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“at Qrest, we believe that our client’s success is ultimately our success.” Interview with Martins Okechukwu, a product designer and Founder of Qrest.


Martins Okechukwu is a product designer and founder of Qrest, and he is committed to shaping digital products and experiences that leave a lasting impression. Focused on meticulous attention to detail, he aims to design interfaces that are both user-friendly and delightful.

Guided by visual design principles, he appreciates the influence of colors, typography, and composition. Despite minimal front-end development knowledge, his design process is fueled by a sincere comprehension of user needs.

Tell us more about yourself.

I am Martins Okechukwu, and am from Abia State, Nigeria. I hold a degree in computer engineering from Michael Okpara University, Abia State, Nigeria.

I have collaborated closely with the fantastic individuals that comprise the Qrest Team, and together, we have achieved and successfully delivered cutting-edge products for QwikServe. This includes the user app, rider app, and admin panel.

These innovations transformed the way users engage with services, redefining the ordering of meals, gas refills, laundry, and personalized package deliveries. The rider’s App ensures streamlined delivery processes, while the admin panel seamlessly oversees operations. As a key contributor to the research, design, and development phases, I and the Qrest team take pride in ensuring the precise fulfillment of user needs.

What inspired you to be a product designer?

I like the idea of solving problems, from complicated to simple. My passion for design has been a constant, and my eagerness to learn has always been there. After delving into graphic design, I felt the urge to expand my horizons. It was during the lockdown that a friend introduced me to product design UI/UX.

I enrolled in various platforms for learning, seeking more interactive sessions and hands-on lessons to understand how the design world operates in real life. Unfortunately, none of them quite met that need. And that’s precisely why I’m so excited about TechCaDev, it’s designed to offer individuals a more practical learning experience, giving insights into the market realities and preparing them for the challenges they’ll encounter.

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What is Qrest?

Qrest is more than just a software development company. We are on a mission to simplify life, whether it’s through creating products for clients or developing our own innovations. While officially founded in 2022, we hit the ground running in 2023 with a vision to become a powerhouse in digital solutions, crafting software and hardware that enhances the lives of Nigerians and beyond.

Excitingly, we have an e-learning platform called TechCaDev, short for Tech Career Development, geared towards equipping Nigerians with valuable tech skills. We have had our Cohort 1 and currently in Cohort 2. Additionally, we are actively working towards transitioning TechCaDev into a tech community that provides learning opportunities, mentorship, resources, and job opportunities for Nigerians. We have other amazing innovative products that are under work and will be launched soon.

What specific services does Qrest offer?

Currently, our primary services revolve around branding, software development (for both mobile apps and websites), and digital marketing. At Qrest, we’re fully dedicated to our clients, regardless of the project size.

Ensuring top-notch quality is crucial for us, at Qrest, we believe that our client’s success is ultimately our success. We stay in constant communication with our clients to assist in their day-to-day operations, ensuring their brands achieve the intended success. Every client and project holds great value for us, and our goal is to foster long-term partnerships with each one.

What are some of the impacts that you’ve made towards SDG?

To start off, Qrest has crafted solutions for clients that are already making waves in the market, such as QwikServe in Uyo, Nigeria. QwikServe offers a customer app, a rider app, and a central panel, making it easy for customers to get food, laundry, and gas delivered, and a customized delivery as well.

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For the owners, it connects them to a wide range of customers through the App enhancing their business growth. With a committed team that shares the same objectives, we’re all about making life simpler in alignment with sustainable development goals.

Besides your focus on digital solutions, are there any specific areas, both within and beyond the tech realm, that you’re interested in exploring?

At Qrest, we’re pretty versatile, not honing in on any specific field.

On a personal note, I’m involved in an e-commerce platform to create an online marketplace for the South East, particularly the Eastern parts of Nigeria. We’re kicking off in Abia State and plan to expand to other states in Nigeria as well.

Are you open to available opportunities for career, investors, and partnerships at Qrest?

We are open to investors, who align with our goals. As for career opportunities, we look forward to making opportunities available as we grow further. However, Qrest is open to partnerships that can contribute to mutual growth for everyone involved.

Find out more about Martins Okechukwu and Qrest on LinkedIn.

Tips for our Readers

This is meant for the young individuals out there. You have got what it takes. I know the Nigerian system can be challenging, especially for the younger generation, but trust me, with dedication and determination, you can make it happen.

I had to put in the effort, and I’m still putting in the work, but I’m grateful for the journey. Don’t rely solely on the government; instead, create strategies that work for you. Believe in yourself, and you’ll flourish.

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