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Smile VS Spectranet: Choosing the Best MiFi for Your Small Business


If you have previously been involved in arguments about the best MiFi for your small business, those arguments and contemplations will be laid to rest after reading this guide with a detailed comparison of Smile VS Spectranet. They are both very popular MiFis that have dominated the telecom industry today. 

This guide will help you to confidently deduce which MiFi is better for your small business in terms of coverage, cost-effectiveness, reliability, stronger connection, and speed; but first, let us look at what MiFi is and how it is different from WiFi.

What is a MiFi? 

A MiFi is a portable, battery-powered device that can tap into 3G, 4G, or 5G mobile networks to create a broadband Hotspot with a strong signal which can be shared between multiple devices such as mobile phones, PCs, tablets, games, etc. 

What is the Difference Between a MiFi and a WiFi?

WiFi is simply the wireless base internet network standard that can connect various WiFi-enabled devices without needing wires. For example, your mobile phone is WiFi compatible, so it allows you to connect to other WiFi devices wirelessly. However, a MiFi, on the other hand, is an internet services provider device with WiFi built into it so it can communicate with other WiFi-enabled devices.

Aside from WiFi, MiFi also supports other internet connectivity like 3G, 4G, or LTE. Also, unlike WiFi which needs a fixed hotspot for connectivity, MiFi lets you enjoy internet connectivity on your devices even while on the move. So now that you understand what MiFi is and how it is different from WiFi, let’s go ahead and discover the best MiFi for your business.

What is Smile? 

Smile is an internet service provider that offers 4G LTE broadband internet services in many African countries, including Nigeria. Its aim and objective is to become a top-rated and successful broadband service provider in Africa. 

Smile also aims to provide a superfast, reliable and affordable internet service in the countries where they operate. Of course, over the years, the company has made a lot of improvements to ensure they provide the best quality broadband services and has also made their services affordable so everyone can enjoy reliable internet services at their convenience.

What is Spectranet? 

Spectranet is also a top-rated and reliable internet service provider; it is the first ISP to launch the superfast 4G LTE network in Nigeria, and they have been licensed by the NCC since 2009.

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As a result, Spectranet has made it possible for professionals, small businesses, students, families, and individuals to enjoy fast, affordable, and reliable internet services in the comfort of their homes, offices, and wherever the services are supported.

Which is Better, Smile VS Spectranet 

Spectranet existed for up to 6 years before Smile came into existence, but they can be compared today because Smile has become just as popular and highly rated as Spectranet. Hence, let’s see which is better in various aspects; Smile VS Spectranet. 


When it comes to national coverage in Nigeria, Smile emerges as the winner because the connection is available and strong in almost all the major states in the country. While both Spectranet and  Smile have recorded good network coverage, Smile has fewer interruptions and, based on customer reviews, has stronger network bars than Spectranet. 

Also, there are certain areas without any existing broadband network signal except  Smile, so we can agree that in terms of coverage, Smile is better than Spectranet. 


In terms of speed, Smile has the highest speed in the majority of states in the country, and many customers have also attested to it. Some people have had experience using both Smile and Spectranet, and they have come to the conclusion that Smile works faster. This does not in any way imply that Spectranet is slow, but when compared, Smile is faster. 


Based on customer reviews, there have not been many complaints about the reliability of either  Smile or Spectranet networks, so this should be a tie. Smile services and Spectranet networks are reliable and deliver their services and network efficiently. 

Customer Support 

Both Smile and Spectranet have shown poor responses when it comes to online customer support because they often do not offer over-the-phone tips. Their representatives always insist that you visit their service centers to file your complaints, which can be very inconvenient for many people. 

In addition, if you manage to visit any of their service centers, they will offer to send over an officer on a later date to address your issue, whereas a little over-the-table tip would have settled your case easily. 

Subscription Plan

There are various affordable data plans on Spectranet and Smile; you can get weekly data for as low as N500 and a monthly plan for N1,000. They also offer night plans, daily plans, night-only unlimited, and 24/7 unlimited plans. 

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The most common and highly purchased data plan on Smile is the 30GB for N8000 an. At the same time, the most popular plan on Spectranet is the 30GB mega value plan plus free unlimited night browsing, all for just N10,235. 

If you still want to go further to ascertain which one is cheaper, between Spectranet and Smile, then continue with the guide to see a detailed list of their data plans and prices.

Smile VS Spectranet Data Plans Prices and Validity

Smile Data Plans

Data value Price (N) Validity
3GB Weekend only 1,530 Weekend
1GB FlexiDaily 3,00 Daily
2.5GB FlexiDaily 5,00 2 days
1GB Flexiweekly 5,00 7 days
2GB FlexiWeekly 1,000 7 days
2GB Midnite 1,020 7 days
6GB FlexiWeekly 1,500 7 days
3GB Midnite 1,530 7 days
1.5 GB Bigga 1,000 30 days
2GB Bigga 1,200 30 days
3GB Bigga 1,500 30 days
5GB Bigga 2,000 30 days
6.5GB Bigga  2,500 30 days
8GB Bigga 3,000 30 days
10GB Bigga 3,500 30 days
12GB Bigga  4,000 30 days
15GB Bigga 5,000 30 days
20GB Bigga  6,000 30 days
30GB Bigga  8,000 30 days
40GB Bigga 10,000 30 days
60GB Bigga 13,000 30 days
75GB Bigga 15,000 30 days
100GB Bigga 18,000 30 days
130GB Bigga 19,000 30 days
UnlimitedLite (35GB)   15,000 30 days
UnlimitedEssential (70GB) 10,000 30 days
15GB 9,000 365 days
32GB 19,000 365 days
70GB 32,000 365 days
125GB 50,000 365 days
200GB 70,000 365 days
500GB 100,000 365 days
1TB 120,000 365 days


Spectranet Data Plans

Data value  Price (N)  Validity 
6GB mini (+ 4GB promo) 1,500 7 days
20GB mini (+ 10GB promo) 4,500 10 days
18GB mega (+ unlimited midnight browsing)  7,165 30 days
30GB mega (+ unlimited midnight browsing)  10,235 30 days
45GB mega (+ unlimited midnight browsing)  12,795 30 days
50GB mega (+ unlimited midnight browsing)  13,305 30 days
70GB mega (+ unlimited midnight browsing)  15,355 30 days
12GB Kelele 3,999 30 days
24GB Kelele  5,999 30 days
32GB Kelele 7,999 30 days
45GB Kelele 10,999 30 days
60GB Kelele 12,999 30 days
80GB Kelele 15,999 30 days
100GB Always on (+ unlimited midnight browsing)  19,960 30 days
120GB Always on 18,425 30 days  
200GB Always on (+ unlimited midnight browsing)  38,390 30 days
42GB smart (+ unlimited midnight browsing)  15,500 180 days
54GB smart (+ unlimited midnight browsing) 19,300 180 days
78GB smart (+ unlimited midnight browsing) 27,600 180 days
96GB (+ unlimited midnight browsing) 33,100 180 days
108GB (+ unlimited midnight browsing) 38,600 180 days
84GB (+ unlimited midnight browsing) 31,100 360 days
108GB (+ unlimited midnight browsing) 36,500 360 days
156GB (+ unlimited midnight browsing) 52,100 360 days
192GB (+ unlimited midnight browsing) 62,600 360 days
216GB (+ unlimited midnight browsing) 72,000 360 days
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Which is More Affordable; Smile VS Spectranet

The table above shows the various data plans for both Smile and Spectranet, and even though the data plans are slightly similar for both brands, we can clearly see that Spectranet offers numerous bonuses, and there are just a few plans without additional bonuses, whereas Smile rarely offers any bonus.

So you can see that Spectranet is more affordable, but for more information about the data plans, you can visit their official websites at and

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So here you have it; a detailed comparison of Smile VS Spectranet featuring coverage, reliability, customer service, speed, and a complete price list of their various data plans. So now you can be sure to choose the best MiFi for your business and home. 

Overall, Smile and Spectranet remain the most popular and patronized internet service providers in the Nigerian telecom industry and provide the best internet services for many businesses and homes in the country.

They are both fast, reliable, and portable. While most people may prefer using one over the other, in the end, it is all just a matter of personal preferences, so if you want a cheaper data plan, you can go for Spectranet, but if you wish to enjoy higher speed and broader coverage, you can opt for Smile. They both have benefits and downsides so just choose what works best for you.

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