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Farmers Urge Government to Enhance Agricultural Funding and Ensure Security Against Herdsmen


Amidst mounting economic challenges, Nigerian farmers are voicing their concerns and calling on the government to prioritize agricultural diversification by addressing two key issues: access to funds and security against the persistent threat of herdsmen. These farmers, who form the backbone of Nigeria’s agricultural sector, emphasize the pivotal role of government support in driving sustainable economic growth and ensuring a prosperous future for the nation.

Enabulele Osaro, a seasoned farmer from Edo State, expressed his frustration over the difficulties farmers face in obtaining funds for agricultural development. “I have dedicated years to farming, but the lack of access to affordable credit facilities has affected me in my aim to modernize my farm and increase the size,” Enabulele lamented. He stressed the urgent need for the government to prioritize providing accessible funding options, enabling farmers to expand their operations, adopt modern technologies, and increase productivity. Such support, according to Enabulele, would revolutionize the agricultural sector and uplift the livelihoods of countless farmers across the nation.

Similarly, Adekunle Grace, a growing farmer from Ondo State, highlighted the pressing issue of security in agricultural communities. Adekunle voiced her concerns, particularly regarding the constant threat of herdsmen encroaching on farmlands and devastating crops. “As farmers, we implore the government to prioritize our security and establish robust measures to protect our investments,” she urged. Adekunle emphasized that when farmers feel safe and protected, they can wholeheartedly focus on their agricultural activities, leading to increased productivity and contributing significantly to the overall growth of Nigeria’s economy.

These sentiments reflect the collective plea of farmers who are well aware of the crucial role the government plays in addressing their challenges. The need for increased access to funds and improved security measures against herdsmen has become paramount. Recognizing the potential of the agricultural sector to drive economic diversification, these farmers emphasize that government intervention is essential to creating an enabling environment for agricultural development.

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Experts and stakeholders in the agricultural sector also support these farmers’ demands. They stress that the government must take proactive measures to enhance funding opportunities for farmers, ensuring that credit facilities are easily accessible, affordable, and tailored to meet the unique needs of the agricultural community. Simultaneously, robust security measures must be put in place to protect farmers and their farmlands from the recurrent menace of herdsmen attacks.

The Nigerian government has taken commendable steps in this direction, as exemplified by initiatives such as the Anchor Borrowers’ Program, which has provided credit facilities to smallholder farmers, resulting in increased crop production and improved livelihoods. However, it is crucial to scale up and sustain such initiatives, coupled with the implementation of supportive policies, infrastructure development, and stronger coordination among relevant stakeholders. Farmers, researchers, financial institutions, and development partners must collaborate to achieve a holistic approach to agricultural diversification.

As Nigeria stands at a critical juncture, diversifying the economy through agriculture is a promising avenue to overcome economic hardships, boost employment, and foster overall development. By addressing the concerns raised by farmers regarding access to funds and security against herdsmen, the government can demonstrate its commitment to empowering the agricultural sector. Such efforts will unlock Nigeria’s vast economic potential, transform it into an agricultural powerhouse, and pave the way for a brighter and more prosperous future for its citizens.

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