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Top 18 Real Estate Companies in Lagos


Do you want to know the best Real Estate Companies in Lagos? But don’t know how to go about it. Or do you desire to own one? Do you need the services of a realtor but you are having a challenge finding one? Perhaps you have no idea of what real estate companies do or the services they offer?

Oh well, I have researched carefully on this article on real estate companies in Lagos for you to be led in the right way. It is a big error to talk about Real Estates Company without fully understanding what it is all about.

What exactly is this Real Estate Company? A real estate company is seen as any private business that deals with the sales and management of properties such as buildings, land, filling stations, malls, etc. A real estate company can also be said to handle any resource on the land that is used for residential, commercial, or industrial reasons. Real estate is often an individual’s most essential property, and in most cases, it helps you actualize your dreams.

Most real estate companies are keen to use the best strategic outputs to give results to Nigerians’ housing shortage problems. These real estate companies in Lagos do not only sell or lease houses; they make your dreams come true. Real estate companies in Lagos are into buying, selling, and renting properties, they also run, own, and manage estates.

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In this article, I have listed some real estate companies in Lagos to make your search easy.


1. Amen estate

Amen Estate has a different sort of excellence, taste, and outstanding in the Lagos Real Estate sector. Amen estate gives you a relaxation center which includes a gymnasium, pool, fitness center, tennis court and football pitch, public parks, and gardens.

Amen estate has outlined plans for a shopping center and schools. The estate has shown off a defined and commercial space which will include a new open-air market, community center for parties and events, and kids’ playground, complete with recreational furnishings.

 Some of the services offered in amen estate include:

  • Street and common space lightings of the estate 
  • Round the clock armed safety
  • -Gatekeeper and building maintenance services
  • Day-to-day maintenance of all common spaces, including streets
  • Waste Management services and fire hydrants
  • Integrated CCTV and broadband internet for the connection with main gate neighbors

For further inquiries visit: Amen Estate



Property Link, Real Estate Investment has been known as one of Lagos’s biggest independent estate management companies, giving detailed property results to a different group of investors. 

This real estate company in Lagos was put together to be the best and most selective real estate company in Lagos with an outstanding return on properties, and it has been doing great on that expectation. For these reasons it has been accepted to give a record of customers satisfactory value for money in the services they deliver. 

This company has been providing its services to Nigerians and also citizens of the United States of America, citizens of the United Kingdom, citizens of Dubai, and South Africans.

Their services include:

  • Construction and Design
  • Estate Management
  • Property Sale, Rental & Development
  • Legal Advice
  • Estate Registration Services
  • Global Property Sales & Development
  • Monetary Services Consulting

For further inquiries visit: Property Link


3. Petik Limited

Petik Limited is one of the real estate companies in Lagos that have boasted outstanding service delivery. Petik limited knows how to give real estate to users, partners, and investors the best in class improvement services to always deliver impressive hazard-adjusted returns. For more than 25 years, PETIK has been on top of a whole range of development and investment services to commercial real estate residents and investors.

As an investor, Petik has created value through site identification, by providing optimal entitlements and organizing the design, construction, and leasing of assets placed to meet the needs of your demands.

Petik Limited has been known as one of the biggest commercial real estate inventors in Lagos with projects of over 100

List of Real Estate Products Owned or Completed by Petik Limited:

  • Erkki Ultra-Modern Shops
  • Smart City Estate Project in Enugu State.
  • 5 Bedroom Duplex in Lekki
  • Petik Romanian Finishing Design
  • LSPDC Estate, Ikate, Lekki in Lagos.
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For further inquiries visit: Petik Limited


4. Adron Homes and Property

Adron Homes and property just as the name implies is one of the real estate companies in Lagos that give the biggest number of acceptable, available, safe, and affordable houses. Adron Homes and property has set a goal to give housing and project management for every part of society.

The company has over 4,000 acres of land in locations running from Abuja, Shimawa, Lekki,  Ikorodu, and more. The company will give you counts and sales on any properties you chose.

The following are some of the company’s projects:

  • Emirates Parks and Gardens, Badagry
  • City Park and Gardens, Asejire, Ibadan
  • Central Park and Garden Kuje, Abuja
  • Glass House estate
  • Grandview Park and Gardens estate
  • Grandview Park and Gardens estate, Atan Ota (China Town)
  • Imperial Parks and Gardens, Shagamu
  •  London Park and Gardens, Ibadan
  • Manhattan Park and Gardens Phase 2

For further inquiries visit: Website


5. Fine and Country

Presently fine and Country has been put as one of the top real estate companies in Lagos Nigeria. Fine and country is an International company that targets sales and rentals of properties.

Furthermore, fine and country know how to offer real estate advice to companies, organizations and also assists in the Marketing and Branding of projects.

Fine and country clients include Zenith, Dangote, Access, and others. They are attention to Luxury Homes in Victoria Island, Abuja, and other parts of the country.

Their offers include:

  • Project Sales Administration/Lease Administration;
  • Real Estate Marketing Presentation & Branding Services;
  • -Specialized Advertising /Media PR Service;
  • Specialized Real Estate Research, Advisory & Analysis.

For further inquiries visit: Fine and Country

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6. Sterling Homes Limited

Sterling Homes came into existence with the primary aim of boosting standard citizen access to house possession and giving better living experiences for people in a safe environment.

With a vision to operate the real estate need in Africa for individuals and corporate groups in the next five years, Sterling homes haves has maintained, without mistrust, being one of the best real estate companies in Lagos, Nigeria.

They provide the following services:

  • Estate Construction
  • Building Manage Housing
  •  Real Estate Consultancy
  • Investment Consultancy
  • Home Ownership Initiative
  • Immediate Allocation

For further inquiries visit: Sterling Homes Limited


7. CADWELL Limited

Cadwell has been listed as one of the real estate companies in Lagos. Its improvement has been in style and skill as the 2014 International quality crown award and the real estate of the year achievement. Cadwell limited is big fame for developing real estate high class. According to the company’s project description, they have been known to work mostly with great end customers. 

Cadwell Limited  engages in the following services:

  • Real estate development and management
  • Real estate project industry
  • Building maintenance.
  • Partnership

For further inquiries visit: CADWELL


8. Primrose Development Company

Primrose Development Company (PDC) is one of the operating real estate companies in Lagos. PDC is a real estate development company, their basics as real estate developers stretch back more than thirty years to its forerunner organizations.

Primrose Properties Investment Limited (PPIL) and City Securities Limited. Jointly, the Primrose group of companies have improved and owned a property portfolio of over $150 million in Lagos, Nigeria.

PDC gives a different and remarkable importance proposal filling in all the basic skills and requirements basic to the accomplishment of a real estate company in Lagos.

Primerose development company  projects:

  • Atlantic Royal Gardens
  • Baron’s Court
  • Heritage Place
  • Heritage Terrace
  • Primrose Place
  • Primrose Gardens
  • Ultimate Apartments.

For further inquiries visit: Primerose


9. The Havens home

The havens homes are one of the real estate companies in Lagos that have been providing houses for sale. Their completed works regardless are no doubt a basis of class and taste. Top celebrities have been their growing list of clients who admire style and class with elegance and being widely traveled, they have wished to return to a home befitting of their international standard.

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With only a 30% Down Payment of the agreed price of a residence, you as well can join a moving list of clients, who are now living their dreams in the havens home estate.  

For further inquiries Visit: The Havens Home


10. Revolution Plus Properties

Revolution plus Properties is one of Nigeria’s top real estate companies in Lagos. Revolution plus properties specialties are in the building of houses, sale of lands and houses, also with adjustable payment plans and reasons to make purchasing properties from them affordable.

You must have watched their advert series on Dstv and other media channels during big brother Naija 2021. They attract energy from their large and deep insight of the real estate company, thereby providing their customers the guide and advisory services they require.

They have lots of properties for your dream desire.

For further inquiries visit: Their Website

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Kings Court Realtors develop, manage, sells, and lease all kinds of properties. Kings Court Realtors is a top-notch real estate company in Lagos that focuses on giving huge-end realtor services to a selected group of customers in Lagos, Nigeria’s main cities, and internationally.

Kings Court Realtors gives excellent advice on how to locate, buy, market, sell, and invest in residential real estate of all kinds, which include flats, homes, and huge-end modern construction in Lagos and other Nigerian states, as well as internationally. 

Kings court realtors offer the following services

  • Residential Sales & Lettings
  • Estate & Facilities Management
  • Renting, Sales & Acquisitions

For more inquiries visit: Kings Court Realtors



Cortts limited is one of the real estate companies in Lagos that has energetic and loyal real estate professionals, including lawyers, estate surveyors, architects, and builders, whose major expectation is to maintain clients’ valuable by helping them to make positive and experienced real estate investment decisions. Cortts limited render the following services:

  • Estate Transaction Structure
  • Portfolio Selection and Management
  • Logical/Viability Studies and Market records
  • Joint Ventures
  • Estate Leasing

For more inquiries visit: Website


13. Shonibare Estate

Shonibare estate is one of the best estates in Lagos.  It has been recorded among the top important needs of people to live healthy and safe. As people grow with time, people grow to add luxuries to homes they live in for utmost comfort and relaxation.

This is one of the properties Shonibare estate has to offer for its inhabitants.

Shonibare estate is situated in a quiet environment, with amenity one of its focal and selling points. However the price of homes here is quite costly, but if you can pay for it, it’s absolutely worth the cost I mean good thing deserves good money.

The estate is also a big space to have relaxation with a lot of airy luxuries to keep its residents committed and alive.

Another thing is that it is close to the Ikeja army cantonment, so what could ever go improper? It positions as the 9th best real estate company in Lagos state.


14. Parkview Estate, Ikoyi

Park view estate has a lure for essence, style, taste, and flawless detailed attention to defining this Italian-style villa, which also displays clearing views. The lasting home attracts you with a personal passage hall, with great views moving forward all through.

Homes in Parkview Estate company in Lagos look after a marble staircase, home theatre, official study, six beautiful air-conditioned twofold room suites, an edge flow pool, and relatively more.

Only touring the estate is enough to prove its eligibility as the 4th best real estate company in Lagos state.

Parkview Estate is well connected by roads most noticeable by the Gerrard Road and close to Banana Island.

The estate is very private, with companies and guest houses in the estate. It is seen as one of the most priced areas to live in Lagos.


15. Grenadines Homes CitiView Estate

Grenadines homes Citiview estate is another top real estate company in Lagos.

This estate gives properties with qualities and class which come in different means or forms. Granadines Homes Citiview estate gives everything starting from forests, stylishly designed facilities to top mansions in a peaceful and quiet environment.

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Provided you have the money needed, this alternative is always among the attainable ones. The estate is located off Olubunmi Okojie road, Off the Lekki-Epe expressway, Lekki. It is strategically located close to the Novare mall, Shoprite, Game store, Genesis (Cinema) which all are places you can have relaxation, shop, and entertain yourself.

You can also find the Lagos business school around the estate.

In this estate, a block of balcony covers over 422 square meters, mostly with a 3 bedroom duplex, all rooms have a balcony, parlor with adequate space, store, and more to help settle in well.


16. Living Gold Estate

This estate is located on the well-known banana island of Lagos State.

Living Gold estate is certainly one of the top real estate companies in Lagos through its photos decor, with its real lagoon and forest. This estate is a haven for many types of birds like the kingfisher, and what have you.

The presence of all these birds puts in an additional taste to the beauty of the estate and the standard ambiance on show in the environmental area.

Without change, Living Gold estate has one of the biggest sizes of top homes focused on an estate for sale.

Choosing living gold estate from home theatre, beautiful marble floors, outdoor pools, shining chandeliers, and what have you.

As of 2020, it is rated the 7th best residential estate company in Lagos.


17. G CAPPA Estate

 G Cappa PLC is one of the real estate building companies in Lagos today and they are well known for the execution of large projects across Nigeria including roads, bridges, and constructions. G cappa real estate building standard is required to set the pace for other estates properties in Lagos State.

G Cappa estate features many outstanding landmarks including a natural view with green areas among a beautiful environment.

The estate is confined by other big estates which makes G Cappa a friendly place to live without any fear. The estate gives residents their private stalls and garden. Properties in this estate go from a plot to hectares being sure of your selection.

The estate is close to the well-known computer village which is a hub to get technological gadgets such as phones, laptops, and accessories.


18. Lekki Gardens Estate

The very trust is that Lekki has been included in the estate name should make you know what you are in for. Lekki is one place in Lagos that everyone knows is the housing only for the wealthy and high class of the society. Lekki gardens estate is not irregular because if you want to buy property there, your bank account has to be heavy.

 Lekki gardens have many real estate buildings such as expensive apartments, duplexes, detached homes, commercial centers with priority laid on maintenance to hold the standards of the estate. The Lekki gardens have been open since 2012 and slowly, they have achieved their position by building their reputation of giving one of the best real estate services in Lagos.

Though most of the properties in this estate are costly, they have many plans on offer to make it easy for normal income earners to be able to purchase their dream homes.

They have an installment for home fees. This truth however does not influence the quality of homes or other properties accessible in this estate. 

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There are lots of real estate companies in Lagos but I have only listed just a few.

If you need lands or houses in Lagos state, you can contact any of the company’s websites above. They all provide quality services and are well experienced in their specialty. Lagos is an interesting place to live even with its bustling and hustling cities.



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