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18 Work From Home Jobs in Nigeria


Some companies have chosen to hire professionals who can work with schedules to meet deadlines but not necessarily by going to the office. There has been an increase in the virtual workspace this century.

Contracts are sealed via teleconferences, employers recruit via social media and there is a rising demand for convenience at work. Countries like Nigeria have adopted this idea and enforced it to be part of their organizations’ culture. 

In this article, I will discuss some work from home jobs in Nigeria. If you presently do have a job or you do not earn much from your job, consider these work from home jobs in Nigeria a business opportunity to help you appreciate a promising life in the comfort of your home. In this article, I have carefully researched for you some work from home jobs in Nigeria you can begin doing immediately.

The pandemic experience has made some companies understand the benefit of work from home jobs in Nigeria or remote work. Some of you still retain your work from home policy. This means companies need skillful people like you to assist them to solve their problems. If this is not proving enough, did you know a dollar now exchanges for naira at the rate of N550 as at the time of writing? Okay, now you understand

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1. Blogging

A year back, blog monetization has increased speed. To monetize your blog, you can sign up for Google Adsense, which will select your ads to place on your blog. After this, it is an awaiting time to see if your account is approved. If it is, you can go on to receive ad placements and earn a regular, if not large, income from it. With all the consistency and hardcore discipline needed to succeed in work from home jobs, you could say that it is not for everyone.

 But, what else beats the freedom to work, not only from any location of your choice but also in your boxers if you want to? To blog, you would need to create a website where you would give your audience value. And when you have earned their trust, you monetize it. That’s where the happiness starts.


2. Freelance Writer

This is the most popular work from home job in Nigeria. Submission of written articles does not need to be a physical presence in a company’s office. Hence, being a freelance writer is one of the most popular work from home jobs in Nigeria. A freelancer should have a good portfolio of written works; your writing must be catchy enough to hold many readers’ attention. 

Your writing must be energetic to be able to give explanations in a user-friendly manner rather than in a technical fashion. Of course, as content will be published on the web, applicants must have a good understanding of Internet ideas and have an understanding of optimizing content online. Always, a freelancer is to give 5 to 10 articles in a week with a broad order of topics given by the publisher. 

A 700-word article usually is equal to $3, while a 1500-word article costs $5. In most cases, modifiable rates are applied. Some even give $60 per article, depending on the depth of the topic and the set of requirements.


3. LinkedIn Profile Builder

Are you very friendly with LinkedIn and have a very engaging profile? Experts need you. By helping people from all strolls of life set up and optimize their LinkedIn profiles, you can earn yourself a lot of money. This is one of the engaging work from home jobs in Nigeria.

Ready to offer this service?

Get Started On Flexjobs, Fiverr, Upwork, or Freelancer.


4. Sales Representative

Work from home sales representatives are in charge of information and communication technologies services such as registration of domains, hosting and data center services, fixing up of corporate email accounts, etc. Earnings are both commission-based and salary-based. To dismiss sales, as a sales rep, you will be required to execute mass mailing, data mining for leads, and cold calling. Digits and data will either be given by your company or researched on your own. 

You will also be accountable for accounts negotiation, online presentation, and closing deals. In the latter part, sales reps take up billing, collection of payment, and support tasks. Thus, candidates must acquire sales experience in the ICT Company with a big technical background.

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5. Virtual Assistant

The job of a virtual assistant ranges from research work to assistance that comes with helpdesk duties. If you are thinking of working as a virtual assistant, be available for companies to interview if you are good at speaking and writing in English being the lingua franca in Nigeria. 

This work from home or remote job needs a polite manner in answering and making support calls, handling e-mails of customers, and other secretarial duties. This administrative role pays up to about $10 per hour.


6. Graphic Designer

Graphics designing jobs are high in demand now even better than it was 2 years ago. If you are skilled in designing graphics such as logos and animations, roll-off banners, cards, you can stay at home and earn up to $60 an hour. A big portfolio of creative designs and Flash works is your passport to getting hired by companies involved in work from home job sites. Include web designs and get an extra payment of $50 per hour. 

If you are skilled at taking clear photos, it is highly recommended to include your experience as a photographer in your resume. Companies are normally open-handed in paying for photographs they can’t get elsewhere to speak for their brand uniquely.


7. Website Designer/Developer

Working as a website designer calls for you to be able to create the view, setup, and features of a website. It is a job that includes a good insight into graphic design and computer programming. Having a decent portfolio of satisfied customers will go a long way in assisting you to get clients. Customer satisfaction is very necessary as it opens doors to referrals from customers you work with.

A web designer’s job duties surround all aspects of creating a website. Your duties will include writing and editing content, designing webpage layout, discerning technical requirements, updating websites, creating backup files, and resolving code difficulties as they arise. 

Website designers and developers appreciate the freedom of charging what they want from customers depends what the clients want. You can develop a website for as small as free to as much as N300,000 or N2 million depending on who is paying and what is being paid for.


8. SEO Consultant

Presently due to the ever-growing number of websites that are published daily, the outcome is the number of people being able to find them reduces. Search engine optimizations are the mixture of various techniques used to assist a website in gaining its rankings within a search engine’s results page or “SERP” as it is known in the industry.

Working in the field of search optimization means you will be responsible for a company’s website’s online rankings. These are based using a range of methods and will need you to engage a range of tactics both on and off the website.

Usually, your work will involve working to assess if the website follows the best design processes, creating the best content, and promoting it to the company’s user base to create backlinks. 

It further needs a small amount of technical knowledge and skill but also some analytic skill to make proactive marketing decisions that are important to the overall ROI of your campaign. Despite the understanding and work needed being an SEO consultant can be a rewarding job when faced with good results, and it does have a steadily increasing demand in the jobs market which also makes it pay well for the right job candidate. 

One can make a great living if they focus on Actionable SEO. People have made thousands and millions of dollars, and if they can do it, you can as well.

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9. Social Media Analyst

To work from home as a Social Media Analyst, you will want your marketing background to refine and build a companies’ online presence and brand insight through the creative use of social media networks, blogs, and online search engine optimization. Interestingly, it is a growing area of business marketing that employs individuals with healthy online communication and business analytic skills.

As a social media analyst, you will be handling the duty of creating and maintaining a company’s presence on social media sites like Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram what have you. In a few cases, you will be needed to maintain the company’s blogs. You will also be in charge of enhancing the company’s brand exposure through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and by learning mean to use these keywords in marketing strategies.

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In Nigeria, you can charge between N40,000 to N200,000 monthly working from home job as a social media analyst; depending on the company and what they need of you in terms of goals. Have it in mind that companies feel more satisfied working with social media analysts who have worked in the same field with other brands so you may need to garner some knowledge in this view.


10. Digital Marketer

Digital marketing is the sum of online business models. It involves a satisfactory understanding of SEO, Paid advertising, Copywriting, Analytics, and others. Giving this online job a try means you are highly skilled in this. You have no idea how much you can earn as a digital marketer working from a home job in Nigeria.


11. Youtube Vlogger

Did you know that you can earn as much as N182, 500 working from home job as a Vlogger? oh yes, you can and this is a perfect time now to take advantage of the opening given by Youtube to earn money from its partner program.

What most people want to do during this period is to have relaxation, acquire skills and make money.

 Just cook up engaging stuff, record a video and post it on your YouTube channel. And before you know it, people begin to notice it, and then the next thing you do is monetize it through Google Adsense or affiliate marketing.

Here are ways to earn from Youtube:

  • Sign up for its member program
  •  Be creative enough to upload quality videos that can generate lots of clicks.

Millions of people all over the world earn reasonable money from uploading videos on Youtube. Want any ideas on the types of videos you should upload? I have listed some below:

  • Videos raging about a topic ‘the more debatable, the better.
  •  Your sincere inquiry of movies
  •  Prank videos
  • Product/service reviews
  • Videos on Fashion and Makeup
  • Reviews of appliances and electronic devices
  • Videos exhibiting off your talent ‘this could be singing, dancing, etc’


12. Social Media Manager

Social media is where business lives these days. If you have great social media marketing skills like Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram marketing, you can earn a lot of money this period. It is one of the lucrative work from home jobs in Nigeria you should tap into right now.


13. Data Entry 

Do you know Excel skills? How timely and accurate are your typing skills? If you can do this work from home job on any of the freelancing platforms available, you would smile at the bank in no time. This skill set is in high demand in the work from home job marketplace.

Ready to offer this service?

Get Started On Flexjobs, Fiverr, Upwork, or Freelancer.


14. Currency Exchanger

Most problems with work from home jobs in Nigerian are poor payment conditions. So they are looking for an alternative means out of the situation. Payment systems such as PayPal and Payoneer either make a direct withdrawal into bank accounts inaccessible or charge excessive service fees. So if you can step in, by helping Nigerians who work legitimate remote jobs online withdraw their dollars funds into their Naira bank accounts, you can make a lot of money


15. Affiliate Marketing

As a beginner, affiliate marketing may initially prove to be a tough turn to negotiate but with time and some knowledge, it becomes a job you can get done from the comfort of your home. Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates (you) for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s marketing actions. 

You earn a commission whenever someone makes a free signup or purchases from your advertising website. Many Nigerian companies are now into affiliate marketing and you can easily find hundreds of affiliate programs where you can register as an affiliate. Companies like Konga, Jumia, Amazon, and a host of others are good programs to start on.

For successful affiliate marketing, you need an internet-enabled computer/laptop. Second, you need a good product to market. Choosing the right product can be a tricky business. You need to prove that your product has a market and gives real value.

When all of this is established, you need a website, blog, or social media page to display your link as well as pre-sell. Another important thing you must know is how to market. It is a skill that can be acquired over time. In this in-depth guide on making money with your blog, you would find various methods by which you can make money from work from home job with a blog.

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Finally, tolerance and hard work are two key factors you should not ignore. Have it in mind that affiliate marketing is not a get-rich scheme.


16. Domain flipping

A domain name is the name of any website. is a domain name. Domain flipping is registering a domain name you think people would want to buy because it is unique and professional. When you buy a domain name, you can either build it up to a level or sell it with nothing in it ‘if it is strong enough to lead buyers’. It is one of the most rewarding work from home jobs in Nigeria you can engage in immediately.


17. Life Coach

An online coach assists you to solve challenges online particularly living the best of your life. This highly skilled individual holds you by hand and walks you through maximizing you and living an effective life. You do these through online coaching and very practical online courses. 

You can do this too if you have all it takes to drive people to action and assist them to make the best of their time. Online coaches are one of the high-income earners in the work from home jobs companies today.

Ready to build your course?

Get Started On Thinkific.


18. Video Editing

Can you create visual content, as in high-quality video content that converts? If yes then, this is an important skill set in increased demand on freelancing platforms. You can make a considerable amount of money when you deliver quality videos your customers would perhaps need for Facebook adverts, Instagram or, their YouTube channel. With the way the online job is prioritizing video content over all others these days, you would be in high demand working from home.

Ready to offer this service?

Get Started On Flexjobs, Fiverr, Upwork, or Freelancer.

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Tools you need for a successful work from home job in Nigeria

  • A Skill

Is there still any need to tell you that you have to realize what you are doing to be able to earn the online job. Unless you are professional at your job, you may not earn a dime. If you need to acquire a skill, enroll with Udemy.


  • Internet access

To work from home, you need the internet 24/7.  Having a strong internet connection is not an option it is a priority.


  • Stable electricity supply

To power your smartphone, laptop, fan, or AC, you need a power supply. If you need to consider making money consistently from work from home job, you must provide a constant source of power. Because you would be working in Nigeria, getting either an inverter or a generator becomes a priority.


  • Payment Method

If you would be doing work from home jobs from freelancing platforms like Flexjobs, Fiverr, Upwork or Freelancer, you would be paid in foreign currencies. Most of these platforms do not offer direct withdrawal to your Nigerian bank account.

However, you would need an option payment method like PayPal, Payoneer, or Skrill to receive your earnings. Among others, these are the 4 major things you will need to successfully do work from home jobs in Nigeria.

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The fact is, COVID-19 affects us all, strengthening us in concerns and discomforts. If we can influence any of the work from home jobs in Nigeria we have provided above during this pandemic, many of us might not need to go back to our poorly paid jobs when things get back to normal.

Work from home jobs in Nigeria does not necessarily need you to be computer literate at the beginning. Companies might offer training and evaluate your performance to match the skills and experiences the jobs require. Regardless, a top requirement for work from home jobs remains outstanding time management skills. 

But in all, there is great work from home jobs with excellent pay and it all goes down to the core skills you possess.


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