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Best International Money Transfer App

If you have ever experienced certain limitations with your banking system, you will know how frustrating it can be when you can’t send money to someone because they are not in the same country with you.

So imagine you work for a foreign client, or you have friends and family abroad; you will need to send or receive money at some point, but it just can’t happen with your local banks.

Therefore, in this handy guide, we will discuss some of the best international money transfer apps that can end your banking struggles by allowing you to send money wherever and whenever you want.

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Best International Money Transfer App


Best International Money Transfer App - Wise

Wise is a peer-to-peer money transfer app that offers a wide range of multi-currency options, so it is best for transactions that involve less popular currencies. In addition, the app has no hidden fees, high transfer limits, or mid-market exchange rates and is fully regulated by various regulatory bodies worldwide. 

You can download the fully featured app on Play Store; it is free to register and is available for individuals and businesses. 


  • Fast transfers; over 50% arrive instantly. 
  • Mid-market exchange rate.
  • Good customer reviews.
  • Personal, business, and enterprise-level services are available
  • Multi-currency option.
  • Registered with FinCEN.
  • All services are available online or in the Wise app.


  • Wise only allows transfers to bank accounts; there are no cash withdrawal options.
  • Getting a debit card or opening a business account requires a one-time fee.
  • Accounts are not interest-bearing.
  • Service fees are based on destinations. 
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Best International Money Transfer App - Remitly

Remitly is another very reliable international money transfer app that allows you to send money abroad within a few seconds. One remarkable thing that Remitly does is that when you refer someone to the app, you will get vouchers for your subsequent transfers. 

The appropriate bodies fully register them in the countries where they are available. However, they offer different daily transfer limits depending on your account tier.


  • Easy in-app and online transactions and it is very popular with customers. 
  • No minimum transfer amount.
  • Choose different transfer fees depending on whether speed or cost is more important.
  • Extensive range of destinations.
  • Easy user interface.


  • Limits on large transfers to specific destinations.
  • No currency hedging options.
  • Unpredictable fee structure.
  • Complex transfer fees.



Best International Money Transfer App - Revolut

Revolut is one of the best international money transfer apps because it offers a wide range of services, from its day-to-day budgeting tools to personalized debit cards and 10 free international transfers per month, and you will even earn interest on your balance. 

The app offers everything you could want for limitless transactions across different countries. You can hold and exchange over 25 currencies at the mid-market rate and have the choice to subscribe to any plan you want with various features. However, the free plan is just as functional and seamless as the others. 


  • 24/7 priority customer support.
  • Mid-market exchange rate.
  • You can send money in 25+ currencies to 150+ countries.
  • Free personalized debit card.
  • Ten free international transfers a month.
  •  Efficient budgeting tools.
  • Interest on balance.
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  • High service fees may apply.
  • A monthly subscription will be required to access all the app’s features.
  • Bank deposits may take up to 5 days.

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Western Union

While most international money transfer apps do not offer cash collection options, Western Union makes it very easy to carry out cash collection payments worldwide. Moreover, it is one of the biggest international money transfer apps worldwide because it offers both app, online, and in-person services. 

Western Union fees are affordable but vary based on the services you want and the destination country. In addition, this money transfer app has different plans you can choose from, but you do not have to pay for any plans. The only difference is just the details you are registering with.


  • Cash collection payments are available and fast.
  • You can fund a transfer with cash.
  • You can send money to almost any country in the world.
  • It is very easy to register an account 
  • The transfer is instant.
  • You can track a transfer.
  • Profitable referral program.


  • Exchange rates include a variable markup.
  • Fees vary based on your required service and destination country.
  • Western Union services are not cheap. 


Whether you are a business owner, an online vendor, or need a personal account for international transfer, OFX has got you covered; it is one of the most reliable, fast, and easy currency exchange platforms.

This money transfer app is one of the best worldwide because it offers multi-currency holding accounts and efficient currency risk management solutions.

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In addition, they offer 24/7 customer support service, which can help build your trust in them, especially for high-value transactions. Their services are high-speed, and they have many good customer reviews. 


  • No transfer fee.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • A comprehensive mobile approach.
  • Currency risk management solutions and products.
  • Well-rated for customer service and experience.
  • Sending larger amounts of money.
  • No additional fees when sending money over $10,000.


  • Exchange rates with a variable markup.
  • Some services can’t be accessed via the app.
  • No credit card.
  • Holding account services are only available for business customers only.

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So here you have the five best international money transfer apps you can use from anywhere worldwide.

With this article, you will no longer experience any challenges with sending money to your friends, business partners, and families abroad. However, reading through their terms and conditions and understanding the features they offer before using them for high-value transactions is essential.

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