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How to Start Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria – Step by Step Guide


Affiliate marketing in Nigeria is now an established means you could earn money digitally. If you are searching for a simple, handy means to start earning money from home, this article will guide you through every means.

I will explain the major affiliate marketing in Nigeria for you to understand as a beginner, how it works, how the commission will be paid to you, and how you should start.

I would show you a few steps on how affiliate marketing works in Nigeria and some of the affiliate marketing in Nigeria.


What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is when you earn commissions (money) anytime you advertise a company’s products be it electronics, clothing, kitchen Utensil, whatever the company is selling and you make a sale.

Affiliate marketing is also when you register with an online trader and you convince people to click on your blog, post, ads or whatever means you use online to sell the products and services.

As an affiliate marketer in Nigeria, you have to know how to promote products to other people for you to be paid a commission. In essence, you are paid when buyers click on your ads to buy.

You get paid a commission for every time buyers click on your ads and buy which comes through your affiliate link, which can be put in different spaces online.

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How can you earn affiliate commissions?

There are different strategies to earn affiliate commissions.

  • You/Customer referrals
  • Posting your links on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter; Youtube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Whatsapp, website, etc.
  • Publishing ads in newsletters
  •  Blogging on products/services offered by your affiliate’s links.
  • To join an online platform that relates to the product/service you want to exhibit and you should add important comments after reading other posts for your referral link to be seen by others especially if the post is posted by an influencer, that is a means for you to drop yours for your affiliate marketing in Nigeria to sell.


How To Start Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria: Step By Step Guide

1.  Select a network

The easiest means to start earning money with affiliate marketing in Nigeria is by picking a network. A network means selecting a space that you understand and can operate with, like make-up tools or clothing. You could also go for something detailed such as “female wags” which your target audience will be female

To select a network: note this:

  • How many competitors do you have? Of course, you should know how crazy competition is outside.
  • Are your target audience vast for your kind of business?
  • How many products do you think you can really sell within your business?


2. Select The Affiliate Marketing Platform You Want To Work With

Once you are done selecting your network, you need to know the exact platform for your network in your journey to affiliate marketing in Nigeria.

This could be done with the use of Google for your chosen network – Affiliate platform or using one of the well-known affiliate marketing directories in Nigeria such as,,, high paying affiliate programs, etc.


Types Of Affiliate Programs In Nigeria: 

1. Search Affiliates:

This is an Affiliate marketing program that leverages search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing to drive traffic and conversions for advertisers.


2. Display advertisers:

This is an affiliate marketing program that allows advertisers to use banner ads on your platforms or blogs to promote their business particular deals. You will have to make use of unique codes such that if a product or deal is done using your site, you will be notified in your account.

3. Email advertisements:

This is an affiliate marketing program that allows you to promote a company’s product through email blasts, usually for a discounted price if the person signs up using your link.


4. Bloggers

This is affiliate marketing that is a subset of your content types, but you would see several blogs on specific niches. These specific niches run from personal interest to prospecting product surveys to tops and tricks on everyday life contents like investment or childcare. This is up to you as a blogger to choose, you make do with affiliate banners or affiliate links throughout your blog posts. However, you have to be mindful because all bloggers are not the same. Go for bloggers who are about your target audience on issues related to your products.

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5. Review Sites

This is an affiliate marketing programs sites that promote several advertisers. One of the best well-known spaces to see these are on Amazon, and affiliates and partners are aware that having an Amazon review site is one of the best means to have a business and start making earnings. 

Check out for those who have keyword-rich URLs; decent, simple content without many popups or widgets, and thoroughly checkmate reviews that are concerned with the expectations of the reader.


Selecting your affiliate partners

  • Know the commission rates
  • Payment terms and conditions e.g weekly or monthly.
  • The kind of products and services offered.
  •  Check for a membership charge

Try to inquire if all of these conditions fit within your business goal and know the best processes to follow before you sign up as a member and

Things to avoid in your affiliate marketing in Nigeria:

  • Do not send unsolicited messages be it email, Facebook posts, etc to people. Sending unsolicited emails or posting links on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with no consent is known as spamming which could lead to your account being denied access.
  • Avoid double accounts; if you have different sites,  use a different email address for each site so that it doesn’t seem like you want to advertise the same product twice as I see on social media in some spaces.
  • Avoid selling other people’s products as your own; this has to do with giving affiliate programs from another company but rewriting the name of the brand/product when advertising it on your sites.
  • If the rightful owner sees it, it will not only ruin your prestige, but you could also face legal consequences since copyright has been used which means that intellectual property laws may have been broken.
  • Avoid the use of misleading content; be sincere about the kind of affiliate program in the Nigerian marketplace you are advertising and avoid getting people’s data through false or crooked ways such as promising giveaways with whatever products someone subscribes to.


Create an affiliate marketing website

When you are done selecting your product/service for your affiliate market program(s), you have to have a website or blog where you would post your links.

This affiliate market site aims to tell prospective clients about the products you want them to buy, thereby ensuring that each post has accurate information for people to be aware of what they want to buy with no giveaway.

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Things you should know when building a website

  • You should have original content and not copied content and you should include pictures wherever necessary, especially when using an article.
  • Give freebies such as marketing tips or webinars to appreciate someone’s contact details which can be used for your marketing advantages;
  • Maintain simple navigation by positioning links at both the top and bottom of every  so that visitors can simply know their way back to the homepage;
  • You should add social media buttons so that people could share your content on other sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Your content should be related to what you have chosen for affiliate marketing, but should not be directly selling a product/service.

All of these would assist you to increase your page views and sometimes lead to more earnings through commissions.


Getting started with affiliate marketing   

Step 1:

Choose a domain name. This is the address your potential customers will use to access your affiliate marketing website in Nigeria. 

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Step 2:

Ensure the name you choose is related to your ads. E.g if you choose to advertise and review the strong gas cook, you could create a website around that keyword.

Step 3:

Make sure the name is simple to glance at and recall. Once you have the domain, get hosting as well and Move on with how to start affiliate marketing in Nigeria.


Start promoting

  • Once you go live, promote it and notify your potential client that you have just built an affiliate marketing website by sending out emails or posting links on-time across relevant social media spaces.
  •  It is very necessary not to send unsolicited messages; just send messages for a few days except you would be giving something remarkably good like free shipping hence this may seem uneasy to both your contacts and the business you are working with and you are sending out promotional content for.
  • Affiliate marketing in Nigeria can be advertised across your social media accounts, but it should not be exceeded or else your clients will become paranoid about seeing ads for products they are not interested in whenever they log into Facebook/Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn, etc.


How you could make additional money with affiliate marketing in Nigeria


  •  Make your website functional

To make your website functional, you have to increase traffic to make it simple for search engines to see through every page. Different free online methods could assist with this process.

  • Advertising on your social media spaces

Social media is very important when it comes to or rather a part of affiliate marketing in Nigeria; always make use of it by sharing your blog posts on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, etc with links back to your site. Those who would like/follow you will be able to see what’s going on and even click-through which can lead to increased earnings.

  • Use different means to sell for more commissions

Affiliate marketing in Nigeria will enable users to advertise different products on their websites rather than just one. The reason is that there are considerable chances for your sales each time a person clicks the affiliate link on your site thereby making you earnings.   

  •  Create an email list instantly

Email marketing is another affiliate marketing method in Nigeria; a good way you could keep in touch with your potential client who has previously visited your post and also potential new readers. This will allow for increasing earnings since you could promote your affiliate marketing products through newsletters which eventually leads to more sales and commissions.


How to own an affiliate marketing website in Nigeria 

  • To own/create your affiliate marketing website in Nigeria, you must have money for a domain name and web hosting.
  • Domain name: You can get a domain name smoothly from Namecheap
  • Hosting: You can get web hosting from Hostinger, Namecheap, Godaddy, Bluehost, HostGator, Wix, etc. To make the process smooth,, you could get both your domain name and hosting from Namecheap.

This will make it smooth for you to create a website. But as a beginner, you could use Bluehost to create your website the reason is it has a lot of tutorials that will help you with your website creation and you do not need to employ someone to do it for you.


Advantages of Affiliate Marketing

Passive Income

This is seen as one of the great benefits of affiliate marketing. The logic is that you do not need to work constantly before you earn money/commission. Affiliate marketing in Nigeria would give you the craving for the indulgence to do so many things…

You could travel in your free time with no worry about your work or any boss.  There are months you may not work and you would still get paid for the previous work you have done.


Highly Scalable

This is seen as another reason why people want to engage in affiliate marketing in Nigeria. You could smoothly scale up your earnings by being consistent with your affiliate marketing.

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Affiliate marketing in Nigeria is like an earning funnel that makes you money for a very long period even after you have stopped writing or producing content on your affiliate platforms because your potential readers will always click on your link each time it pops up.

Affiliate marketing in Nigeria also allows you to earn money smoothly by investing in it for you to get a higher lead. But you could be spending money on adverts and other means.


Double earning Source

As an affiliate marketer In Nigeria, you could work with as many affiliate programs (online marketplace) as you want because you are the boss of yourself and you could schedule your time. Different affiliate marketing in Nigeria (online marketplace such as Jumia, Konga, Amazon, Payport, and what have you. Of course, you don’t have to work with one particular company before you could get paid and you could get paid weekly, or monthly depending on your terms and conditions.


Your earnings are not limited

There is no limit to how much you could earn as an affiliate marketer in Nigeria. The sky is not even your limit course is very vast. Many affiliate marketers in Nigeria are nailing it already.

With affiliate marketing in Nigeria, you have many guys who are not well-known but making millions weekly/monthly with affiliate marketing.


Small income to start

Affiliate marketing in Nigeria does not require much income to start Like other business that requires large startup cost, affiliate marketing in Nigeria is not on such a list. Your only fee is likely going to be for creating your blog/website.


What mindset should every affiliate marketer have?

  • As an affiliate marketer in Nigeria, you have to become a cad instant, your words should encourage people to want to use your referral link to buy and also refer people to your sites. People will want to buy from you because they trust your recommendations.
  • If the products you recommend are bad for your audience. You might make some sales but in the long run, your business will fail. One thing you should note as an affiliate marketing in Nigeria is ” next time’ very important. If you just sell with no consideration if people would come next time then you are not in for a business.  This is the reason why you should try to only recommend products that you truly believe in. Now it is time to sign the register with an affiliate marketing (an online marketplace program that you will be advertising and earns a commission.



Affiliate marketing in Nigeria will bring in good commissions or earnings weekly or monthly. Especially when you are starting with the mindset to make earning at your own space.

As an affiliate marketer in Nigeria, you don’t have to feel pressure to make money until you have searched and read through this article and the online marketplace you want to work with. Although some websites would take time to gain a niche, so you have to keep advertising/promoting daily while continuing with other regular work from home jobs like blogging, social media manager, SEO consultant, etc. until you start getting visitors coming through naturally.

The length of period you need before generating leads or sales depends upon how much effort you put into advertising and promotion when building an affiliate website; however, there are no set rules meaning that your experience varies depending on multiple factors including location and consistency

Oh well, affiliate marketing in Nigeria is not difficult. But it requires work and of course, every work requires work that is why it is called work. You have to be ready to work before you will start seeing results to earn.

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