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Types and Cost of Roofing Sheets in Nigeria


A building is never complete without roofing sheets in Nigeria; they help to prevent rain and other weather conditions from affecting the building and its occupants. However, due to inadequate information, some people find it challenging to select the best roofing sheet for their building. So if you are interested in erecting any building in Nigeria, this guide will be of significant help to you. 

There are different types of roofing sheets available in Nigeria, and they come at different prices. Today, considering your needs and budget, we want to make it easier for you to select the best roofing sheets for your building. In addition, if you are interested in starting a real estate business where you can sell building materials, you will also find useful information here. 


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Type of Roofing Sheet and Prices

Roofing sheets in Nigeria come in different types and sizes. Some last longer and have better quality than others because they are made from varying materials like aluminium, zinc, etc. Here are the various types of roofing sheets and their prices in Nigeria.


Aluminium Roofing Sheets

Aluminium Roofing Sheets - cost of roofing sheets in Nigeria

Aluminium roofing sheets are very popular and some of the cheapest roofing sheets you can find in Nigeria. Although they are not as strong as other roofing sheets, they offer outstanding durability and reliability. 

So people who do not care about aesthetics and those with tight budgets always choose this roofing sheet, especially when the building is not for anything special. Here are the various aluminium roofing sheets in Nigeria and their current prices.

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Aluminium roofing sheets Thickness Prices
Metcoppo 0.55mm N4,000
Metcoppo 0.50mm N3,450
Long span 0.70mm N6,700
Long span 0.55mm N3,750
Long span 0.50mm N3,200
Long span 0.45mm N2,800
Step-tile 0.55mm N3,950
Step-tile 0.50mm N3,450
Step-tile 0.45mm N3,100


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Stone Coated Roofing Sheets

Stone Coated Roofing Sheets - cost of roofing sheets in Nigeria

Stone-coated roofing sheets are known for their exceptional ability to withstand harsh weather conditions; they always come in beautiful designs and are durable. However, these roofing sheets in Nigeria are only popular in big cities like Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, etc., because they are expensive. 

The best feature of these stone-coated roofing sheets in Nigeria is that they don’t rust; they are soundproof, lightweight, and resistant to water and heat. Most of the time, building owners do not have to replace the roofing sheets at any time. So even though they are expensive, the investment is worth it.

Here are the prices of the various stone-coated roofing sheets available in Nigeria.

Stone Coated Roofing Sheets Thickness  Price 
Classic  0.55mm N3,850
Milano  0.55mm N3,900
Bond  0.55mm N3,850
Shingles  0.55mm N3,900
Shake 0.55mm N4,100
Roman 0.55mm N4,000


Swiss Roofing Sheet

Swiss Roofing Sheet - cost of roofing sheets in Nigeria

If you are looking for beauty, elegance, and class, the Swiss roofing sheets should come to your mind first. They offer exceptional durability, quality, and style. However, they are the most expensive in the market, so they are not very common. This is why this kind of roofing sheet is majorly found with wealthy people or big establishments and firms in Nigeria. 

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In the past, buying Swiss roofing sheets would require you to import them to Nigeria, and the price becomes inflated, but now you can find them in some stores or ask a trusted supplier to get them for you.

The cost of the Swiss roofing sheet in Nigeria ranges from N4000 to N9000 per square meter depending on the year of production, period of purchase, year of purchase, and current exchange rate. 

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Things to Consider When Choosing Roofing Sheets in Nigeria


Local Weather Conditions

Roofing Sheet in Nigeria
Roofing Sheet in Nigeria

When purchasing roofing sheets in Nigeria, the first thing to consider is your local weather condition. Roofing sheets react differently to rain and sun; if some are too exposed to water, it may weaken them and cause rust and leaks in your building.

In the same vein, some of them are also waterproof and heat-resistant. So it would help if you found roofing sheets best suited for your local climate conditions. 


Home Design

Roofing Sheet in Nigeria
Roofing Sheet in Nigeria

The exterior appeal of your building is just as vital as the interior design, so it is best to ensure your roofing material matches the overall design of your house. Commercial buildings will require a built-up roof, but you can always decide on the slope of your roof to make draining water easier. 



It is also important to get roofing sheets that are easy to maintain. You do not want to keep spending money on roofing and worry about the state of your roofing sheets. Hence, it would be best to have roofing sheets that are easy to maintain, so you can have peace.

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Local Building Codes

In some places like Abuja, you must build your house following a laid-down pattern. It is illegal to erect any building that does not follow the local building code, so you must consider the local building code of your region before choosing roofing sheets in Nigeria.



Heavy roofing sheets may take longer to install than lighter ones; however, the chances of losing your roofing sheets to storms and wind will be very low, so you should weigh the pros and cons before selecting a heavy or light roofing sheet.

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In conclusion, it is essential to always buy roofing sheets and other building materials from reliable and trusted vendors because they are not things you can easily replace, and your safety should be paramount in your building. In addition, also note that the prices of building materials in Nigeria can change due to factors like exchange rate, tariff charges on the importation, area of purchase, etc.

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