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How to Get Virtual Dollar Cards in Nigeria


Here is How to Get Virtual Dollar Cards in Nigeria if you have been looking for one or don’t know how to go about it.

Virtual dollar cards in Nigeria are dollar-denominated non-physical card that allows you to make payments online without carrying physical cash. Virtual dollar cards can be used where Naira-denominated physical debit or credit cards from Nigerian banks and financial institutions are restricted.

 There are tons of fintech offering virtual dollar cards in Nigeria, so you have to find out the one that will suit what you want. When you want to shop online, whether it is shopping on some of the websites you can afford or the best shopping websites for clothing, after adding products to your shopping cart and you are going to place an order, there will be a challenge with your payments card – the reason is your debit card has been refused.

And this often occurs when you shop on foreign websites, oftentimes even on apps with payment gateways, most Nigerian debit cards are denied.  When you need to pay for products online and you don’t have your physical debit or credit card with you, you may have to get to a bank to get one of these cards which is another shortcoming. 

Oh well, the thing is, you can use non-physical virtual dollar cards in Nigeria, that are issued from one of the Nigerian banks to pay for your products but you will need a domicile account for that to happen. This has always been a challenge for some Nigerians. The issue is that the documentation and the necessary small deposit can be frustrating for many of you.

However, in this article, I will list the best virtual dollar card providers in Nigeria, with these Virtual dollar cards in Nigeria, you be allowed to make payments online. So, if you are looking for how to get virtual dollar cards in Nigeria, you are at the right place. These virtual dollar cards in Nigeria are funded in United States Dollars – USD and you are allowed to use them by just sending naira into your virtual dollar card account.

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Below is How to Get Virtual Dollar cards in Nigeria

1. Eversend

Eversend is one of the digital banking apps that allow banking to be made easy and with no stress because of the change to collect money that is transferred from outside the country. With Eversend app, you can make payments anywhere you are without stress and it does more than that. You can make bill payments within seconds, you can mail and collect the money immediately and it also gives you a dollar virtual card that will enable you to make payments on foreign websites and apps.

Cards will cost $1 to create and have a $1 monthly upkeep surcharge. Eversend allows a visa dollar debit card that can be used to make payments on websites like AliExpress, Amazon, and others and you can also use it to make subscriptions on Netflix and other apps out there. When you want to talk about the best virtual dollar cards in Nigeria, Eversend comes first.


How to Obtain an Eversend Virtual Dollar Card

  • Download the Eversend app and generate an account.
  • Verify with necessary details.
  • Tap Cards at the base of the app on the homepage to generate a fresh card.
  • Enter the full amount you would like the card to hold. The minimum amount needed to create a card is $1.
  • Enter your PIN to verify the transaction.
  • Fund your virtual dollar card by utilizing the add money form in the apps.


2. Wallets Africa

Wallets Africa is like every other digital bank in Nigeria that will give you the complete benefits of an easy transaction. It makes sending and receiving money in Nigeria very simple and it also makes bill payments a simple thing to do. You can get a naira and a dollar virtual card from Wallets Africa and both cards can be allowed to make payments online. Wallets Africa virtual credit cards can be used on several websites and apps.

When you encounter challenge while making payments on Netflix, you should try to use Wallets Africa Visa card to make your payments. Wallets Africa card gives quick payments online, you can be approved to send money to business associates with Wallets Africa. When you want to mention the best virtual dollar card in Nigeria Wallets Africa comes in handy.

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How to Obtain a Wallets Africa Virtual Dollar Card

  • Download the Wallets Africa app.
  • Register for an account and confirm with important details.
  • Fund your account.
  • Tap on your virtual dollar cards to create a fresh virtual dollar card.
  • Fund your virtual dollar card and start to spend with it.


3. ALAT by Wema

ALAT is one of the best virtual dollar cards in Nigeria and it is owned by Wema Bank. It is a complete setup of a digital bank in Nigeria that makes payment simple for you. With ALAT, your visit to a bank can be avoided and you can have an account or even sort payments between other parties at your convenience.

With ALAT virtual dollar card, your payments can come in handy on Uber, Netflix, Spotify, Google Play, Apple Music, Asos, Udemy, Coursera, AliExpress, Google, Facebook, and what have you. You will then be charged a monthly card maintenance surcharge of 525 nairas on each card created after your first virtual dollar card.

Obtaining an ALAT card is very simple, but it requires some important information and without this information, your virtual dollar credit card can be denied. ALAT By Wema is one of the affordable virtual dollar cards in Nigeria, and the card can easily be funded with naira.


How to Obtain an ALAT Virtual Dollar Card

  • Visit or you can Download the ALAT by Wema mobile application on Play Store or Apple Store via the controls above.
  •  Create an account and log in to your account.
  • On the homepage, select “Card” below.
  • Click on ‘ALAT Virtual Dollar Cards’ and put in your PIN.
  • Next, click on ‘generate Dollar Card’ to generate a new card “the Naira to Dollar exchange rate will be shown”.
  • Fill in the important data and continue.

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4. Barter by Flutterwave

Barter is a virtual dollar card that is set up by Flutterwave for its users and for every Nigerian to have the chance to easily make payments online. With a Barter virtual dollar card, you will be allowed to make payments on websites when your physical card is being denied. Barter allows you to pay in dollars and funding is very simple. You can fund your Barter virtual dollar Card using Naira and you can again link your physical dollar card with it.

The monthly maintenance surcharge for each card is $1, this charge will be debited whether or not the card is active. Using a Barter virtual dollar credit card for payments on websites and apps is easy. You have to fund the card before you can use it. Obtaining a Barter virtual dollar card is not a challenge at all, you only have to download the Barter app, sign up and verify using your BVN.


How to Obtain a Barter Virtual Dollar Card

  •  Download the Barter app via the app icon displayed above.
  • Signup using your BVN and confirm the OTP code sent to your phone number.
  • Add money to your barter account.
  • Generate a new Dollar virtual Card.
  • Fund your dollar virtual card.


5. Kuda bank Virtual  Dollar Card

I know you must have seen Kuda bank advert on Twitter,  GoTV, and DSTV informing you about the benefits it gives. Kuda bank is no doubt one of the top digital banks in Nigeria which gives virtual dollar cards as well. Kuda bank has been set up for all your banking needs. The company also gives physical virtual dollar cards which they deliver for free to you. Kuda bank gives loans at some of the best interest rates all for your benefit. Kuda bank will not charge you when you create virtual dollar cards on its app.


How to Obtain a Kuda Virtual Dollar Card

  • Open the Kuda app
  • Tap Card on the menu at the end of your screen.
  • Select Request A virtual dollar Card.
  • Tap Get A Virtual Card.
  • Verify with your Kuda transaction PIN, fingerprint, or Face ID.
  • Secondly – Visa Virtual dollar Card in Nigeria
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6. Eyowo Virtual dollar card

Eyowo is a virtual dollar card financial technology that allows you to make payments, pay bills and receive money just using your phone number. Using Eyowo will qualify you for a “cardless ATM withdrawal” service with ease. This will allow you to access physical cash with or without your ATM card. With Eyowo, you are allowed to fund your virtual Dollar card with as low as 1 dollar.

How to Obtain an Eyowo Virtual Dollar Card

  • Sign in or register on the Eyowo mobile app after downloading 
  • Navigate to the dashboard and Tap on More
  • Tap on “Eyowo virtual dollar cards
  • Click Create Card
  • You can now Fund your virtual dollar card.

Eyowo is another big space to get virtual dollar cards in Nigeria.


7. Bitsika Virtual Visa Dollar Card

Bitsika is an app that allows you to send and receive money between Ghana and Nigeria. Your Bitsika wallet enables you to receive and transfer funds from your wallet to other Bitsika wallets, deposit and payout Cedis using MTN mobile money, AirtelTigo cash, and Vodafone cash, deposit and payout Naira using a debit card or bank transfer. With Bitsika to buy and sell Bitcoin is handy, buy BUSD stable coin, and ABCD stable coin using your Bitsika wallet. Bitsika allows you to create a virtual dollar visa card with one click. If you want to get a Bitiska virtual dollar, after installing Bitsika on your phone, then launch the app to get your virtual dollar card.  


8. Fundall Virtual Dollar Card

For those seeing it for the first time and you, want to find out what it is all about? Findall is one of Nigerian digital bank that is set up to give a broad order of financial services to private and business clients. Ranging from bank account and budget planning to saving containers and loans. Fundall is a newly launched platform and they provide virtual dollar card for use to those who wants to spend money online without challenges, it gives you the first card for free, with the least sum of $5. 


How to Obtain a Fundall Virtual Dollar Card

  • Sign up to Fundall by downloading the app and registering. If you had a Fundall account before, just sign in to your account.
  • Tap on the Spend option.
  • Choose the virtual dollar Cards option.
  • Tap on  Add new virtual dollar card
  • Choose the Virtual US Dollar Card option.
  • Customize your virtual dollar card by putting in a label and your choice of billing address.
  • Fund your card with an amount as low as $5 by inputting the naira equivalent.
  • Click on ‘Fund Card’ to finish off your Fundall virtual card creation procedure.


9. FXKudi Virtual Dollar Card

FXKUDI is another means you can obtain Virtual dollar cards in Nigeria which comes in handy. If you are an FXKUDI user or you want to be one, you can send and receive money from anywhere with no fees attached.


How to Obtain an FXKUDI Virtual Dollar Card

  • Register for an FXKudi account by visiting its official website or downloading the FXKudi app from Google Playstore or IOS app store.
  • Confirm your account via the email you used to register.
  • Update your account with the important information.
  • Fund your account.
  • Generate your FXKudi virtual Dollar card.


10. Mintyn Virtual Dollar Card

Mintyn is a  digital bank in Nigeria that gives lots of banking services which include private bank accounts, corporate accounts, savings account, instant loans, and mutual funds. Mintyn has a few virtual dollar cards for Tier 3 account holders that can be activated immediately.


How to Obtain an FXKUDI Virtual Dollar Card

  • Download Mintyn from Google Play Store for Android or App Store for iOS. Create an account in less than 3 minutes
  • Upgrade to a tier 3 Mintyn account.
  • Then apply for the virtual dollar  Cards
  • Select the cards option from the dashboard.
  • Fund your virtual dollar card with any amount at an affordable rate.
  • You can now pay for international services like Amazon, Apple Music, Netflix, eBay, WordPress, and what have you.
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11. Gomoney

Gomoney is a digital bank, and it is one of the few that provides a Virtual dollar Credit Card in Nigeria that allows payment to be made online with ease both for business owners and people who buy and sell on foreign websites. Gomoney allows you to transfer and receive money easily in Nigeria. And owning a Gomoney virtual dollar card is easy. You can do that by by creating an account with them and upgrading it.

Using a Gomoney virtual dollar card gives you the chance to connect to your PayPal account, make payments with it in USD, and also make local payments in Nigeria. You can download the Gomoney app on your android phone or PC. Gomoney has been proven to be the best virtual dollar card in Nigeria.


How to Obtain a Gomoney Virtual Dollar Card

  • Download the Gomoney app on your Android or iOS device.
  • Register using your phone number to verify the OTP code.
  • After verifying the OTP code, confirm your BVN by putting in your BVN and verifying the code sent to your BVN registered number.
  • To obtain a Gomoney virtual dollar card, you must upgrade your account to level 2, and you can do that simply by providing an acceptable means of identification.



SpectroCard is a virtual present prepaid MasterCard that is in space. Spectrocard lets the user create a virtual MasterCard that includes Dollar virtual cards.

How to Get a Virtual Dollar Card on SpectroCard

  • Create an account with SpectroCard.
  • Confirm your account via email.
  • Update your account with your data.
  • Fund your account.
  • Create a card.

With SpectroCard platform, Nigerians can pay for products and services effortlessly on online platforms or merchants around the world.


Advantages of Virtual Dollar Card

  • Protects your banking details: using a  virtual dollar card in Nigeria, you do not have to give traders your banking details when you want to make payments. Your banking details will not be handy from your bank.


  • Restrict your spending: with a virtual dollar card, you are allowed to set the amounts you want to spend. This will help you to be careful with your spending. The spending maximum can be modified.


  • Approved globally: You can use the virtual dollar card to make payments across the globe. It then makes it simple for businessmen who trade on exports to pay overseas importers.


Disadvantages of Virtual Dollar Card

  • Virtual dollar cards are not more than one year. Renewal is yearly.
  • It will not be used for physical confirmation.
  •  Only a few small businesses are allowed to collect virtual dollar cards.


What Is the Best Alternative for a Virtual Dollar Card in Nigeria?

When you are looking for easy service, look for Barter as your best choice.

If you want a full banking package, then ALAT gives the best handy for a virtual dollar card in Nigeria.

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Online shopping can be very frustrating when you realize there are limits to what you can spend if you are using a Nigerian debit or credit card. The Central Bank of Nigeria – CBN put a limit of $100 on naira cards making it very challenging to carry out payments on websites that charge in USD or its equivalent in foreign currencies. Knowing the advantages you will get when you obtain any of these virtual dollar cards above breaks the challenges that the government has put in place.

Virtual dollar cards are very helpful in the sense that you do not have to go to a bank to get one. You can get one using an app from your smartphone. You can have multiple virtual dollar cards in Nigeria if you want to. Simply read how to get a virtual dollar card in Nigeria for the best platforms.


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