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The Best Logistics Companies in Kenya


Over the years, logistics companies in Kenya have significantly improved and advanced Kenya’s economy in many ways. Kenya’s supply chain and logistics management industry have also experienced rapid developments in the past few years.

A logistic company is an establishment that transports and stores goods of other businesses or companies. They plan, organize and control how and when goods will be transported to their various destinations or stored for a given period as requested by their clients.

Logistics companies in Kenya are involved in active planning, inventory management, shipment management, supply chain planning, etc., and their primary focus is to satisfy their customers and ensure the safety of all the products in their care.

However, since there are so many logistics companies in Kenya, selecting the best ones and which ones to patronize might be challenging. So in this article, you will learn about some of the best logistics companies in Kenya and what they offer.

Offshore Global Logistics

Offshore Global Logistics is one of Kenya’s most reliable logistics companies; it offers top-notch professional logistics services and excellent customer support. This logistics company is well known for its versatility and cost-effective services across East Africa.

Offshore Global Logistics can provide flexible solutions to your transport needs for oil & gas, pulp & paper, construction, automotive and power & energy goods.

Freight Forwarders Ltd

Freight Forwarders is one of the logistics companies in Kenya that offers exceptional and excellent logistics services. It was established in 1970 and now has a broad system of operation that can transport goods smoothly and efficiently.

Freight Forwarders Kenya is a member of the Kenya International Freight and Warehousing Association. It deals with marine services, customs clearing, inland transportation, warehousing, project management, etc. Freight Forwarders has an excellent delivery service in logistics destinations like Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Hakika Transport Service Ltd

Hakika Transport Service Limited is one of the logistics companies in Kenya that can successfully discharge steel products, clinker, grains, and containers and further transport them to their designated warehouses or locations. Currently, Hakika Transport Service has the biggest empty container depot in East Africa; it now serves as an empty container collection point in Kenya.

This logistics company can provide the highest level of safety for your goods during transport, qualifying them as one of the best and most efficient logistics companies in Kenya.

Cipro Logistics

Cipro Logistics is an international transportation company and one of the best logistics companies in Kenya. Cipro Logistics provides logistics management, customs clearance and an inland container depot.

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The well-trained professionals at Cipro Logistics company will take special care to ensure that your products or goods arrive safely at their destination and are intact. In addition, with Cipro Logistics, you can save money while still enjoying high-quality services.


With over 17 offices and 58 destinations on its roster, kenfreight is of the best logistics companies in Kenya that offer diverse and excellent services. In addition, kenfreight logistics has many facilities in Uganda, Rwanda, Congo, and South Sudan. 

The company provides logistics services such as special operations (oil, gas, and heavy lift), freight, road transport, warehouse and depot operations, customs brokerage,  international and local forwarding, etc. Kenfreight has been in operation for over 25 years and has earned a good reputation for meeting clients’ targets while offering the best cost-effective services.

Milan Freight Services (K) Ltd

Milan Freight Services is a well-known logistics company in Kenya that deals with safe transport and shipments of goods in and out of the country. Its services include warehousing, transportation, consolidation/deconsolidation, packaging, sea and air freight, customs clearance, etc. 

Milan Freight Services is also one of Kenya’s best and most efficient logistics companies. It is committed to providing timely and efficient services to suit your logistics needs. In addition, the company also offers great customer support via phone calls and emails. 

Rongai Workshop & Transport

Rongai Workshop & Transport is one of the well known and most popular logistics companies in Kenya; it has been in existence for over 70 years. However, with the recent advancement in its mode of operations, Rongai logistics has modified to a more efficient way of running the business to ensure customer satisfaction. 

Rongai Workshop & Transport has the solution to all your logistics needs. Over the years, it has provided exceptional services in importing and exporting containers, bagged cargo, out of gauge cargo (low loader) etc. Also, Rongai Workshop & Transport has container yards in Nakuru, Nairobi, and Mombasa to manage storage facilities and equipment.

DHL Worldwide Express Ltd

DHL Worldwide Express Ltd is a world-leading logistics company and one of Kenya’s most efficient logistics companies. It offers a vast range of packaging and parcel services and gives the best shipping and tracking services to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

DHL is well-known globally, with many branch offices in Kenya and other counties of the world. Some of the services you can enjoy from DHL include warehousing, shipments, packaging, transport, etc.

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Agility Kenya

Agility Kenya is one of the best logistics companies in Kenya; it deals with logistics solutions that relate to all businesses and markets across Africa, the Middle East, Europe and the Asia Pacific. They provide a transparent supply chain to customers in more than ten countries using live tracking and automated procedures to source and deliver all goods or products, including food items and heavier equipment.

Agility Kenya can provide transportation through air, ocean, and road and also offer secure warehousing and smooth distribution for your supplies. Customs clearing, brokerage services, FCL/LCL, and PO management are also some of the numerous services provided by Agility Kenya to make your business run smoothly.

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Elisa Logistics

With over 25 years of experience in Kenya’s supply chain and logistics management industry, Elisa Logistics has become one of the most outstanding and well-known logistics companies in Kenya. They have an adequate understanding of the business, and how best to meet your logistics needs, so you can trust that they are very reliable and capable of transporting and delivering your goods in the same condition they were received.

Elisa Logistics provides professional clearing, forwarding, warehousing and logistics services for all businesses across East Africa.

Bertling Logistics

Bertling Logistics has been in existence for over a decade now, and it has been operating with some of the most professional and expert teams in Kenya, making the company a reliable and excellent solution to all your logistics needs.

Bertling is a global logistics and shipping company known for planning and controlling all forms of freight forwarding, GFF, and resupply transports. Bertling company runs an international network of 50 offices and reliable sub-contractors & partners plus 700 worldwide employees. 

Firstlane Logistics

Fastlane logistics is well-known for delivering excellent and quality services with its team of experts, and this has made the company grow rapidly to become one of the best logistics companies in Kenya. The major services provided by Firstlane Logistics are sea freight, air freight, ocean freight, and warehousing. The company was established in 2008 as a very accessible and affordable means of transporting and storing goods or shipments safely and intact.

Due to the high demand for logistics services in neighbouring countries like Uganda, Southern Sudan, etc., Firstlane Logistics expanded its services across many other countries. In addition, Firstlane Logistics has become one of Kenya’s best clearing agencies.

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Buzeki Logistics Ltd

Of course, we cant discuss the best logistics companies in Kenya without talking about Buzeki Logistics; it provides every logistics service you need for the smooth running of your business. Buzeki Logistics has been in operation since 1999. The company was established to provide a wide range of transport services for companies and businesses in Kenya and Central Africa.

Buzeki Logistics provides services that include loose, containerized, and abnormal cargo. In addition, the company is well-known for bulk cargo handling, representing 80% of the business.

Acceler Global Logistics

Acceler Global Logistics offers the best complex supply chain solutions to both medium and big firms on a national and global scale. In addition, Acceler Logistics has an equipment warehousing team with over ten years of experience providing exceptional warehousing services for various clients.

Acceler Global Logistics provide many services, including custom brokerage, transport & distribution, ocean freight and warehousing. The main focus of this company is to provide outstanding service that will exceed the expectations of its customers.

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One of these exceptional and reliable logistics companies in Kenya is just what you need for your business to experience tremendous growth. You won’t have to worry so much about the safety of your shipments or goods, and you will rest assured that there won’t be any damage to the goods you are transporting. 

The logistics companies in Kenya listed in this guide have been operating for many years, and they have gained more experience and skills required to meet every logistics related need. In addition, they will do everything possible to provide cost-effective services while maintaining high quality and professionalism.

Apart from the numerous benefits logistics companies in Kenya offer to business owners, they have also been a good source of advancement and development to Kenya’s economy over the years by providing employment, tax payment, investment in warehousing, road, air & water transport and contributing to the growth of so many businesses.

So now that you know some of the best logistics companies in Kenya, you can now go ahead and choose the ones that best suit your business needs, and you will enjoy the most outstanding and excellent services from them.

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