: Participating in this initiative allows you to connect with new partners in the innovation ecosystem, fostering collaboration and opening doors to new opportunities.
  • Foster your innovation projects: The program supports the advancement of your innovation projects, helping you bring them to fruition.
  • Access new strategic markets: Engaging with a diverse network of participants can facilitate access to new strategic markets that align with your business objectives.
  • Launch innovation with social and environmental impact: By joining forces with other participants, you can initiate innovation projects that have a positive social and environmental impact.
  • Promote intrapreneurship: Encourage intrapreneurship within your organization by participating in this collaborative initiative.
  • Build valuable collaborations with academic researchers: This program provides a streamlined process for building collaborations with academic researchers, minimizing administrative hurdles.

If you are a nonprofit organization

  • Increase your visibility among industrial and research players: Participation in this initiative can enhance your visibility and reputation among key players in the industrial and research sectors.
  • Access innovative technologies adapted to local needs: Discover and leverage innovative technologies that align with your organization’s objectives and local needs.
  • Benefit from new expertise to improve your impact: Collaborating with other participants can provide access to expertise that can help your organization improve its impact and effectiveness.
  • Get a project funded: Funding opportunities are available through the program to support your organization’s projects.

If you are a public actor

  • Discover innovative technologies and research projects adapted to your needs: Engaging in this initiative allows you to explore cutting-edge technologies and research projects that align with your specific needs as a public actor.
  • Bring your point of view on research issues: Participate in discussions and contribute your insights to research issues, influencing the direction of innovation projects.
  • Run fast experiments and gather data to support your public policies: Benefit from the opportunity to conduct rapid experiments and collect valuable data to inform and support your public policies.
  • Become a field of experimentation and have premium access to innovative solutions: Position yourself as a field of experimentation for innovative solutions, gaining early access to impactful initiatives.

If you are an expert

  • Contribute to innovative collaborative projects: Your expertise and insights can make a valuable contribution to collaborative projects


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Selection criteria
The selection process will focus on identifying candidates who have the potential to collaborate effectively with others including:

  • Contribution to the topic: The selection committee will evaluate what you can bring to the table in addressing the challenge. This includes your expertise, skills, innovative ideas, and unique perspectives that can contribute to finding solutions.
  • Collaborative potential: The committee will assess the potential for collaboration in your application. They will look at what you can provide to the collaboration and what resources or expertise you may need from others. The ability to work well with others and contribute to a collective effort will be important.
  • Social and environmental impact: The expected social and environmental impact of your proposed project will be taken into account. The committee will evaluate the potential positive effects your project can have on society and the environment.
  • Innovation: The innovative aspect of your application will be considered. The committee will look for solutions, ideas, and approaches that are creative, unconventional, and have the potential to make a significant impact.
  • There is no specific Technology Readiness Level (TRL) requirement, except for the initial research work. The emphasis is on favoring innovative, unusual, and original solutions and approaches.
  • Ultimately, preference will be given to solutions that have operational action plans and actively engage with communities. Even if you have a part of the solution, the ability to find partners to complement your skill set and work collaboratively throughout the process will be valued.


Here is the timeline for the Innovation Challenge 2023:


  • 2nd wave – Open for missing profiles: June 8 to July 7
  • Selection of up to 10 additional candidates: July 19


  • Meet 50 experts: September 19
  • Meet-up day in Paris with 50 experts: September 19
  • Structuration of proposals: September 19 to October 6
  • Selection of 8 finalists: October 11
  • Pitch and award ceremony: November 14


  • Coaching by SoScience & funding by PlasticOmnium
  • Alignment of stakeholders’ vision
  • Integration of Social & Environmental Impact
  • Funding support up to 150,000€


Types of opportunity: Funding/Grant
Deadline: July 7
Worth: €150,000
Open to: All
Duration: 6 Months
Location: Paris
Organizer: Plastic Omnium
Country: Global

watch the challenge launch video
watch the webinar replay
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For more questions about the Future of Energy for Mobility Innovation Challenge fill out this form.
For more information Visit  Plastic Omnium

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