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UNLEASH Innovation Lab in Rwanda 2023 Empowering Youth for Sustainable Development. Apply now


Are you interested in creating positive change in your community? Do you care about making progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals? You have a chance to participate in the upcoming UNLEASH Innovation Lab in Rwanda. Rwanda is a vibrant hub for startups in Africa.

The UNLEASH Innovation Lab will be held from December 2 to December 8. If you’re between 18 and 35 years old, you can apply for this life-changing opportunity. The best part? It’s fully funded! The deadline to apply is July 19

About UNLEASH Innovation Lab
UNLEASH is a non-profit organization that aims to speed up progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). They do this by bringing together young and talented individuals to work on community leadership, problem-solving, and implementing social and environmental solutions.

Their vision is to create a platform where young people from all backgrounds can come together to collaborate and build a sustainable future. UNLEASH supports participants in generating innovative ideas, developing those ideas into viable solutions, and then scaling them up to make a real impact in the world.


Program details
The UNLEASH Innovation Lab brings together 1,000 young participants from around the world to collaborate and create innovative solutions. The lab follows a human-centered design thinking approach, which focuses on understanding the real needs of people.

Experienced facilitators and experts will guide the participants through various stages of the innovation process:

  • Problem Framing: Participants will define a problem by considering user needs and gaining clear insights.
  • Ideation: Brainstorming sessions will be conducted to generate ideas for solving the identified problem. The best ideas will be selected.
  • Prototyping: Simple versions of the selected ideas will be created to gain a better understanding of how they will work in real life.
  • Testing: The prototypes will be tested with users to gather feedback and learn from the experience. The solutions will be adapted based on the feedback received.
  • Implementing: Participants will plan and launch impactful solutions to address the identified problem, taking into account the insights gained during the innovation process

The UNLEASH Innovation Lab in Rwanda welcomes young individuals from all over the world who are between the ages of 18 and 35.

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Selection criteria:
Participants are chosen based on the following criteria:

  • Passionate and Committed: Individuals who are dedicated to addressing global sustainability challenges and making a positive impact.
  • Creative and Innovative: Those with a creative mindset and the ability to think innovatively to come up with unique solutions.
  • Collaboration and Enthusiasm: Participants should be excited about working together with peers and experts, fostering a collaborative environment.
  • Proficient in English: It is essential to have a good understanding of English to effectively communicate and participate in the program.

Participating in the UNLEASH Innovation Lab offers incredible advantages:

  • Life-Changing Experience: Many previous participants have described the Lab as a life-changing event that leaves a lasting impact on their lives and careers.
  • Master Innovative Methods: Learn and apply the UNLEASH Innovation Methodology, a powerful approach to creating innovative initiatives using human-centered design thinking.
  • Thrive in Kigali: Immerse yourself in a week-long program in Kigali, Rwanda, a vibrant innovation and tech hub in Africa.
  • Connect with a Diverse Community: Engage with hundreds of young people, skilled facilitators, and experts who share your passion for achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • Join a Global Network: Become part of a vast network of UNLEASH Alumni, fostering ongoing collaboration and support across the globe.

Travel arrangements

  • UNLEASH will cover reasonable and approved flight costs and on-the-ground transportation expenses in Kigali for accepted participants.
  • However, the costs of traveling from your home to the international airport and vice versa are not covered, except for Scholarship Talents.
  • Visa-on-arrival is available for citizens of all countries. UNLEASH will provide an invitation letter to facilitate the visa process at the Kigali International Airport.
  • Local transportation within Kigali, including airport transfers and transportation to the event center, will be provided by UNLEASH.
  • To secure your spot at the UNLEASH Innovation Lab, a participation fee of 150 USD is required. This fee helps ensure that seats are not left empty and maximizes the opportunity for other participants.


  • All participants (Talents) will be provided with hotel accommodation in Kigali.
  • Daily transportation to the event center will be arranged for the participants.
  • More details and information about the accommodation arrangements will be provided closer to the event.
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Application Requirements

  • You will need to provide information on your personal profile, including basic details about yourself.
  • You will be asked questions that demonstrate your passion for or commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • It is important to be truthful in all your responses.
  • UNLEASH ensures an unbiased evaluation and selection process, and intentionally providing incorrect information may result in the automatic rejection of your application.
  • The use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) detection software to write applications is strictly prohibited, and applicants found to have used such software will be disqualified.

Application Questions: Personal Information

  • You will be asked about your expected commitment and conditions once you are selected for the UNLEASH Innovation Lab.
  • You will need to provide your biodata, including your full name, nationality, gender, country, region, and city of primary residence.
  • Information regarding the validity of your passport, visas, vaccinations, and any other health requirements will be required.
  • You will be asked how you learned about the UNLEASH Innovation Lab.
  • If you have previously participated in other UNLEASH programs, you will need to indicate that as well.
  • Your professional experience, including any participation in international conferences, will be asked for.
  • You will be asked about the benefits you hope to achieve by participating in the Innovation Lab.

Application Questions: Demonstrating Passion and Commitment to the SDGs

  • You will need to indicate which Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) you are passionate about.
  • Short paragraph answers to specific questions related to your chosen SDG will be required.
  • Please note that the SDG you choose and your answers will primarily be used to evaluate your application and will not determine the SDG thematic track assigned to you during the Innovation Lab.

The application questions are as follows:

  • Describe a problem you have faced or observed in your local community, environment, or in your work that you are passionate about. (Maximum 200 characters)
  • Why are you passionate about this challenge? (Maximum 800 characters)
  • If you could, how would you go about addressing the challenge? (Maximum 800 characters)
  • What SDG is most closely linked to this challenge?
  • Describe the characteristics of your ideal team members. (Maximum 800 characters)
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How to apply
To apply for the UNLEASH Innovation Lab in Rwanda, please follow these steps:

  • Prepare your application answers in a separate document before starting the application form.
  • Make sure to read the FAQ to understand the program and application process.
  • Click on the UNLEASH Innovation Lab Application Form.
  • Fill out the application form accurately. Note that you will need to complete the entire form in one sitting, as it cannot be saved for later.
  • Double-check all the information you have entered before submitting the application.
  • It is recommended to submit your application well in advance of the deadline to avoid any last-minute technical issues or internet connectivity problems


Here are the timeline and important dates for the UNLEASH Innovation Lab in Rwanda:

Information Sessions (Ask Me Anything – AMA):

  • Wednesday, July 5 at 3 pm GMT
  • Wednesday, July 12 at 9 am GMT

Application Period

  • Starts: Wednesday, June 28
  • Ends: Wednesday, July 19 at 11.59 PM GMT

Lab Event Dates:

  • Opening Ceremony: December 2
  • Innovation Process in Teams: December 3-6
  • Innovation Wrap-up and Dragons’ Den: December 7
  • Closing Ceremony and Farewell Party: December 8
  • Make sure to register for the AMA sessions if you have any questions or need more information about the application process. Remember to submit your application before the deadline to be considered for the UNLEASH Innovation Lab



Types of opportunity: Innovation Lab
Deadline: July 19 at 11.59 PM GMT.
Worth: Fully funded, covering flight and on-the-ground transportation, accommodation
Open to: 18 and 35 years
Duration: December 2 to December 8.
Location: Kigali, Rwanda,
Organizer: UNLEASH
Country: Global

For more information visit UNLEASH Innovation Lab in Rwanda

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