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Exclusive Q&A Interview on Dada Adetule Adeyinka, Founder and Owner of TuleshoppingEnterprise


An exclusive Q&A interview about how Dada Adetule Adeyinka founder and owner of TuleshoppingEnterprise, started importing bags, shoes, and accessories.

Exclusive Q&A Interview: The Journey

Dada Adetule Adeyinka is a 35-year-old Nigerian from Ibadan state. Dada has always loved having the best, but her money could only afford substandard shoes and bags. Dada thought she could not be the only one who felt this way, getting quality shoes without breaking the bank. She saw an opportunity and went for it.

She set out to attend online importation courses and enrolled in physical classes. She could not wait, so she decided to buy her first two bags from a vendor and sell them to understand how selling bags works. From two bags, Dada went on to get ten more. After She was finished with all her classes, she went on to register her business. Then began the journey of bringing in quality shoes for a fair price.

What was your mission when you started your business?

My mission was simple. It still is. I want people to have the best and look good without breaking the bank.

What products and services does your company offer?

We sell bags, shoes, and accessories.

What year did you decide to take up this trade?

I started my classes in 2019. That would be when I decided to bring quality and affordable bags into the country.

Is the market opportunity ample?

People never get tired of wearing new stuff. They always want to be trending, and the market for that is profound. People’s wants and needs create an opportunity for great wealth.

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Have you managed a business before?

Yes, I have. I managed a jewelry business shortly after my National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) was completed. Jobs were not coming in, so I took up a sales job at the jewelry store and soon became the manager after a year.

How much is needed to start up a shopping business like bags?

Honestly, you don’t need much. Suppose you have enough, then by all means. You can always start with a little. I started with two bags, though I knew where I was headed, and made plans by attending classes online.

My first attempt was buying from a vendor in Lagos, Nigeria when I visited my mom in Ibadan. I bought two bags, which sold fast even though I felt I could buy better quality. I returned to Abuja, Nigeria, where I reside, and here I met another vendor and bought ten more bags of better quality than the first batch. It sold very fast and just in time when my classes ended.

I went on to import fifty bags from China. The bags were of good quality because we were taught how to source for good agents that would get the best. I believe you can start with what you have. Honestly, there is no perfect way to start a business. You have to be ready to learn, improve, and keep moving forward.

How many employees do you have?

Currently, I have two. A sales manager, and a social media manager.

How do you reinforce performance amongst your employees?

I give incentives. The store salesperson receives an incentive on every sale in the store. The social media manager receives incentives when the online campaigns bring in sales. Generally, I try to keep my employees happy, which makes them eager to earn more.

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How do you manage your competitors?

I always import quality accessories. I don’t skimp. I prioritize quality over anything in this business, and my customers know that. I also reward my customers when they buy more than one bag. For some that can buy three and above, we add Tulefitframes to it.

Tulefitframes is a new collection of quality glasses and glass cases. It was launched last month. For the new products coming in next month, we have exciting prices attached to the number of bags purchased, and my customers are looking forward to it.

How long did it take for your business to earn a profit?

That would be 2022. I started my business in 2020, even though I had registered it in 2018 and kept it aside. It took two years for the profits to come in. I upgraded my online classes, and the clearing of goods was always going up. It wasn’t easy at all.

How do you advertise your business?

I use social media like most businesses today.

What are some of the problems you have encountered as a Nigerian entrepreneur who imports?

Custom clearing is the main problem. The cost of clearing varies on the quantity of products, but even with low quantities, the clearing prices still go up. There is no funding available for small business owners to level up. Even when you apply for them, nothing comes in.

What are some of your successes?

Currently, I have a huge number of subscribers on Telegram of wholesalers and retailers. I have a store in Abuja, Nigeria, and are looking to expand to other states.

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What can you tell other entrepreneurs from your experience so far?

I would say consistency. Being consistent pays off in business, and you should upgrade your skills. No matter what you do, there is always room for improvement.

What is your company’s mission?

Our mission is to bring quality products at affordable prices to Nigerians.

What are your company values?

First of all, integrity. We are honest about our products, and our customers can see that, hopefully, the whole of Nigeria very soon.

How can people who are interested in your business reach you?

We can be reached on almost all social media platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram, and Facebook. We are at No. 516 Ammah Plaza, Ahmadu Bellow Way Kado, Abuja, Nigeria.



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