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Calling All Health Tech Startups: UNICEF Venture Fund 2024


Startups in health tech have been presented with an amazing opportunity to raise funds worth US100k in equity-free funding for early-stage technology that can improve the lives of children. UNICEF is calling all health Tech startups to apply for the UNICEF Venture Fund 2024.

The UNICEF Venture Fund seeks to fund early innovators in health tech to help realize the vision of the child-related Sustainable Development Goals in 2030 which requires an urgent and significant change from climate change to mental health, The UNICEF Venture Fund is to support meaningful innovation in health.

UNICEF’s Venture Fund is purposefully established to support early-phase, open-source tech projects that can positively impact children. The principal drive behind this fund is to pinpoint grouped or portfolio-based endeavors in emerging tech fields. This way, UNICEF can not only influence markets but also harness and direct these innovations for the benefit of children. We funnel investments into projects that are situated within burgeoning industries worth $100 billion, encompassing areas like blockchain, virtual/augmented reality, machine learning, and AI.

Specifically, the Venture Fund is on the lookout for solutions that:

  • Tackle problems to expedite positive outcomes for children.
  • Are tailored for settings with limited resources (like low internet connectivity or restricted mobile usage).
  • Prioritize narrowing, rather than expanding, disparities.
  • Can function in various languages, inclusive of less prevalent ones.

UNICEF’s presence in over 190 countries, reaches community health workers, teachers, parents, government officials, grassroots activists, and most importantly youth, in all their diversity, to offer a wealth of ideas and creativity for innovative growth.

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The UNICEF Venture Fund 2024 Premise

  • The Venture fund seeks to address challenges to help accelerate results for children.
  • The Venture fund will focus on reducing rather than widening inequalities.
  • The Venture fund intends to deliver in multiple languages.

Requirements and Eligibility for UNICEF Venture Fund 2024

If your startup company has an advantage in cutting-edge technologies such as drones, blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), and extended reality (XR), etc. UNICEF Venture fund is looking for companies registered in one of the UNICEF program countries with impressive prototypes and a commitment to Open-Source licensing.

What You Stand to Gain

The UNICEF Venture Fund is offering up to US$100K in equity-free funding for early-stage, for-profit technology start-ups.

Application Process

The UNICEF Venture Fund 2024 is encouraging female and youth-led founded startups to apply. To apply for the UNICEF Venture Fund 2024, click the link here

Application Deadline

All applications should be submitted before October 20th, 2023.

For more information, visit the official website of the UNICEF Venture Fund

UNICEF, which stands for the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund, is a program of the United Nations that provides long-term humanitarian and developmental assistance to children and mothers in developing countries.

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