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Grammarly Review: This App Will Make you Write Like a Pro


Grammarly app is a must-have for students and professionals because everyone makes mistakes when writing; no matter how experienced and meticulous you are, your writing will not be 100% accurate. For this reason, many writers, students, and professors continually seek ways to improve their writing.

Grammarly is one of the awesome free software tools in our writing and content creation toolset. We are happy to recommend this great tool to you trusted by millions around the world. Get Grammarly now and thank us later, it’s free!

One of the essential writing tools that can make English writers write like a pro and produce unique, captivating content is Grammarly. This app has been in existence for many years; it was founded in 2009 by Dmytro Lider, Alex Shevchenko, and Max Lytvyn.

Grammarly trusted

However, whether you have used this platform or are just getting started, this review entails every detail you need to know so you can decide for yourself if it is really worth the hype.

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is simply a grammar and writing assistant that writers, students, job seekers, professors, and other professionals use to review punctuations, grammar, spelling, engagements, clarity, and cohesion so as to produce exceptional content daily. 

Grammarly uses artificial intelligence to proofread and suggest appropriate corrections and replacements for the errors it detects on any piece of writing. Also, it offers an advanced plagiarism checker that can make sure your contents are unique.

Grammarly Review: This App Will Make you Write Like a Pro

Who can use Grammarly?

Grammarly is for everyone who needs advanced writing assistance. For example, suppose you are a native English speaker or do not even know how to write in English fluently, Grammarly can help you write in English like a pro. 

It also offers different forms of English language writing assistance, from British to American English, Canadian English, Australian English, and more. 

If you fall into one of these categories below and are seeing this Grammarly review now, you shouldn’t write even a single sentence more without giving Grammarly a chance to improve your work better.

  • Authors.
  • Freelance writers.
  • Journalists.
  • Content publishers.
  • Students.
  • Copywriters.
  • Content marketers.
  • Bloggers.
  • Small business owners.
  • Academics and essayists.
  • Anyone who writes in English.

Better Writing with Grammarly

5 Ways to use Grammarly

This well-researched Grammarly review features 5 amazing ways to use Grammarly. The amazing writing tool can help you communicate effectively and confidently across various devices. 

You can use Grammarly as a keyboard app on your mobile device, access the website on your PC, and even use it as a browser extension to write accurately anywhere you need it. First, however, here is a detailed explanation of 5 efficient ways to use Grammarly.


The Grammarly Web Tool

grammarly review
Grammarly review

This is the easiest way to proofread content of any size; simply copy and paste your write-up on the Grammarly web tool. When you open your dashboard, you will find a section that contains all your saved documents, and the first option is “New”; click this option and paste your content on the blank page.

With a good internet connection, Grammarly will analyze and suggest corrections for all the possible errors in your writing in a few seconds. Moreover, if you have an already prepared document, you can click “Upload” instead of “New” and automatically upload it to the Grammarly web tool.


Mobile Device

grammarly review
Grammarly review

Another amazing way to use Grammarly is as a keyboard on your mobile phone; this Grammarly keyboard is available for Android and IOS. If you already have an account with Grammarly, all you have to do is download the app on your phone and log in to your account. 

Once you successfully activate the app on your phone, it will check for errors, provide corrections in anything you type, and ensure you deliver well-composed writings.

Grammarly is one of the awesome free software tools in our writing and content creation toolset. We are happy to recommend this great tool to you trusted by millions around the world. Get Grammarly now and thank us later, it’s free!

Browser Extension

grammarly review
Grammarly review

If you are probably wondering, do I have to copy and paste my writing every time I want to use Grammarly? There is good news for you; you do not have to use the Grammarly web tool all the time because you can also have Grammarly as a browser extension. 

This is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to use Grammarly; simply search for Grammarly on the Chrome web store and add the extension to Chrome; then, you can enjoy timely writing assistance whenever you type in Chrome.


Desktop App

Grammarly review
Grammarly review. source:

Grammarly is an exceptional writing assistant that doesn’t just end with the browser extension, mobile phone, and web tool function; you can also use it as a desktop app as long as you use macOS or Windows. 

Simply download the app and install it on your desktop the same way you download other software. Then you can use the Grammarly app like the web version. 


Microsoft Word

grammarly review
Grammarly review

If you use windows and write with Microsoft word, you can also use Grammarly add-in on MSword directly, which will function just like the browser extension. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to add Grammarly to your MS word.

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Grammarly Helps Daters

Grammarly Review: Key Features 


Grammarly can ensure your writing is 100% correct by detecting misspelt words and suggesting the correct spelling of these words. This feature can also make your entire writing consistent with one writing style; for example, if you choose to write in British English, Grammarly will ensure everything is in line with the British English writing style. 

Grammarly also offers suggestions for punctuation where necessary and provides recommendations to make your English fluent so all levels of English speakers can understand your message.  

  • Grammar, punctuation, and spelling. 
  • English fluency.
  • Consistency in spelling and punctuation.


When writing for any purpose, the message needs to be clear so people can easily read your write-up and understand what you are trying to communicate. This feature offers complete sentence rewrite suggestions and formatting for unclear sentences; it also provides conciseness to ensure you do not use too many unnecessary words to pass simple information. 

  • Conciseness.
  • Formatting.
  • Full-sentence rewrites.


You may not be able to achieve your aim of writing if someone reads the first two lines of your content and gets bored or even lose interest. Hence, you need Grammarly to make your content engaging enough to keep your audience interested and captivated till the end of the write-up. 

Gramarly better grades

Grammarly can do this by suggesting more appropriate words that suit your chosen audience and goals. Here are the two functions of the Grammarly engagement feature.

  • Word and sentence variety
  • Word choice 


How people receive the message you are trying to communicate is also very important in writing because, unlike talking, people can not read body language and facial expressions when they read your writing. So it would be best if you expressed yourself to ensure the right message is delivered to them. Here are the various ways Grammarly can help you deliver the right messages to your audience. 

  • Tone detection. 
  • Tone suggestions to help you sound confident, diplomatic, friendly, sincere, formal, constructive, and confident. 
  • Inclusive language. 

Plagiarism Tool

Plagiarism tools are software or websites that help to test the uniqueness of any piece of writing. Although there are many specialized plagiarism tools, people pay for and use separately, Grammarly premium and business plans offer a free plagiarism tool. 

So when you use Grammarly for proofreading and editing, you do not need to copy and paste your work elsewhere; you can simply use the Grammarly free plagiarism tool to test the uniqueness of your work. In addition, while Grammarly will point out the lines in your writing that are not unique, it can also take you to the sites where those plagiarized sentences have appeared. 


This feature entails enterprise-grade privacy and security that ensures your data is safe with the platform, and this is available for all the plans, including the free plan. 

However, the business plan can enjoy two other essential security features that are great for businesses and organizations. First, account roles and permissions allow you to choose specific people in your company to manage administration tools and features. Then lastly, there is the SAML single sign-on feature that allows you to authenticate logins personally. 

  • Enterprise-grade privacy and security. 
  • SAML single sign-on. 
  • Account roles and permission. 

Team Features

The team features are only available for the business plan; they provide style guides to help team members maintain a consistent writing style and brand tones to create a tone that represents your brand and guides all team members when writing. 

Grammarly for teams

The team features also include an analytics dashboard that will help you see the writing trends of all the content created by your team members and snippets to help create reusable sentences, phrases, or paragraphs to help your staff save time. 

  • Style guide. 
  • Analytics dashboard. 
  • Snippets. 
  • Brand tones.

Grammarly Pricing

After seeing the numerous amazing features of Grammarly in this Grammarly review, do you want to know what it would cost to enjoy all or some of those features?

It may interest you that you can actually use Grammarly for free, and the free plan is void of limits and restrictions. However, if you want to access and maximize all of Grammarly’s features, you should consider upgrading to a paid plan. 

Here is a breakdown of Grammarly’s pricing plans and what they each offer.

Grammarly Review: Free Plan

This plan offers tone detection and basic writing suggestions; However, although it may not offer you the most important features of Grammarly, it can still be very useful for simple writing, proofreading, and editing. 

With a free plan on Grammarly, you will get: 

  • Grammar, punctuation, and spelling corrections.
  • Clarity suggestion for conciseness.
  • Tone detection feature.
  • Free enterprise-grade privacy and security features.
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Grammarly Review: Premium Plan

While the free plan on Grammarly can be efficient and amazing, the premium plan is a must-have for everyone who wishes to write with utmost fluency. It offers much more than you will get with a free plan and is a complete package for individuals and professions. 

This plan costs $30/month for monthly payments, $20/month when you pay quarterly, and $12/month for annual payments (which is $144/year). Here is a list of the features you can access with the Grammarly premium plan.

  • Everything in the free plan.
  • Full-sentence rewrites.
  • Plagiarism checker.
  • Word choice.
  • Formatting.
  • English fluency.
  • Word and sentence variety.
  • Complete delivery suggestions.

Grammarly Review: This App Will Make you Write Like a Pro

Grammarly Review: Business Plan

The premium plan is suitable for everyone and offers everything any writer can possibly want, but businesses might just need a few more features to achieve greater writing efficiency. 

The business plan has a free trial, but after that, it costs $15/member/month with a minimum of 3 members, and it has features that are well suited for enterprises, teams, and organizations. Here are the features you will get with a business plan on Grammarly. 

  • Everything in premium.
  • Accounts roles and permissions.
  • Snippets.
  • SAML single sign-on.
  • Style guide.
  • Brand tone.
  • Analytics dashboard.

Is Grammarly Always 100% Correct?

Grammarly is accurate, but whether or not we can give it a 100% depends on your expectations. Grammarly is the best and most accurate writing assistant you can ever have. It can accurately correct writing style, diction, punctuation, and many more.

However, Grammarly cannot effectively replace human editing because some suggestions may not suit your context, so when using Grammarly, you need to pay close attention to the suggestions before you agree to them.

In addition, to get more accuracy from this writing assistant, make sure you set your goals for your audience type, intent, formality, and domain; this will help Grammarly know the best suggestions for your writing.

Grammarly Review: This App Will Make you Write Like a Pro

Is Grammarly Plagiarism Checker Accurate

Grammarly is an excellent choice when checking the uniqueness of your content, and you do not have to pay for it separately after buying a paid plan. In addition, the free plagiarism tool on Grammarly is about 86% accurate, which is definitely enough for anyone good with writing.

Is Grammarly Safe and Reliable? 

Grammarly is safe, as stated in its privacy policy; whatever purpose you use the platform for, whether for educational or professional writing, you can rest assured that your contents and personal information are always safe and secure.

As long you do not share your login details with anyone you do not trust, then Grammarly will ensure your contents are completely safe and secure wherever you are writing.

Furthermore, people may also ask if Grammarly is reliable; of course, it is the most reliable writing assistant you could ever have. It offers easy access and ease of use for everyone. The significant part is that you can access it from numerous platforms and software, either with your mobile phone or desktop, and it is readily available wherever and whenever you want to write. 

Can I use Grammarly for Multiple Devices?

Yes, if you buy any plan on Grammarly or even with a free plan, you can log in anywhere and have complete access to your account and previous edits. In addition, you can log in to one Grammarly account on up to 5 devices simultaneously; you can also have the app, extension, and Grammarly web tool all in one device.

Grammarly Review: Pros of Grammarly

You can use Grammarly for Free

The free version of Grammarly is especially great for those just starting with the platform and trying to see its effectiveness or who cannot afford the premium version yet. In addition, you can also use this free version to practice how to use Grammarly before buying a paid plan. 

Better Emails with Grammarly

The fact that Grammarly gives people a chance to check their worth and efficiency for free shows that they are confident in what they offer; hence we can confidently say the platform is the most fantastic writing assistant on the internet today.

Free Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism tools or software are not always very affordable for people like students who do not write to make money, so it is really great that Grammarly offers a free plagiarism tool; after proofreading and editing your work, you can go ahead to test the uniqueness of your content for free.

In addition, if you use the business plan on Grammarly, you will rest assured that every team member can write unique content even though you trust them not to copy and paste things from the internet. 

Grammarly Automatically Saves Your Work

An autosave feature in a writing platform may seem unnecessary, but it is vital. If you put in so much time and effort editing your work and your device goes off or the power is unexpectedly cut off, this Grammarly autosave feature is the only thing that will make sure your efforts do not go to waste.

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Furthermore, the web-based Grammarly comes with a recovery feature; your data will be saved automatically like cloud storage. Also, whatever you delete in Grammarly goes to the trash, so you can recover it when you need it or delete it permanently if you feel you will never need it again.

English Language Variations

Although Grammarly only features the English language, it doesn’t just end there; even as an English writer, you can choose to use Grammarly based on your English language preference. Grammarly features British, American, Canadian, and Australian English languages, so you can choose what you want, and all your suggestions will follow suit.

The best part is that you can choose the English versions you want wherever you use Grammarly; for example, if you use it as an extension, you can choose British English, and when you use the Grammarly web tool, you can pick Australian English. This means you can use different language preferences for various Grammarly platforms with just one account. 

Special Support for Your Every Need

It is expected that you may face some challenges when using Grammarly, so there are well-organized and comprehensive support systems to make your experience stress-free and worthwhile. 

Grammarly has an up-to-date FAQ section and a 24/7 customer support service which you can contact through email or phone. 

Grammarly Review: This App Will Make you Write Like a Pro

The Explanations are Easy to Understand

As mentioned earlier, if you want to become fluent in English, Grammarly is a fantastic tool that can help you because it doesn’t just point out what is wrong with your writing. It also gives straightforward explanations so you can understand what is wrong and why the suggested replacement is more appropriate for the text.

Real-Time Grammar Correcting

With Grammarly, you do not have to type a whole page or completely write your content and then click a special button before it can start proofreading and suggesting edits. Instead, Grammarly can follow up with your work as you write and give you real-time writing assistance, so by the time you are done with your write-up, you must have successfully created accurate and error-free content.

Easy Customizations

Grammarly is an easy-to-use platform that has so many features put in place to ensure customer satisfaction. For example, you can customize your English language and add new words to your dictionary, so it doesn’t become an error again. Also, if you use Grammarly as a browser extension, you can turn off certain websites, so Grammarly will not function when you write on these selected websites.

Grammarly Review: Cons of Grammarly

Grammarly has Some Specific Limitations

  • You can only use one Grammarly account for five devices
  • Grammarly only allows 150,000 words or 300 documents per 30 days and 50,000 words or 100 documents per 24 hours.  
  • When you use the web editor, you can only check 100,00 at once.
  • You can only upload a document of up to 100,000 characters which must not exceed 4MB.

It Only Works for English

While Grammarly is great for English writers, people from other languages will not have the privilege of also enjoying this fantastic writing tool because it is only available in English versions. 

Premium Price may not be suitable for an Occasional Writer

When you pay for Grammarly either monthly or annually, your subscription will count whether or not you make use of it; this is not favorable for occasional writers. So a person can edit 150,000 words within 30 days, and another person can edit 10,000 words in 30 days; they will still have to pay the same amount for the 30 days.

Is Grammarly Genuinely Worth it?

Grammarly is worth it as long you want to create accurate, unique, and error-free content, and if English is your second language, you certainly need Grammarly to write better in English. 

It may also interest you to know what Grammarly does more than just edit and proofread your rewritten content; in the long run, it can help you improve your writing skills. So for people who want to gain fluency in English, Grammarly is the perfect platform for you.

If you have read through this guide from the beginning to this point, you must agree with me that Grammarly is a must-have for everyone who writes in English. There is no better writing assistant anyone can want that beats the effectiveness and accuracy of Grammarly.

Grammarly is one of the awesome free software tools in our writing and content creation toolset. We are happy to recommend this great tool to you trusted by millions around the world. Get Grammarly now and thank us later, it’s free!

So it’s a wrap with this Grammarly review; if this article was helpful to you, kindly leave a comment below.

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Grammarly app is a must-have for students and professionals because everyone makes mistakes when writing; no matter how experienced and meticulous you are, your writing will not be 100% accurate. For this reason, many writers, students, and professors continually seek ways to improve their...Grammarly Review: This App Will Make you Write Like a Pro
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