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Westerwelle Young Founders Programme 2023 to Empower Entrepreneurs for a Sustainable Future. Apply now (Fully Funded to Berlin, Germany)


Apply now for #YFP23, the Young Founders Programme, and be one of the 25 founders selected for the Autumn cohort. It’s an amazing opportunity for growth and to connect with entrepreneurs from all over the world.

If you are an entrepreneur based in Asia, Africa, or Latin America, this program is perfect for you! Get ready for a 6-month journey that will take your startup to new heights. You’ll join a global network of ambitious entrepreneurs and supporters, gaining valuable connections.

Prepare your burning questions for your future mentor because this program offers mentorship too! And guess what? You’ll also get to attend an all-expenses-paid conference in Berlin. Don’t miss out on this incredible ride of learning, networking, and taking your business to the next level! Apply now for #YFP23 and be part of this exciting adventure!

About The Westerwelle Young Founders Programme (YFP)

The Westerwelle Young Founders Programme (YFP) is a fantastic opportunity for 25 leaders who want to make a positive impact on emerging and developing markets. The program lasts for six months and aims to create a sustainable future for these regions.

The YFP is organized by the Westerwelle Foundation for International Understanding, a nonprofit organization located in Berlin, Germany. Their main goal is to provide equal opportunities for everyone by empowering entrepreneurs and uplifting emerging markets. Through this fellowship, young leaders get the chance to develop their skills and ideas to create a brighter future for their communities and beyond.

The Westerwelle Young Founders Programme (YFP) Details:

The Westerwelle Young Founders Programme provides targeted support and guidance to help the selected founders scale their ventures and enhance their leadership skills. Here’s what the programme offers:

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🔹Kick-Off Conference: The journey starts with a two-day digital kick-off conference on September 4 and 5, 2023. During this event, the Young Founders will come together to connect, learn, and set the foundation for their exciting six-month journey.

🔹Remote Programme: From September to February, the Young Founders will receive extensive support. This includes:

  • Personal Mentorship: Each founder will have a dedicated mentor to guide them through their entrepreneurial journey.
  • Monthly Peer Learning Sessions: Founders will engage in sessions with their peers, exchanging experiences and learning from each other’s challenges and successes.
  • Monthly Expert Workshops: Experts in various fields will conduct workshops to enhance the founders’ knowledge and skills.
  • Networking Opportunities: Founders will get the chance to connect with corporates and investors, expanding their professional network.

🔹Berlin Conference: In May 2024, the ten best-performing Young Founders will be invited to a five-day conference in Berlin. This conference will be an incredible opportunity for the founders, as they will:

  • Pitch to Investors: Present their projects in front of potential investors, seeking support for their ventures.
  • Participate in Workshops: Engage in workshops to further develop their business strategies and ideas.
  • Network: Connect with other entrepreneurs, industry professionals, and potential partners to broaden their connections.
  • Gain Insights: Get a closer look at the German start-up scene and learn from successful entrepreneurs.

To be considered for the Westerwelle Young Founders Programme, you should meet the following criteria:

  • Citizenship or Residence: You should be a citizen or resident of a developing or emerging country.
  • Company Establishment: You have recently (within the last five years) started a for-profit company that focuses on developing or emerging markets.
  • Scalable Business Model: Your company should have a scalable business model that has either generated revenue or secured initial external funding.
  • Disruptive Qualities: You or your business should possess disruptive qualities that can contribute to improving the quality, impact, or inclusiveness of your industry.
  • English Proficiency: You should have a good working knowledge of the English language to effectively engage in program activities and communication.
  • Commitment to Participation: You should be available to attend the digital kick-off conference and commit to participating in the programme activities for the duration of the six months.
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Application Process
To apply for the Westerwelle Young Founders Programme, you will need to go through the application process. The application will require you to provide the following key elements:

  • Startup Pitch Deck: Prepare a pitch deck that highlights key information about your startup, such as your business concept, market analysis, revenue model, and growth potential.
  • Basic Financial Information: Provide details about your startup’s financials, including revenue figures and any funding you have received.
  • LinkedIn Profile and/or CV: Share your LinkedIn profile or curriculum vitae (CV) to showcase your professional background, experiences, and achievements.
  • The application process is expected to take approximately 20 minutes to complete. Know that only complete applications will be reviewed, so ensure you have all the required information ready before starting the applicationTo apply
    Open the Westerwelle Young Founders Programme application link and scroll down and  click on “next” to start your application

Here is the timeline for the Westerwelle Young Founders Programme:

  • Application Deadline: The last day to submit your application is Sunday, August 13 at 23:59 CET.
  • Interviews: Shortlisted candidates will be invited for interviews, which will take place from August 16 to August 29, 2023.
  • Notification: All applicants will be notified of the selection results on August 31, 2023.
  • To gain a deeper understanding of the programme, you can join the Info Call scheduled for July 25 at 14:00 CEST. To register click Info call registration.

Types of opportunity: Entrepreneurship Support Programmes
Deadline: Sunday, August 13 at 23:59 CET.
Open to: Entrepreneurs
Duration: 6 months (September – February, with additional events in May)
Location: Online (with a potential conference in Berlin, Germany)
Organizer: Westerwelle Foundation for International Understanding
Country: Global (Specifically developing or emerging countries).

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