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The rise of technological innovation has brought about online business that pays daily in Nigeria without investment. The world is becoming a global village, more companies and institutions keep emerging at a rapid pace making use of the platforms that technological innovations have provided and this outplay has created numerous online business opportunities for individuals to venture into.

Online business is fast becoming a lucrative business in this present age and time, as it’s one of the most credible, easy and profitable businesses ones can engage in which require little or no startup cost.

There are numerous platforms available online where people can engage to start making money. The most unique part about these online businesses is that everyone has access to it irrespective of your location and you don’t even have to meet the person with whom you are to do business.

Nigeria is a country that is not left out of this so platforms are made available online for Nigerians to engage in.


Online Business That Pays Daily In Nigeria Without Investment

Here are the top seven (7) online business that pays daily in Nigeria without investment one can engage in. But keep in mind, these businesses require time and effort when setting it up, once you gain an audience who is interested or hungry for the services you render, you become like a Messiah and everybody will be reaching out because they find you worthy to receive their money, you automate your system for daily rewards or cash out.

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1. Blogging:

This is one legitimate way one can earn money online daily. In blogging, you only have to find a subject area you are so passionate about and begin to engage people in it. One important thing people must note down about blogging is that you have to be original in terms of the content you post and to ensure that such content is useful you must post this useful content regularly to remain relevant and for more people to engage in your post.

There are numerous services online that provide avenues for you to start up your blog site for free and one thing most people don’t have knowledge about is that blogging is not limited to writing alone. It also creates avenues to post pictures, videos and links to other sites.

2. Affiliate Marketing:

After marketing is another online business that pays daily in Nigeria without investment and is fast becoming a renowned online business in the world. This is one of the easiest to engage in and requires little or no startup cost.

Although some people see it as a digital skill, their ideology is wrong. Affiliate marketing is just a business model to help businesses grow their sales by a third party known as the affiliate and in return gets paid for a job well done. Affiliate marketing is an online business where a person who is called an affiliate promotes other people’s products and gets paid an agreed commission when customers buy that product.

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In this business, the affiliate has a unique link when promoting a product and he is paid an agreed commission when a consumer buys that product directly from your link. With this platform, you can make so much money with so much ease because you do all the work using only your mobile phone.

One distinguishing aspect in affiliate marketing is that you own your product or bother yourself on how the customer will get their product. You are like the middleman that links the client to the seller. Your job is to convince the customer to buy the product or service through the link you provide to them and once that is done, your job is done.

3. Freelancing:

Another business platform one can engage in is freelancing. Here, all you need to do is to sell your skill for an income. Sites like Upwork and Fiverr give you the required platform to do so.

For example, if you are into graphic designs, copywriting, website design e.t.c. This site provides opportunities for you to sell your skills to people who need them.

Here you work at your pace and you are not answerable to anybody. You are your boss. You can start by creating an account with either Fiverr or Upwork, get verified, decide on what service or skill you want to provide and set up your profile. Try to create a profile that sells.

It’s also important to note that there are numerous platforms one can freelance from but freelancing is not just limited to these apps alone you can use your social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others to sell your services.

Among these social media, LinkedIn and Twitter seem to be the most beneficial to freelancers as they help them to meet directly with business owners.

4. YouTube Content Creator:

This is another platform online where you can make money daily. YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google and one of the world’s most popular video sites.

You can earn through YouTube by promoting your product or content as videos. You don’t need to be a pro in video editing, just have the basic knowledge of video editing to start and gradually you become an expert in it.

In this platform, you can begin by first creating your YouTube channel, building it, and then growing your subscribers by dishing out valuable video content regularly and ensuring you get viewers. Ensure the content you create will make your subscribers keen on getting more.

Just enough value, for these people to see you as an expert and an authority who will guide them to their destination ( what they are looking for) and the more people will start subscribing to your channel and connect with you. Another moneymaker is to create a course and redirect your subscribers to buying them as a solution to their problems.

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5. Cryptocurrency:

Cryptocurrency is a fast-rising online business that pays daily in Nigeria without investment and it is so lucrative in Nigeria. Cryptocurrency is a payment system that is done digitally or virtually. It’s a digital form of payment that is not dependent on a central monetary authority such as the government or a bank. Cryptocurrency is one of the most lucrative online businesses that is used by most Nigerians and according to statistics Nigeria is the second-largest Bitcoin marketer after the USA.

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The moneymakers in this market are numerous. For example,

  • mining Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies can put money in your pocket and the amount you make is solely up to you but although there are some that you can only mine after 24hours.
  • Yielding and Staking of your cryptocurrencies to earn additional after a 24hours time frame. Usually, it’s been calculated in percentage.
  • Crypto trading. This space has created millionaires in recent times and a short period in the industry. Just like any field or industry, you need to learn before you earn. Crypto trading is not an exception but it is worth it.

6. Be An Online Bookseller:

If you are an expert in any topic or subject area, you can choose to write about what you know about that particular subject or topic and convert your write up into a valuable course or ebook and sell it online to people who require the knowledge you have gained over that subject area or topic. Make sure efforts are put in place in the making of the book to ensure it remains relevant in the long run.

The most amazing part about this form of business its regarded as a passive income which simply means you continue to generate profit for years even after publishing it. If you don’t have an audience, you could publish your work on sites such as Udemy or Amazon. These sites help you market your product and grow your audience.

Amazon Kindle publishing KDP is the most popular among other publishing that pays very high and authors get to keep as high as 70% if not 90% of the work. The icing on the cake about this business is, that you only need to devote your time to create it and it pays off for a lifetime.

7. Web Designer:

In Nigeria, websites are gaining momentum as so many businesses are rising and are making use of the internet to gain more customers. This business most times resorts to creating websites for themselves and needs web designers to help them build their website.

To be a web designer, you need adequate knowledge of programming and you need a good understanding of the CMS you are going to use but all this knowledge is easy to gain as you can learn it online for free as opposed to the paid course. But if you want to be top-notch, then you need to step your game higher by getting a paid course or mentor to up your game.


How To Start Up Online Business In Nigeria

1. Be A Problem Solver:

You need to discover problems people face and find solutions you can provide to solve those problems. People only seek those who can solve their problems, so be a solution provider. Identify the right problem, become an expert in solving that problem and increase your chance of earning.

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To be a problem solver you must be an active listener because this is the only basic skill that helps you identify people’s pain points. And when you listen, the person on the other hand tells you everything and only when you listen attentively can you find a problem.  When. You spot a problem, all that is left is to create a course or become an agency solving that particular problem for people and you get paid for that.

2. Learn A Skill:

Most lucrative business online requires skilful experts. To know the skills that are in demand and ensure you become an expert. For example, copywriting. This is an invaluable skill set anyone can learn. The opportunity for it is big and it’s always in high demand. Copywriting is using written words to persuade people to buy what you are selling.

This skill has become a Nexus for any business to sell online profitably as the fundamental attribute of any online business is sales. And all businesses need sales. So if you can show businesses how to make their money, your pay will always keep coming because people now see you as a Messiah to their business. Note that you can still use copywriting skills to sell offline products.

3. Build A Profile:

As someone who needs to thrive online, you need to sell yourself out.,which means you need to build a profound profile. A profile that shows you are competent, trustworthy, reliable and also an expert at what you do because people need to know they are getting the best help to solve their problems. This builds credibility in the long run and people can easily entrust you with their money.

Moreso, you need to build a Worthy portfolio of all your work that makes you stand out when approaching a client to work within the online space in order not to be seen as a scam.

4. Networking:

The popular saying your network is your net worth come to play here. If you must grow exponentially as your capital (money) you need to connect with other individuals, businesses and brands so they are aware of what you’re doing. By so doing, you get promoted and people (strangers and friends) can refer you to others.

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As online business continues to thrive most Nigerians have taken advantage of the various opportunities it offers because of the ease, independence and financial freedom it offers. It also allows you to meet and interact with people irrespective of proximity and location. The most important thing you should have in mind is choosing the online business that best suits you and can give you the platform to offer the skills you are good at.

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