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Breakthrough Agreement: Australian Union Alliance Ends LNG Strikes, Easing Global Gas Price Worries


In a significant development for global gas prices, the Australian Union Alliance announced on Friday the cessation of its looming strikes against Chevron’s two major liquefied natural gas (LNG) projects in the region. This decision comes after weeks of escalating disputes that threatened to disrupt approximately 7 percent of the world’s LNG supplies.

The breakthrough agreement was reached after intense negotiations between the Union Alliance and Chevron, addressing the contentious issues that had been escalating tensions. “The Offshore Alliance will now work with Chevron to finalize the drafting of the agreement, and members will soon cease current industrial action,” stated Offshore Alliance spokesperson Brad Gandy.

This agreement effectively ends a protracted wage war that had been causing global gas markets to surge for six weeks, resulting in a substantial increase of up to 35 percent in LNG prices during August.

The situation began to ease earlier when a separate dispute involving Australia’s largest LNG plant, operated by Woodside Energy, was successfully resolved.

The proposed deal between the union alliance and Chevron is said to include “substantial improvements” in terms of pay, job security, locked-in schedules, and opportunities for career advancement, according to the alliance, which represents a combination of two unions.

According to Reuters, during a brief hearing on Friday, the Fair Work Commission (FWC) decided to adjourn the matter for four weeks, providing both parties with the necessary time to finalize the terms of the agreement. The commission, which holds the authority to enforce settlements, had “strongly recommended” the day before that the involved parties accept its proposals to end the work stoppages.

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Notably, despite the industrial action, there were no disruptions in LNG shipments, even following an incident at the Wheatstone plant.

The alliance had been advocating for Chevron to align its pay terms with those agreed upon by Woodside in their initial deal with the unions. According to figures submitted by the union to the commission, the total remuneration for offshore platform technicians ranged from A$350,233 at the entry-level to A$418,337 at the highest level in the Woodside agreement.

Energy analyst Saul Kavonic, speaking to Reuters, expressed optimism that this agreement would likely put an end to most of the industrial action offshore Western Australia. Union agreements, which typically have a duration of around four years, are now expected to be in place for most offshore LNG sites. “Although we should expect the unions will increase their membership in the wake of the recent successes they have had, and there is still some scope for more union action at the North West Shelf LNG plant and some offshore floating production storage and offloading units next year,” he noted.

The resolution of these disputes is expected to have a positive impact on global gas prices, bringing relief to markets that have been grappling with uncertainty and volatility in recent weeks.

The ripple effects of the agreement are likely to be felt on multiple fronts. Firstly, it spells good news for energy consumers worldwide, as it could potentially stabilize gas prices, providing some relief from the recent spikes that had resulted from supply concerns. The 35 percent increase in LNG prices during August had raised concerns about the impact on households and industries reliant on natural gas.

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Moreover, the resolution demonstrates the significance of effective labor-management negotiations in the energy sector. The Australian Union Alliance’s success in securing improved terms for its members sets a precedent for other unions and workers’ organizations globally. It underscores the importance of collective bargaining and the role of unions in safeguarding workers’ rights and interests in a highly competitive industry.

Chevron’s decision to reach an agreement with the union alliance also highlights the company’s commitment to maintaining uninterrupted operations and ensuring a stable supply of LNG to global markets. The LNG sector plays a vital role in meeting the world’s energy demands, and any disruptions can have far-reaching consequences. By resolving the dispute, Chevron contributes to the sector’s reliability and stability, which is essential for energy security.

Looking ahead, the agreement is expected to have a lasting impact on industrial relations in the Australian LNG industry. The union agreements, with their improved pay and conditions, are likely to set the standard for future negotiations in the sector. This could lead to greater labor stability and reduced risks of industrial action, benefiting both workers and companies operating in the LNG field.


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