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What is White Label and the Top 10 High Profit White Label Products to Sell

You may have an excellent idea for a product you would like to produce and sell but don’t have the resources to go through the entire production process. 

So how do you turn this idea into an actual product? Is there a good way to outsource the production of your products so you can focus on other essential aspects of your business?

This is where white label comes in; you shouldn’t allow a lack of resources and workforce to stop you from becoming your boss and selling your unique products to the world. Go through this guide until the end if you want to know what white label entails and some high potential white label products you can sell. 

What is White Label? 

White label is a business model where products are sold by a retailer with his branding and logo, but another company or a third party manufactures these products. 

In simple terms, white label products are unbranded products manufactured by one company but branded and sold by another. Note that white labelling is slightly different from private labelling

The latter is when products are manufactured by a third party and sold under a retailer’s branding. The retailer will specify everything that concerns the products, from their packaging to design, quantity, and so on. The retailer owns the products, but the only thing the retailer does is receive them and sell them. 

However, for white labels, the retailers purchase fully processed products that are not necessarily unique and rebrand them as their own before selling. Therefore, in white label, the already manufactured products can be sold to as many retailers as possible.

Pros and Cons of White Label

White label is beneficial for so many reasons, even though it still has some disadvantages. So learning about both aspects of white label will allow you prepare yourself adequately when you are planning to sell white label products.


Increased Supply

This business model allows you to have as many products as you want according to market demands. So you can double production at any time with the manufacturer’s resources. 

No Prior Expertise Required

With a white label, you only need to know how to rebrand the already manufactured products. You do not necessarily need prior skills to make the products you intend to sell. 

Time Efficient

This is one of the most amazing benefits of white labels. You can save a lot of time you could have spent on productions by opting for white label products. Investing this extra time in other aspects of your business, like branding and marketing, will help you grow your business quickly. 

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Reduced Cost of Production

By selling white label products, you will have a well-resourced expert team manufacture your products, so you don’t have to worry about the resources and cost of doing it yourself. 

While you still have to pay for the products, logistics, and other expenses, it will not be as expensive as manufacturing, considering labour, equipment, electricity, etc. 

Rapid Brand Growth 

By selling white label products instead of manufacturing them yourself, you will be ready to expand your business anytime since you won’t have to consider the cost and labour of manufacturing more products to effect this expansion. Instead, you only need to request more products from your third-party manufacturers.

Customer Satisfaction 

Customers do not always care about who manufacturers the product they want to purchase; they just want it to be available whenever they need it and for it to be of high quality. So with white label, your business will have more satisfied customers because you can meet their needs faster and more efficiently. 


Inconsistent Quality

The ability of a company to retain the high quality of its products is one of the things that will make it thrive. However, with white labels, you can hardly monitor how your products are manufactured, and maintaining consistent quality won’t be easy.

Too Much Dependency

The dependency that comes with white labels is a disadvantage for manufacturers and retailers as they can not run their businesses independently, and whatever affects one may likely affect the other. 

Increased Competition 

Unlike private label manufacturers, white label manufacturers are free to sell products to more than one retailer. This can result in high market competition for the retailers as they will sell the same things under different brands. 

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Top 10 White Label Products to Sell

Now that you understand what white label entails and the advantages and disadvantages that come with it, if you are interested in selling white label products, here are the top 10 highly profitable white label products to sell. 

Clothing and Accessories 

Clothing is an essential aspect of our daily living, so rebranding clothing items is a fast and easy way to start your clothing business and be your boss. Also, finding a reliable supplier in this line is relatively easy as there are numerous types of clothes to focus on. 

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Moreover, the fashion industry is fast selling, and you will have an extensive market to target. You can sell clothes for kids, adults, or older people, including sportswear, swimwear, business attire, intimates and undergarments, loungewear, cultural wear, formal wear, etc. 

Cologne or Perfume 

Everyone loves to smell nice and has a habit of repeatedly buying a particular cologne because they love the fragrance. So, you can help people smell better by selling high-quality colognes or perfumes, and if you can produce something people would like, they will surely keep coming back for more. 

Food Products

Food products are the most outstanding white label product ideas you could opt for. There is no limit to the type of food items you can sell, and food products are some of the very few products people can hardly ignore.

You can decide to rebrand and sell a specific food product or multiple products simultaneously. For example, some food white label products you can sell include soups, shakes, cereals, puddings, dips, entrees, desserts, bars, snacks, baked goods, etc. 

Mobile Devices

If you think it is impossible to own a mobile device brand and not be responsible for producing the devices, then you should learn something new today. 

White label mobile phones, tablets, and more are not new; they are high-demand products, so this is one of the most fantastic ideas for white labelling. 

It may also be easier to sell other mobile device accessories like headphones, portable chargers, car mounts, portable Bluetooth speakers, screen protectors, etc. 


Many cosmetic products you see in the market today are manufactured by just a handful of manufacturers and are then sold by various cosmetic brands as white label or private label products. 

So you, too, can tap into this fast-moving industry and make the most of it. Cosmetics is a vast industry that keeps evolving with new trends, so selling white label cosmetic products is an excellent business idea. 


Regardless of the recent digital note-taking options available at our fingertips, people will always need good stationery, whether for use in schools or offices. 

If you decide to sell white label stationery, you are likely to enjoy high demand from a vast target market because first, you will have the opportunity of selling different products under this category, such as pens, sticky notes, notebooks, and so on.

Secondly, your products will be needed by people from various spheres of life so you will always have sales.

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Hair Care Products

People have different hair types and always want the best products to care for their hair. So this white label niche is vast and interesting, and the good part is that people buy this product all year round. 

So if you can sell something of good quality that people would love, they will continue to use your products for a long time and recommend them to their friends and family. 

Gaming Accessories

Millions of game lovers worldwide are constantly seeking the best gaming accessories. These accessories may include gaming chairs, controllers, headsets, mice, etc. 

Apart from selling gaming accessories, you can also opt for games and toys to have a more extensive target market. You can rebrand and sell toys for kids and games like card games, board games, video games, etc. 


People don’t just need glasses to help them see better; they also need glasses to serve as eye protection and a part of fashion or styling. So there are many options for you to pan into, from blue light glasses to sunglasses, and even in each category, there are still many options to choose from. 

Home Decor 

White label is the best way to build a home decor brand; if you provide products that can make people’s homes beautiful and comfortable, you will definitely make it big in this industry. 

You could sell furniture, clocks, lamps, kitchen wares, dinnerware sets, artificial flowers, window blinds, scented candles, etc. You can find suitable suppliers that will be more than willing to let you start with low quantities until your business progresses and gain more customers. 

By now, you should understand what white label is, the best white label products to sell, and whether or not selling white label products is good for you. 

However, it is important to remember that businesses do not become successful overnight. So even though white labelling places you at an advantage over other business models, you still need to invest your time, efforts, and dedication into your business to make it successful.

In addition, when selling white label products, you should focus more on building your brand because that is what you are selling, and it is where the success of your business lies.

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