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TOP Small Business Ideas in Kenya


Kenyans are known for their great entrepreneurship skills, and if they do not provide one service or another, they will be involved in agriculture or trade.

However, many unemployed and even employed people are still seeking small business ideas in Kenya because they wish to enjoy the freedom and prestige that comes with being self-employed and also have the opportunity to provide employment for others.

So if you are one of such people that wish to start a business of their own, you should do proper research on businesses with a high success rate in Kenya. 

In addition, the ability to provide exceptional services even in a saturated market is one of the most essential qualities you should possess as a business owner in Kenya. So being successful in a business is more than just getting new small business ideas in Kenya and starting the business. 

This article discusses some of the top small business ideas in Kenya that are very lucrative, require small start-up capital and are in high demand. 

Spare-parts Business 

Selling spare parts is one of the fantastic and most profitable small business ideas in Kenya. However, before starting this business, you must carefully consider the type of spare parts people need the most, especially in the region where you intend to locate the business. 

Spare parts business does not require a colossal start-up capital because you can start by selling a few spare parts and later expand the business. You can decide to sell spare parts for vehicles like trucks, tractors, cars, motorcycles, etc.

Laundry Business 

The laundry business is a very lucrative business that requires low capital to start up. It is one of the best small business ideas in Kenya, with a high success rate.

If you learn to be honest, tell people when you are not available to deliver, do not make fake promises and do your best to meet deadlines, you will gain the trust of many people, and in a short time, you will witness tremendous growth in your business. 

Cosmetics Business 

Cosmetics like nail polish, hair products, makeup, wigs, etc., are some of the products women can hardly do without in every country. This makes the cosmetics business one of the most lucrative and high-demand small business ideas in Kenya. 

If you go into this business, you will be sure to make sales every day because people always want to look good, and different brands produce new products and ideas every day for beautification. 

The cosmetics business is not complex, and you can start with little capital. Just be patient enough to learn the business logic from experienced people in the field. 

Travel Agency 

A travel agent has accurate knowledge of tourist destinations, climates, accommodation, modes of travel, and other service sector areas. The travel agent acts on behalf of the product providers and is paid a commission. 

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You could start your travel agency and employ others to work with you. However, for this business to be successful, you need to invest in adverts through social media, TV or in-person publicity. 

Restaurant Business 

The restaurant business is one of the most profitable and productive small business ideas in Kenya. You can run a land-based restaurant and also make deliveries to any location your food is needed within your state.

So many people find it difficult to cook proper meals at home because they have busy schedules or don’t know how to cook. The only way for such people to feed themselves is by patronising restaurants and food vendors.

For this business, all you need to do is learn how to cook professionally or employ those who can, be neat and cook different kinds of dishes, especially those common in your location. 

Landscaping Business 

A lawn always makes a beautiful addition to every home and building. However, these lawns need to be maintained regularly, and not everyone will have the time and expertise to mow, treat, and weed their lawns. So they will always require the services of a landscaper. 

This business is one of the few small business ideas in Kenya that is not overly saturated yet. However, the landscaping business is vast; you can decide to focus on commercial or residential buildings and select a few services you will be offering for a start. Ensure you get the necessary requirements and licence for this business before establishing it. 

Security Business

The security business is one of the newest small business ideas in Kenya. This business can be very successful and lucrative if you manage it properly. All it takes is to recruit well-trained, energetic and agile men. Then you need a website or a social media page to advertise your business. After that, you provide security services for people, you get paid, and you pay your staff. 

Baking Business 

Baking business is one of the small business ideas in Kenya that can be very lucrative. Anything that has to do with good food will surely draw people’s attention. Some people combine baking with the restaurant business, but some might also prefer to focus on a specific service. 

The baking business does not require much startup capital as you will buy your ingredients with advance payments from clients, so the only things you will spend money on is the equipment you need. 

Before you venture into this business, you need to be trained by an experienced chef or baker. Also, you must be very creative as most baking services require creativity. For example, in cake making, you will need some unique ideas to decorate and beautify cakes according to your client’s requirements or the purpose of the cake.

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Transport Business

The transport business is also one of the good small business ideas in Kenya. Every day people leave their respective houses and go out to make a living or go to school, and at the end of the day, everyone returns home. However, this daily routine will not be possible for many people without the services of taxi or cab drivers. 

You can start this business by getting a good car, getting your license ready and asking questions to know the rate of transportation fee other drivers charge in the area you choose to work in.

Jewellery Business 

The jewellery business might be expensive to start if you decide to sell original jewellery, but you can always start by selling a few items and later expand the business. The jewellery business is one of the most profitable small business ideas in Kenya. All you need to do is to make sure you sell original products and give accurate descriptions of your products. 

Of course, you must know it takes honesty to gain customers’ trust, so don’t sell cheap jewellery at expensive rates just because the customer doesn’t understand the business as you do. You can also learn from professionals what the business entails and how to get suitable suppliers. 

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Real Estate Business

A real estate business is one of the small business ideas in Kenya that can become a big establishment if you take it seriously. This business requires good marketing skills and good communication skills. Since Kenya is a developing country, there are many opportunities for real estate agents to render their services. 

So if you dedicate time and maximum effort to this business, many people will soon know you, and they will keep referring you to others. 

Babysitting Business 

Babysitting is not a common business in Kenya and seeing it here, you must be wondering what kind of business this is. However, the fact that it is not common makes it one of the best small business ideas in Kenya. A babysitter or nanny takes care of other people’s children when the parents are unavailable. 

To start this business, you don’t need too much money; all you need is to advertise your services to create awareness. This is a home-based business – meaning you have to go to people’s homes to look after their children while they work or attend events. 

If, after doing this business for a while, you feel the need for advancement, you can open a daycare centre and get the necessary licenses and requirements to run it. 

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Fairly-Used Clothes Business 

Selling fairly-used clothes can be very profitable if you locate the business in a bustling environment. These days the price of new clothes is becoming unaffordable for many people, but that shouldn’t stop such people from clothing themselves to get warmth and look nice. 

So if you start selling fairly-used clothes, you will make a lot of profit, especially when the clothes are still close to new and beautiful. The good thing about this business is that it doesn’t require you to learn any skill since it involves buying and selling and doesn’t require enormous start-up capital.

Salon Business

Salon business involves cutting people’s hair and making hair, so before going into this business, you need to decide which one suits you. Make sure to acquire the necessary skills from experts in the business before starting your own. This business is in high demand because you will render a service that people can hardly do without. 

In addition, the salon business is one of the most highly demanded services in Kenya by men and women of all ages, so it is one of the best small business ideas in Kenya. However, you can also decide to render all types of salon services in one shop, and for this, you might need to employ workers to do the jobs while you pay them monthly or according to their services. 

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All the small business ideas in Kenya discussed in this guide are lucrative and also very beneficial to the Kenya economy. They are good small business ideas that you can venture into with low capital. Businesses do not become big overnight, so when considering any of these small business ideas in Kenya, you should remember that you always have an option to start small, and there is always room for improvement. 

Search through the small business ideas in Kenya, determine what you will love to do, do market research, know your competitors, and take time to learn the skill and logic behind any business you decide to go into. In addition, make sure to learn from successful people in the field.

Most businesses are almost or already saturated, so you will need diligence, expertise, hard work and integrity to become an outstanding and successful business owner in Kenya. 

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