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Top 10 Investment Platforms In Nigeria


Most people in Nigeria see online investment as a scam and always avoid it. This is a result of the experience they had in the past that has built fear in them regarding online investment. This is because they were scammed by Ponzi schemes such as Ultimate circle and others like it so the word scam always comes to people’s minds when an online investment platform is mentioned.

One thing they fail to realize is that Ponzi Schemes are a lot more different from the online investment platforms we will be talking about, as their methods of operations are reliable and trustworthy, unlike these Ponzi schemes that aren’t legit.

We are all looking for different strategies to better our saving habits and maximize our investment to the fullest. The main aim of investing in a particular business project is to earn profit and grow your capital.

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What Is An Investment Platform?

Investment platforms are online service that allows people to invest their money to earn some form of interest which turns out to be profitable. The keynote here is that this investment platform can be done at your convenience/ease as they are carried out online and all you need is your mobile phone, data and the amount you intend to invest and you are good to go.

However, many Nigerians have developed a phobia of investing online, judging from the adage that says ‘Experience is the best teacher’. Most Nigerians based on previous experience with makeshift investment platforms like the Ponzi scheme that promises them a lucrative financial income have fallen victim to this and are not open or keen to invest online. Many believe that there are no legitimate investing platforms in Nigeria however they fail to recognize that online scams (for example mmm) are entirely different from online investment platforms.

Ponzi schemes, such as the ultimate circle, cannot be considered or termed online investment platforms as their mode of operations is not honest, reliable and trustworthy.

There are various legitimate investment platforms in Nigeria currently in use but in this article, we will be discussing the top 10 investment platforms one can venture into for profit.


  1. PiggyVest 

This is one of West Africa’s biggest online saving and investment platforms in Nigeria. When it initially started in 2016, they were merely a saving platform. Still, within the last six years, they have started different investment opportunities for customers to partake in in addition to saving. They have continued to give outstanding and noteworthy service to their users, assisting them in managing their finances with ease and integrity with many features it provides, Nigerians can invest and earn daily with ease. To know more about the piggy vest and what it offers, log in to its website (

There are about 6 investment options on piggyvest:

  • Core Saving
  • Target Savings
  • Safelock
  • Investify
  • Flex Naira
  •  Flex Dollar
  • Core Savings:

    This option enables customers to save and invest part of their money either on a weekly or monthly basis. It created an option where customers can set a specific time when a particular amount of money would be deducted automatically. Here, investors earn 10% returns on their investments on yearly basis and the interest is paid monthly.

  • Safelock:

    This feature enables you to lock your money, meaning you won’t have access to your money for a particular time and this option is best for those who need to be disciplined in saving money.

  • Target Savings:

    Here you earn 8% interest on investment every year and he helps you to invest and earn daily in Nigeria to save for a particular goal.

  • Investify:

    This feature makes it possible for you to be able to choose which field you would want to invest in like poultry, cassava, cryptocurrency, e.t.c.

  • Flex Naira:

    This is another option on piggyvest that enables people to invest and earn daily in Nigeria.

  • Flex Dollar:

    This option makes it possible for people to save their money in foreign currency like Dollars, Pounds, Euros and it pays 5% interest on your yearly investment. 


  1. Bamboo

This is a renowned investment platform in Nigeria that provides optimum access to over 3,000 equities listed on the New York stock exchange from the convenience of your mobile phone. To start investing in bamboo you need at least 20 dollars or the naira equivalent. When you register for a bamboo account, you will be asked for your B.V.N, valid ID and an electricity bill.

The bamboo app provides simple designs for users to have access and view their portfolio performances over time so you can learn as you go and update your strategy. It is also used to monitor returns on your investment purchase. This investment platform has proved to be reliable, and trustworthy and investment is guaranteed to be secured. It’s the best investment platform in Nigeria that majors in foreign stock investment.


  1. Trove

This is another investment platform in Nigeria one can venture in. This platform gives you access to stocks from China, U.S.A and Nigeria. Using your mobile phone. There are two types of wallet accounts designed in the trove. 

The dollar wallets are designed to invest in oversea equalities while the Naira equalities you can begin investing with trove for as low as $10 and one thing, users are rest assured is that their money is secured with trove. Sigma securities LTD and ARM securities LTD, both sec-licensed regulated brokerage firms oversee all of the trove’s assets.

Troves ensures you build your portfolio list by adding stock quotes, ETFs and bonds you have an interest in doing this to ensure you get the necessary information regarding them. You also have access through this platform to news, updates and analysis on global financial markets which is done to help you make a choice on which stock you are likely to venture in and the best time to enter the market.

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  1. Cowrywise

This is another legitimate investment platform in Nigeria where consumers can invest and earn yearly with ease. It’s the first Nigerian company to be admitted into the JP morgan and UKAID backed catalyst fund program. Cowrywise investment platform has three major categories which include;                                                        

Plan, save, invest: The invest category is the one that can give opportunities for people to invest and earn daily, weekly or yearly. Through this investors are guaranteed to earn up to 10% of their investment every year.


  1. RiseVest

This investment platform was founded in 2019 by Eke Urum and his co-founders: Bosun Olanrewaju and Tony Odiba. In this investment platform, users have access to invest in dollars.

Rise vest is one of the investment platforms in Nigeria that has lifted many entrepreneurs as it helps them make the best financial decisions. This investment platform in Nigeria offers guidance with the help of expert human advice that helps users reach their stipulated goals with the resources available.

There are three major ways a customer can invest in this investment platform;

  • Stocks
  • Real estate
  • Fixed income

Each feature is categorised into a high-risk investment, medium risk investment and low-risk investment.

  • Stocks:

    This option made provision for entrepreneurs to invest and earn daily in Nigeria. This is achievable by simply investing in some foreign companies like Apple, Alibaba, Google, and Coca-Cola. This feature provides a 14% of return on an annual basis for your investment. This option is regarded by Risevest as a high–risk investment but you can earn your money if you can take risks.

  • Real Estate:

    Real Estate is another option of Risevest where you can invest and earn. By saving in Risevest real estate option, you can earn an interest of 15% interest on your investment annually. And Risevest regards these features as a medium-risk investment option.

  • Fixed Income:

    Risevest has regarded this option as the best investment option for those who don’t like taking the risk.


  1. Afrinvestor

This is one of Nigeria’s biggest investment platforms. It was designed by Afrinvest Security Limited to allow customers to take control of their money while receiving financial advice and guidance.


  1. Farmcrowdy

This is another great investment platform in Nigeria for investing in agribusiness. In this platform, your money is used to finance the farm and supply the necessary farm equipment, manure, and crops and you don’t have to be active all day at the end of the farming season a percentage of the profit is given to you.


  1. OPay

This is regarded as one of the best investment platforms in Nigeria one can invest in Nigeria where you can invest and earn daily depending on your preference. Opay is a mobile money agency owned by Opera News and it provides different financial services like savings, loans and investments e.t.c.

Opay has two different investment features which include:

  • Owealth is an investment platform option on Opay mobile money. Here, investors can invest and earn up to 15% of their investment yearly. For example, if you can invest N200,000 in Owealth, you would be earning 15% which is N25,000 in Nigeria.
  • Flexifixed is another Opay investment option that makes it possible for one to invest and earn daily in Nigeria. Here investors can earn up to 0.2% of their investment in a week and 1% of their investments in a month. For example, if you invest N200,000 on flexified, you would be earning 1% which is N1000 monthly.

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  1. Agricultural Investments In Nigeria

There are many reliable agriculture investment platforms in Nigeria where you can invest and earn. Here, you invest safely in farm projects and earn good returns on investment.


  • Payfarmer:

    This is a registered multipurpose platform that focuses on activities like fish farming, live farming, poultry, piggery and crops plantation. Here farmers are connected to investors and for each farmer project you invest in you are sure of up to 30% returns on your investment.


  • E-Poultry:

    It’s a platform of Takvor Resources and it’s the first digital poultry investment platform in Nigeria.

They depend on technology to provide funding, skills and access to the market for smallholder poultry farmers and give opportunity for small and medium-income earners to invest in these smallholder poultry farmers and can earn up to 40% return annually.

  •  Farm Partner:

    This is an investment platform in Nigeria that gives investors a chance to partner with farmers who deal in livestock and crop production in Nigeria. These farmers’ major focus is Cassava farming, cattle rearing and meat production.


Importance Of Agricultural Investments In Nigeria

Nigeria is one of the largest economies in Africa with over a 200million population. Agricultural investments help farmers in Nigeria generate funds and get the necessary tools a d equipment they need to have a successful farming season. This investment ensures that food and livestock will be available to the citizens of Nigeria.


What You Should Consider Before Venturing Into Any Investment Platforms In Nigeria


  • Authenticity:

    This is an important factor one should consider before venturing into this. Some investment platform online claims to be genuine and promise mouth-watering returns to investment just to lure their victims and dupe them. Before investing in any online investment platform do your research and try to study the platform, know the kind of promises they offer, know if such platform is registered and recognised by the government and know who created such investment platforms and when it was founded.


  • Safety:

    If you know you don’t have the heart to take risks, ensure you choose any investment platform that provides the best options or feature that ensures the safety of your investment.

  • Interest Rate:

    The major aim of investing your money is to make a reasonable profit. So before investing ensure you do a background study to know the returns on investment these investment platforms offer to ensure you will make a reasonable profit from it.


  • Customer Support:

    Another factor to consider when choosing an investment platform is to ensure you have access to customer care of the platform in case of any complaint, issue or challenges you might incur.



Investing is one of the best ways one can achieve financial freedom as it’s one of the ways of earning a passive income that comes on for years. One thing one should know for a fact is that online investments are real and don’t allow your fear to restrict you from venturing into them. There are so many investments platform one can go into, all you need to do is do your research and go for the one that best suits you and learn how to manage your time and acquire the required skills.

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