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IPI Local News Accelerator Program 2023 to Empower Media Organizations Worldwide. Apply now.


IPI (International Press Institute) announces the launch of its Local News Accelerator program. The Local News Accelerator Program offers a unique opportunity for local media organizations from around the globe. This three-month Local News Accelerator program aims to provide training, coaching, and network support to newsrooms that serve regional, local, or niche communities with high-quality independent news.

The primary goal of this Local News Accelerator program is to support local media organizations in achieving financial and editorial sustainability. By providing a structured framework, support, and skill development, IPI aims to empower newsrooms to test and implement innovative ideas that will enhance their community service and adapt to the rapidly changing media landscape.

Benefits of the Accelerator Program

  • Intensive Training: Successful applicants will participate in a comprehensive training program that includes intensive sessions, one-on-one coaching, and group coaching.
  • Expert Speaker Sessions: The program features expert speaker sessions led by IPI’s media innovation and sustainability team, providing insights into business models, audience engagement, and other relevant topics.
  • Tailored Coaching: The coaching will be customized to address the specific needs of each participating newsroom, equipping them with practical tools and skills to innovate and grow their media brand.
  • Networking Opportunities: Participants will have ample opportunities to network with media industry leaders and other newsrooms from around the world, fostering collaboration and idea exchange.
  • Access to E-learning Platform: Participants will gain access to an e-learning platform, further enhancing their learning experience and providing ongoing resources.
  • Learn from Industry Experts: Training will be conducted by in-house experts from IPI and renowned media industry leaders with firsthand knowledge of the challenges faced by local media.
  • Global Cohort: By joining the accelerator, participants become part of a global cohort of newsrooms with similar goals, allowing for shared experiences and valuable connections.
  • Path to Innovation and Growth: The program aims to equip newsrooms with the tools and skills needed to innovate and thrive in the rapidly evolving media landscape.
  • Opportunity for Success: Previous participants in IPI’s programs have highlighted the accelerator’s role in driving positive transformations for local media outlets.
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  • Media organizations from any location are eligible to apply.
  • The organization should have a strong focus on serving local audiences with news tailored to their specific needs.
  • Original content produced must be in the public interest, non-partisan, and represent the interests of the target audience.
  • The media organization must have a team of at least two individuals committed to participating in the accelerator activities.
  • Demonstrated commitment to producing quality original journalism and adhering to ethical journalism practices and press freedom.
  • A solid business case and understanding of the audience, preferably supported by audience or market research.
  • Willingness to explore and implement new ideas, tools, and technologies to enhance storytelling and audience engagement while learning from experts and peers.
  • A clear vision for the future of the media organization, including plans for growth, expansion, or adaptation.

How to Apply

  • Deadline: The application deadline is August 27, 2023. Ensure that your application is submitted before this date.
  • Provide Organization Details: Share information about your media organization, including your audience and business model. Demonstrate a clear focus on serving local audiences and producing original content in the public interest.
  • Submit a Project Proposal: Outline a specific project you would like to work on with the help of the accelerator. This could be the development of a new editorial product, audience research, or the launch of a new revenue stream. Keep in mind that the project may evolve during the accelerator period.
  • Time Commitment: Be prepared for a time commitment of approximately eight hours per week for the three months of the accelerator. This time will be divided between two participating team members.
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To apply
Click on the Local News Accelerator Program Application link and fill out the information correctly.


  • Applicants can save the Local News Accelerator Program application form and return it until they are ready to submit it.
  • The application must be submitted via the Jotform platform by August 22, 2023 (23:59) to be considered.
  • Only applications in English will be accepted for evaluation by a jury of internally appointed experts based on the established criteria.
  • Applicants will receive an email confirmation of their submission.
  • The jury will select the projects to participate in the accelerator based on the established criteria.


Types of Opportunity: Training, Coaching, and Network Support
Deadline: 27 August 2023
Worth: Valuable support and skill development for local media organizations
Open to: Local media organizations serving regional, local, or niche communities with independent news
Duration: Three months
Location: Global (Online)
Organizer: International Press Institute (IPI)
Country: Worldwide


If you have any questions about eligibility or the application process, you can contact or sign up for updates from the organization.
For more information visit the IPI official website 

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