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Jumia affiliate marketing – All you need to know and how to get started


What is Jumia Affiliate Marketing

By now you must have heard about Jumia from a friend, on TV, on Radio, through social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Whatsapp, or you have been shopping online but you are not aware of ‘The Jumia affiliate marketing. Well, in this article, I would tell you about The Jumia affiliate marketing – all you need to know and how to get started just keep reading.

Jumia is a well-known online marketplace in Africa that is into categories of products such as fashion clothing (male & female, kids, and adults) electronics devices (all kinds of phones, laptops, television, generator, fridge, and what have you. The meaning of Jumia affiliate Marketing is the means of advertising products and services that a vendor or service provider sell in return for earnings (commission). 

Jumia company had its inception in Lagos in 2012 and has about 50000 companies that do business with them across different countries in Africa. However, when you buy products within the space of 30 days when you are done visiting the affiliate link, Jumia would pay you the affiliate a certain sum of what is purchased via your link or referral known as the commission.

Jumia Affiliate marketing has now become the most popular and the best affiliate marketing in Nigeria. Some of the Jumia affiliate’s Marketers have verified that it pays reasonably, unlike others. 

As a Jumia affiliate, you would be paid up to 11% commission from each sale made via your link. Jumia affiliate Marketing means someone who promotes the goods and services of Jumia’s company to the prospective customers to be paid a commission. And you who are into Affiliate Marketing, you are called an affiliate or a publisher.

Jumia affiliate marketing

How Jumia Affiliate Marketing Works.

The Jumia Affiliate marketing works just like others in terms of linking. When you register as a Jumia affiliate, you will be provided with an affiliate link, this is the link that you will use to promote their products as an affiliate, you can promote the link on your social media handles, youtube, or on your blog. If a customer buys any products via the link within 30 days of visiting the link Jumia would pay you (affiliate) a commission, which is about 9%  – 11% for each sale.

Be aware that Jumia company would track all the sales you make via an affiliate link with the help of a tracking code. The thing is the link that Jumia sends to you has a tracking code in it. 

Whenever the link is clicked by a customer, it records on Jumia’s server and at the same time, a cookie (the cookie is used to connect to the social media that you use for the Jumia affiliate marketing and also to confirm your account and to know when you’re logged in and a 30-day lifespan is recorded on the customer’s device. When the customer buys any product within 30 days of clicking the link, the purchase will be sent to your bank account.

Jumia affiliate marketing pays a monthly payout amount of 5000 nairas minimum to you (affiliates). Moreover, if the money you earn adds to the minimum payout amount in a month, Jumia would pay you. But, if it’s less than the minimum payout amount, Jumia will move it to the next month and pay you the affiliate when the total earnings add up to the minimum payout.

As a Jumia affiliate marketer, you would attract potential clients’ attention when you share your affiliate links using your social media accounts for instance Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or blog sites. Your Jumia affiliate links will be linked to the Jumia website.

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How You Could Become an Affiliate

To become one of the Jumia Affiliate marketers, you would be required to use their affiliate site, and go through the signup process. Jumia will manually check your applications and approve if you are eligible for the company. Immediately your signup is approved, Jumia would reach you via email with a confirmation and you would follow the guideline to complete your registration.

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Once you are done with it, you can log in to your Jumia affiliate site, select the products in your network, and begin to promote the products using your social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Whatsapp, blog sites, etc.


How Jumia Affiliate Link on Facebook is Done

You are aware that there are billions of users who are on Facebook around the globe. there are also other spaces/platforms you could take up as an alternative to promote your products.

You can utilize different promotions using Facebook, this is one of its great benefits among other social media spaces. As a Jumia Affiliates marketer who uses Facebook you could utilize your profiles, comments, pages, groups, direct messages, and advertisements to promote your products and earn a commission. 

Having explained all of these, let me show you how you can use Facebook to promote the Jumia affiliate link on Facebook.

Your Facebook Profile

In case you don’t know what a Facebook profile is, not to worry I would take you through it as I unfold to you what a Facebook profile is. A Facebook complete profile is what your friends on Facebook use to identify you and send you friend requests. 

A complete Facebook profile is your profile, which you could use to communicate and define yourself nicely and what you do as a Jumia Affiliate. This Facebook profile would enable you to promote your brand and keep your relationship with your potential customers. 

With this, you could have thousands of friends and followers. Also, with your Facebook profile, you could write posts about products and put your affiliate link on the post so that when potential clients on the post-it will automatically direct your customers to the Jumia website.


Facebook Pages:

Okay, so the Facebook page is a space for you, companies, corporate owners, etc. Facebook page created a presence and affiliate for personal posts, business, and professional growth. As regards the number of followers, you have who are always more active, on Facebook profiles. 

As a Jumia affiliate marketer, you could create a Facebook page where you make the product known or it to your targeted audience, the products you want to promote. You could also join different Facebook pages where you would see followers or friends who market their brands in comment sections after a particular post by the owner of the page.

If you don’t have a Facebook page yet create one and if you have one, pay attention to your write-ups this would help you to promote a product that is connected to the topic.

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Facebook Groups

Facebook group is another active space to promote your Jumia affiliate link. Plus, you would be allowed to share information with different followers on topics relating to some of your potential customer’s areas of interest. You could create a group to share important information about some areas of interest.

 Therefore, you could promote products that interest the group members using your Jumia affiliate links in the group below. The quality of the content you would share in the group would determine the sale you would make when your group members click on your Jumia affiliate link.

Know that you are not limited to any groups, you could belong to as different groups as you want provided you are being accepted into the group and you would still promote products that interest group members. 

Because other affiliates post their links in groups, you have to be active to be recognized. Try to be friendly with the group admin in other to keep your post with affiliate links pinned. With this method, your Jumia affiliate marketing link post would be visible to all the group members.


Facebook Promotion

You are allowed to run Facebook ads on Facebook provided you have the money but is not much anyways. To run an advert, you would need a Facebook page which I have explained earlier. To run Facebook advertisements, you should be aware of Facebook policies following the advert. 

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When you click on the Facebook Ads, it would redirect you to another site known as the Facebook reviews site before granting you ads permission. Facebook frowns at dubious sites and spamming links.

 For your ads to run smoothly, you must know advertising and marketing strategies. The use of catchy headlines and informative images is very important. Plus, ads are not free of charge but the charge is moderate, you should start with a small budget. Slowly and steadily, you would understand how Facebook ads work better.


Advantages as a Jumia Affiliate Marketer

Here are some of the things you would benefit from being a Jumia affiliate marketing:

  • You would have the best setup in banners
  • You would have an experienced team who would be ever willing to help you.
  • You would have a product feed with 50,000 products and above.
  • You would be given the chance to publish everywhere such as Website, Blog, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, in a message/mail to a friend you know that needs a personal product that Jumia sells.
  • You would be granted a premium commission for premium publishers.
  • You would be given a Bank transfer as a means to receive your payment or commission; this means that Jumia would send your commission straight into your Nigeria bank account.


Jumia Affiliate Marketing Commission Percentage.

I know you will be eager to get to work as quickly as possible so you could start earning, you should first get introduced/familiarize with how the commission rates work in Jumia Affiliates marketing which is very important and to be on the safe side. Because as important as it sounds it is to confirm that you are completely aware of what you would be getting into.

Nevertheless, commission rates are not a criterion for selecting a niche or the product you would wish to promote. An outing to our post on Jumia Affiliate Marketing for starters would put you through all you need to make proper decisions as regards networks and products.


How to review commissions earned on JUMIA affiliate marketing

Nowadays, Jumia Affiliates would want to access this section, especially starters. While some of them get courage from it others use it as a means to either drop out or continue with the Jumia affiliate marketing.

Whichever means, for Jumia, it’s quite simple to know this information on Jumia space of course they want you to see and take a proper decision since the choice is yours. With these steps, you could get the information in front of your phone or laptop whatever medium you are using to access/view it 


  • You log in to your Jumia Affiliate dashboard
  •  You should select your country and then a report of your progress for the day, week, and month and in a second while it pops up on your screen.


How to Generate Jumia Affiliate Links

As you would be going into the Jumia Affiliate marketing company, it would be a complete waste with no primary information on how the Jumia affiliate marketing link is generated.

Let me explain to you how the Jumia affiliate link is generated 

  • You would need to get the link of the product you wish to promote on the Jumia affiliate marketing Official website. E.g, if you wish to promote electronics (phones), you should search for the product on the Jumia website and then copy the link.
  • You would be required to add your Jumia affiliate ID to the link you copied. Just to be sure, an affiliate ID is like a string of characters, mainly numbers, generated to track the sales you make for Jumia this means that if you promote a product with just the link, you will not be paid commissions for that sale. However, to get this ID, follow these instructions below:
  • You should Log in to your Jumia affiliate marketing dashboard.
  • Click on Tools from the vertical menu and then on Link builder.
  • You should select the country on the product you want to promote.
  • You should Paste the link that you copied from the first step into the blank field tagged.
  • Copy the new link generated in the Final URL field for promotion on your blog or social media post.
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After you must have completed the necessaries on the Jumia affiliate marketing link generation which you would use to promote your products. If you still need help with this you could contact Jumia affiliate marketing customer care.


Making Money Online from Jumia affiliate Marketing 

You could earn money from Jumia affiliate marketing by selling Jumia’s products and getting paid if you refer someone to Jumia through your affiliate link/banner to buy something when someone clicks on that link to buy any products

If you refer thousands of clients to Jumia and no one buys something via that link, Jumia would not pay you a kobo. In essence, you have to sell, sell and sell using all of your social media handles.

To refer your potential customers is simple when you put Jumia advertising banners and text links on your social media handle, websites, blog post, and what have you. 

 If you want to use banners, make sure that you select banners according to your protective customers and put them in a simple, visual position on your blog. If you want to use text links to promote Jumia affiliate marketing products, endeavor to use small, illustrative texts that will persuade clicks for instance Jumia black Friday is on click to buy at an affordable and discount rate here. 

You could write about Jumia affiliate marketing products in your blog posts, and social media channels and put your Jumia affiliate links in the posts. If you already have an existing blog post that is connected to a product at Jumia affiliate marketing, you could then include your link to such a post. Be accurate, not add links to irrelevant posts, or else, it would influence your ranking in Google searches negatively.

You should try to maintain to drive traffic to your blog and constantly track your achievement in the Jumia Affiliate marketing space. When you reach your payment limit, you could request for your earnings to be paid to your bank account that’s it.


Jumia Affiliate Marketing Daily Summary

Through this space, you could have daily details for a personal time frame, such as special clicks, pending conversions, complete clicks, etc. For you to start,  you have to input your country, followed by the range of duration you want a summary about, then click “Apply” to have the data.

The good thing is that the feature can export the data to either an excel file, doc, PDF, or even print the page.

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Jumia affiliate marketing Conversions

This is the space where you could view your changes, the date, and status anytime you want and always correct what needs to be corrected for proper documentation to payment.



Jumia Affiliate marketing is an everyday sell day that pays you a commission when you refer people to shop on the Jumia marketplace by clicking on your link. Jumia affiliate marketing company is a   smooth and authentic means to earn money every day. Shopping on Jumia websites is very easy and smooth as all your purchase of any/all products will be delivered to your doorstep.

With a Jumia affiliate, you would be responsible for yourself from what you make out of it rather than disturbing your friend’s Facebook with spammy links expecting someone will click and buy, you could be smart and lucrative about it and create something people will find value from and buy.

 If prove the means of value, people will patronize you. Making money online in Nigeria through Jumia affiliate marketing is not as hard as some people think, at least with the Jumia Affiliate marketing I have explained so far; I hope you could get started today to earn a living online using your smartphone or laptop. 


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