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Sony to Invest $10 Million in African Entertainment Startups, with a Focus on Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, and Ghana


In a groundbreaking move, Sony Group’s entertainment division is set to invest a substantial $10 million in early-stage entertainment startups across multiple African countries. The primary focus of this investment initiative is on the vibrant markets of Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, and Ghana, signaling Sony’s commitment to Africa’s burgeoning tech and entertainment sectors.

Gen Tsuchikawa, the CEO of Sony Ventures, confirmed the commencement of due diligence for potential beneficiaries in an exclusive interview with TechCrunch. While the initial emphasis is on these four countries, Tsuchikawa hinted at the possibility of expanding the scope of the project in the future.

“We have initiated due diligence on a few startups, but I can’t share any details at this time,” responded Tsuchikawa when asked if Sony Innovation Fund: Africa has made any investments yet and if certain startups are on its radar. He added, “We plan to start our work with South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, and Ghana, but there is a possibility of expanding the scope of the project in the future.”

Africa has garnered Sony’s attention as a “key area of focus,” according to Tsuchikawa, who expressed the company’s commitment to the entertainment sector. He emphasized Africa’s vibrant community of creators and entrepreneurs who are eager to invent new ways to enhance entertainment experiences for audiences.

The Appeal of African Markets to Sony

Nigeria, in particular, stands out as a prime investment destination due to its sizable and youthful population, dynamic entertainment sector, and burgeoning tech ecosystem. The country boasts a roster of thriving startups, including iROKOtv, Boomplay, and Stripe, which have gained recognition on both the African and global stages. This blend of talent and market potential makes Nigeria an attractive prospect for Sony’s investment initiative.

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Targeting the Entertainment Ecosystem

This investment initiative will be managed through the newly established Sony Innovation Fund: Africa, operating under the umbrella of Sony Ventures Corporation. It will specifically target startups in the gaming, music, film, and content distribution sectors, aligning with Sony’s deep-rooted expertise and presence in the entertainment industry.

Despite the immense potential in gaming, music, movies, and content distribution, African entertainment tech startups have faced challenges in securing consistent venture capital. In 2022, these startups received a mere $42 million in funding, accounting for just 0.9% of Africa’s total venture capital investments, as reported by Partech Africa. This indicates a significant gap in funding, which Sony’s investment is poised to help bridge.

Promoting Innovation and Growth

While Sony has not disclosed a specific timeline for deploying the investments or the number of beneficiaries, the company is committed to initiating the due diligence process for potential recipients in the coming days. This investment by Sony reflects the growing interest in Africa’s tech and entertainment industries, following similar moves by global tech giants like Google, Microsoft, and Facebook. These major players recognize the vast untapped potential of the African market and are eager to participate in its growth.

Sony’s entry into African entertainment startups is expected to stimulate further investment interest in Nigeria’s entertainment industry and across the African continent. By injecting much-needed capital into this sector, Sony will help nurture local talent, create opportunities for budding entrepreneurs, and drive innovation. This will ultimately contribute to the growth of the African tech and entertainment sectors, positioning the continent as a global hub for innovation and creativity.

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The Global Trend of Tech Giants Investing in Africa

Sony’s investment in African entertainment startups is part of a broader trend of global tech giants recognizing the untapped potential in African markets. Companies like Google, Microsoft, and Facebook have also recently invested in African startups and initiatives. These tech giants are eager to be part of Africa’s transformation, as the continent continues to witness rapid advancements in technology and innovation.


Sony’s $10 million investment in African entertainment startups, with a primary focus on Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, and Ghana, marks a significant milestone in the growth of Africa’s tech and entertainment sectors. As due diligence processes get underway and investments are deployed, local startups and entrepreneurs can look forward to a new era of opportunities and growth. Sony’s commitment to Africa underscores the continent’s position as a rising global player in the entertainment and tech industries. This investment is poised to stimulate further interest in Africa’s potential, positioning it as a key hub for innovation and creativity, not only in the region but on a global scale.


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