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How To Earn Money Online Without Investment


Since the pandemic, a lot of things have in no doubt reshaped the way of life. Staying indoors with loved ones, connecting with friends and families online, trying to adapt or re-adjust your day to day activities and looking for a way you can earn money online without investing any money. Can you really earn money online without investment? Is it as genuine as it sounds? What is the website to search for how to earn money online without investment?

I know of a friend who thinks every online business is an investment and that she wouldn’t want to have anything to do with that, she likes office work where she would see who she’s working with.  Tell you what, it is okay to have all of these questions since we are all human. In this article, I am going to list some online jobs you can earn money from without investment just be glued to whatever you are browsing with be it your phone or PC.

The thing is, everyone will not invest money online, this is the truth and you can’t even convince such people too because their mind is made up and you would be wasting your time and energy trying to convince them. There are different ways you can earn money online without investment, of course, investment is money, you need money to make more money and the risk of putting in your money is harder especially if the money is not yours or was borrowed.

This is why I’ve put together this article to guide you on how to earn money online without investment.

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 Here Is How To Earn Money Online Without Investing

1. Freelancing

Freelancing work is one of the good ways you can earn money online without investment. You just have to search for legit portals or websites understand some guidelines, register and get started. Again, you need to market your work to potential clients who know your worth by sharing your work online, your earnings are already looming. Does freelancing have requirements?

Oh well, if you are a good writer, editor, programmer, designer or have other skills that fit into freelancing, then you can start earning money online without investment.

Freelancing work is in high demand right now because writing is not easy as it seems, you can easily get a good-paying job as a freelancer.

2. Selling Homemade Items

This is one of the best means to earn money online without investment. All you need are the natural substances for your products, like cooking ingredients and utensils, craft supplies, like baked goods, healthy snacks, scented candles, wall hangings, table mats, decoration items fruit hampers, perfume packs and what have you.  Selling homemade items doesn’t require special skills, provided that you are good with catering services, decoration and how to package your service.

You can earn a lot of money from marketing your items especially if you are on a legit site or you are on a good social media platform or better still you get someone with good marketing skills at your level. Register yourself or sign up on legit sites, list what you sell, have good packaging ( such that attracts anyone who comes across your product).

These sites will enhance your products and ensure that your customer’s orders will be delivered to them safely and on time. Although, you could also sell directly to your customers through social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, and Whatsapp.

3. Data Entry Jobs

Data entry is another means to earn money online without investment for those who are searching for an online job without investment. If you want to earn money online without investment or are a nursing mother searching for a place to start earning money without investing, this could be you right here. Does it have a skill?

Oh well, is there any work without a skill? All you need to have is computer knowledge, knowledge of Excel and other necessary office tools, you should have an eye for precision, and know the difference between urgency and importance (even in offline work you would be asked this question so its good you know it for your use and your working ethics.


Data entry is also in hot demand with good pay and if you are passionate about it then this is for you. With a data entry job, you can earn money online without investment. However, register at a trusted website to enable you to get data entry jobs from different companies both in Nigeria and abroad. Do not send your account details without checking if the company is genuine.

Of course, you would receive an email or a link from the source then you follow the instructions given for better working service.

4. Check Apps And Websites Before Live-Streaming

Checking apps and websites before live streaming is a good means to earn money online without investment. The reason is companies and developers do not want you to encounter challenges when you are using their all’s and websites their.  The companies employ an expert to do ‘ Beta Testing or Software Testing’.

Practically, the tester test the company websites and apps then report the user challenges or observe if there is a bug or issue before the company would live stream. Bear in mind that as a beta tester, you must be a good software developer expert very important i.e must be good at what you do for your work to be recognized and to also earn money online without investment.

As a beta tester expert, you can earn around $1000 to $3000 while you work online. Why not get started as a beta tester for apps and websites for live streaming.

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5. Online Courses

The online course is a good means to earn money online without investment. Try to create content and not write as a way to earn money, this could be an avenue for you. You could decide to sell your online course on your website or through an online course platform like Udemy, thinkific, skillshare, podia etc.

By selling an online course on Udemy, thinkific, skillshare, you will gain access to potential new buyers although there are terms and conditions to sell on these platforms which you must meet.  However, if you host on your own, you will need to promote your course or have large clients to make money.

You could also look at other courses in your network, either free or paid, to put the best content and reduce the challenges of competitors. Try to see competitors’ course reviews to help you to decide the kind of content your network wants to see in your course.

The intelligent active earner’s blog uses online courses to help create extra blog income. They presently offer six courses that run from $0 to $100. You sell courses on how to build a website, social media marketing or digital marketing, how to build your network and what have you. All these courses are great courses for the blog to earn money online without investment


6. Online Survey

One would ask, how can you earn money through the online survey? Earning money through an online survey depends on the minute/length of the survey, sometimes it takes 5-30 minutes to complete an online survey. You could find several market research companies where you could become a member if you want to earn money using this process.

These companies send you to sample online surveys that will want your feedback on some products or work. Your feedback will enable these companies to produce an outstanding products. The online survey is simple because the company will just give you different choices, and you would select your answer. Your positive reply would determine how far and how much would be your charge.

You could make $1 to $30 for taking each survey. You would be required to provide as many details as possible in your profile so that the companies would read up about you in other to send you more surveys that fit your profile or work.

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7. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is a good place to earn money online without investment and as a virtual assistant, you serve as a personal assistant through your company to customers. Customers may not necessarily be permanent I mean change is a constant thing in life. You need to listen to your customers be it complaints or compliments and work accordingly.

Being a virtual assistant is simple from working for data entry to email management, social media manager, market research, business plans, branding services, legal consulting, financial consulting, business tips, digital marketer, etc. Being a virtual assistant is not a challenging one to earn money online without investment. All you have to do is create a profile and start reaching out to clients.


8. Music & Audio

Music and audio mixer is a good means to earn money online without investment by exhibiting your musical talent. Lots of guys especially are into music, some start from the local church to have an online niche of any kind of music which they sell and get paid.  You can sing a song or record a voice-over, or mix a song, you can handily earn money online with your talent.

You have a flair for music, you can back-up music, You can compose music, mix & master,  songwriting, record podcasts or spoken-word editing, jingles & drops, sound effects, voice-over recording, and what have you then this is for you. Assume you are a music lover or you record videos and audios for relaxation. You can use this speciality to earn money online without investing some extra using platforms like Fiverr, Upwork etc.

Presently, in this country, no talent should not be neglected, and you should use your talent to earn a living. Right now look for that passion you have inside and put it to use to start your online earning path.

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9. Comedy

Currently, Comedy is a very lucrative means to earn money online without investment. Can you make people laugh? can you crack a joke? do you have the flair? To put smiles on people’s faces?

I know of a comedian who started earlier while in school e.g Mr Sabinus, He realizes how much talent he has, he was always cracking jokes, making students laugh, you can’t come across Mr Sabinus and not laugh yourself to happiness.

He started by doing comedy at the University of Port Harcourt while in school and after graduation he moves to a bigger hit. He started going on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter and today you can’t mention a comedian without Mr Sabinus that is how popular and rich he has become because he put his talent to use.

Look at other comedians e.g Ayo Makun, Basketmouth, Bovi, Ali Baba, Okey Bakassi, Julius Agwu and numerous to mention. All these comedians are big hits today.

 What are you waiting for? Start building that career, that talent in you put it into life earning journey and have your account smile at you in no time. Comedy is not a joke anymore, it is a life earning career.


10. Create An E-Book

Having an e-book online has become a lucrative means to earn money online without investment. Everyone now reads online, you barely see a youth with a book even the one that is been taught in the higher institution is online except otherwise you are being compiled to buy one.  The world is going digital and you cannot be left out.

Someone may not show interest in E-books, because you are selling hundreds of e-books and earning thousands of dollars and naira each month. Writing an e-book has never been easy as writing a Facebook post. First, you should know which topic you can write an e-book on, e.g inspirational book, motivational book, business book, how to earn money online, educational book, relationship book, marriage book, health book and what have you.

Then create content that would help people to solve their challenges. Try not to bore anyone with big grammar or to keep anyone in suspense, I wouldn’t want to read such a book either; of course, your e-books should have all of what I mentioned above for choice’s sake

Why should you read an E-book which does not look catchy and interesting? Your pages should be more appealing and catchy with or without pictures you would earn money online without investment provided it is alluring. Use simple grammar that you would read and understand to make it engaging.

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No one would lose interest in books if you put a lot of catchy and make them appeal When you are done creating your e-book, you can start selling it on Amazon, Payhip, Blurb, Lulu, Tradebit, Nook Press, Kobo writing life, Smashwook, Scribd, E-junkie, Selz, Google Books, etc. You could as well promote your e-book on some legit blogs. By so doing, you could earn huge money by selling ebooks online without investment.


11. Online Mentor

Online mentorship is one of the means you could earn money without investment and it is the job of a tutor. You should always ask your clients about any particular challenge they face, some people are better when they talk to someone; be that someone and earn money from it today. If problem-solving and helping people to achieve their goals their dream in life is your talent then you are on the right track to your earning journey.

However, you should provide your mentorship services in different ways such as relationship advice, health advice, nutrition, education, inspiration marriage counselling, fitness, astrology & readings, spiritual & healing, and what have you.

To start your mentorship services, you just need to identify which are the best steps for you. Age is not a barrier to being an online mentor provided you are good at what you do and you are naturally gifted.


Things You Should Know On How To Earn Money Online Without Investment

  • To find legit sites to earn money online without investment might be a little challenging the reason is you need data, make good searches to avoid scammers, fraudsters and fake agencies who claim to have all the connections to connect you yet cannot connect themselves.
  • Do not give rooms to any sites that ask you for a registration fee before giving you work, or ask for your data.
  •  Ignore any websites that take advantage of your work skills but will not pay you what you agreed on as compensation.
  • Another means you could avoid such fraudulent websites and companies is to research a website solely and read up on the reviews and comments that people have left behind course more than 3 persons cannot be wrong.
  • The contract that they offer you before signing should be your first read before accepting.
  • Learn to utilize your time judiciously to become more creative, you could earn a lot of money online without investment sticking to this article.

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To invest money is not that simple anyways because of the risks involved in it especially if you have to go the extra mile to borrow.  Some people like the business they see facially every day; so no matter how hard you try, you can’t convince this set of people to invest money online except you are ready to assure them of a refund if the money is lost.

There are thousands of practices to earn money online without spending a single dime. These ways to earn money from home are time-friendly, and so they are good options for students, homemakers, retirees, anyone at all. Even if you have already got a job, these are great ways to do something more provided you have your PC, power supply/generator and data. So, why not take advantage of these opportunities to earn more money.

I can assure you that these are the best ways to earn money online without investment and this year is the best year to make money online. I have been earning using many of these methods. So if you start now, you will have a stable career in the next one to four years.

In this post, I have listed some of the best and most legitimate ways to earn real money online without investment. With these different online jobs, you can simply start just with your laptop or android phone.

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