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Top 5 Affordable Professional Email Address Providers for Small Businesses

A professional email address provider is a specialized email service platform that can operate your email servers for you. It allows you to send and receive emails using your custom or professional email address, for example,  

If you run a business, creating a customized email address for your business can give your customers and clients the impression that you are an expert at what you do and that your business operations are well organized. It also allows you to have an email address that matches your business name so people can easily remember it. 

Some professional email address providers offer email hosting plans for as low as $1 per month or even free. Also, you will be free to select the features you prefer according to your budget. So this guide discusses some of the most affordable professional email address providers you can maximize to take your business to the next level. 

Google Workspace 

Google workspace is one of the best professional email address providers for small businesses; it provides the tools you need to run a successful business and is free for the first fourteen days. 

Google Workspace, formerly known as G Suite, cannot be categorized as a cheap email address provider, but because of the many features it offers, it is considered the best for its price. In addition, it provides so much more than just email hosting, so even though its price is higher than others, it is still worth it. 

You can access Google Workspace with a flat $6/user/month fee. Recently Google also launched a new plan for solo users at a starting price of $10/month. Google Workspace is the simplest way to access Gmail using a custom domain name, and it also lets you use POP3/IMAP to access Gmail with other professional email providers. 

Key Features 

  • Google Workspace provides a professional email address and supports the use of other apps like Sheet, Calendar, Drive, Docs, etc. 
  • Supports 100-500 participants for video conferencing. 
  • Provides spam protection that can effectively stop over 99.9% of attacks. 
  • Offers an ad-free version of Gmail for your email. 
  • It has valuable tools to share information in your business and within your organization easily. 


Bluehost is one of the most affordable professional email address providers; still, it offers many amazing features for its users. Bluehost lets you create as many email addresses as possible and allows you to host unlimited websites using any domain name.

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In addition, this platform helps you save a lot of money with their all-in-one bundle offer compared to paying for web hosting and email hosting separately. Furthermore, Bluehost can give you an excellent user experience with their beginner-friendly website.

The Bluehost platform features a user-friendly account dashboard that allows you to easily and efficiently manage your email accounts and connect with clients. It also offers numerous webmail options, WordPress website builder, etc. You can access Bluehost services at $2.75/month and also get 24/7 customer support. 

Key Features

  • Offers professional business email plus WordPress hosting plans.
  • A free domain name is included in the plan. 
  • Unlimited email addresses and email storage. 
  • Free advertising for your business on leading websites like Google, Yahoo, and others. 
  • MOJO Marketplace will be integrated into your account to provide instant web resources for your business. 
  • 30 days money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their services.

Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail has to be the most affordable professional email address provider because it is the only platform that offers a forever-free email hosting plan. The free plan is available for up to five users and provides 5GB of storage for each user. 

However, the Zoho free email hosting plan only gives you web access. You can’t use your preferred client; you will only be allowed to use only Zoho’s webmail client. Zoho paid plans are also very affordable, starting at $1/user/month with the same 5GB of storage per user limit, but it gives you access to some new features.

Key Features

  • Life-free email hosting plan for up to five users. 
  • Collaboration and productivity tools are included in the workplace email plan. 
  • Additional productivity tools and services can be included with an extra fee. 
  • Provides other special features like email retention, folder sharing, and specialized mobile apps. 
  • Extensive control panel for easy personalizations and configurations. 
  • Email and calendar migration from other providers. 
  • Higher attachment limits(250 MB). 


IONOS is also a very affordable option for professional email address providers; it offers a very cheap plan for individual email hosting. The Mail Basic 1 plan costs $1/month, and you get 2 GB of storage and a free domain for your email address. This can be compared to a free plan because the price is relatively low compared to the value it offers. 

On this platform, you can access your email from anywhere and use your mail client or the IONOS webmail. If you are not satisfied with the 2 GB storage limit the Mail Basic 1 plan offers, you can opt for the Mail Basic 1+ plan to get 12GB storage at $4 per month.

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If you want to buy a plan for your business team, you can go for the Mail Business plan that gives you team collaboration tools and 50 GB per mailbox at $5/month. Of course, the price for this Mail Business plan will also depend on how many users you have. 

Key Features  

  • Offers a free domain name. 
  • Scalable storage and enhanced security features. 
  • Additional plans for email and productivity tools through Microsoft or Google. 
  • Provides collaboration tools that allow you to share contacts, calendars, and tasks within your organization. 
  • Large mailbox of 50GB and attachment size up to 70MB. 
  • Freedom to choose your mail client.

Rackspace Email

Although Rackspace Email isn’t as cheap as some other professional email address providers, it is still very affordable and offers amazing and unique features.

For example, it has high mailbox storage of up to 25GB for the lowest plan at $2.99/user/month and special email and calendar tools for some other plans that can help you increase efficiency in your business. 

This platform is easy to use and a recommended option for small businesses; it allows you to pay for what you need and will enable you to have access to your email anywhere and anytime with a 100% uptime guarantee. 

Key Features 

  • Free email migrations from other email providers. 
  • Offers unlimited group lists, aliases, and forwarding. 
  • Easy email access through mobile phones, Outlook, or the webmail application. 
  • Premium spam and anti-virus protection. 
  • No pop-up ad and maximum privacy and data protection. 
  • Email reseller program that can help you grow your business. 
  • Customization options like email archiving to preserve your emails in a secure data center and Microsoft office for quick updates on Word, Outlook, Excel, and PowerPoint. 

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How to Choose the Right Professional Email Address 

Choosing the right professional email address provider for your business is like getting a perfect shoe. If you pick the wrong one, it will affect your comfort and peace.

Likewise, in your business, the wrong or unsuitable professional email address provider will affect your business operations and efficiency negatively. So here are some of the things you should consider when searching for a professional email address provider. 

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Consider the Features You Need 

The features an email address provider offers will determine the benefits you will get for your money. All professional email address providers have different plans for various prices.

These plans have different features and benefits, including templates, mobility, automation, tracking, personalizations, and free migrations. So consider the most important features you need for your business. 

Decide Your Budget

Some professional email address providers offer free plans with limited features, while others may offer a 14-day free trial for customers to try out their services. You can also get a plan for as low as $1 with some professional email address providers.

So before you choose an email address provider, you should consider how much you are willing to pay for their services. 

Check the Customer Support System

Whatever services you are paying for to enhance your business, you should know that there may be some challenges or issues with the services, and you will need support to resolve those challenges quickly.

So you should check out the customer support system of the professional email address providers before choosing one. However, most email address providers offer excellent 24/7 customer support services for all their plans. 

Make an Informed Decision 

There are so many things you should find out about the email address provider you want to patronize. Do some research, and ensure you understand their mode of operations before buying any plan. 

In addition, ensure to confirm the delivery rates of the professional email address provider and their relationship with top websites like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, etc. 

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Your business cannot function properly without email communication, so when considering an email address for your business, it would be best to get a customized one from a professional email address provider.

This allows you to match up your name with your business’s name and access so many other features that can help you run your business communications smoothly. In addition, as your business continues to grow, you can always upgrade your email hosting plans, add or remove users or even downgrade your plan to suit your business needs. 

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