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Content Marketing – Easy Guide for Beginners

Content marketing has been in existence for several years; it has become very popular, and many business owners, bloggers, influencers, and others now utilise it to bring out the best of what they do. 

Content marketing can help you create valuable content and make them reach your customers, leads and audiences naturally, so it doesn’t feel forced or disruptive. 

Some people may have heard about content marketing but still do not know what it entails. Are you one of such persons? 

If you are interested in learning content marketing, then you are at the right place as this guide discusses content marketing from scratch so beginners can easily learn and understand it.

What is Content Marketing?

The concept of content marketing is straightforward and easy to understand; it simply entails creating valuable, engaging, highly-relevant and educational content for your audience or target markets. It describes a process of engaging and attracting people to increase brand awareness, conversations, sales and more. 

When you keep creating content that adds value to people’s lives and solves their problems, you can build trust and a strong relationship with your target markets. This way, whenever they need a product/service that you can provide, they will think of your brand first.

Types of Content Marketing

There are many types of content marketing that may be suitable for you and your target markets. If you are not sure about what your audience would like or what would suit your business, you can decide to try them out one after the other till you find what works for you. However, it is also possible to engage in multiple types of content marketing simultaneously. 


Video content marketing may also be referred to as video marketing; it involves creating and sharing relevant and consistent videos with your audience to invoke their interest in your brand and convert them into potential customers. 

This type of content marketing is very effective because most people learn faster through videos and can quickly develop a connection when they watch something for seconds or minutes. 

Video content marketing allows you to engage your audience for a longer time, thereby helping you build a good relationship with them.


Blog content marketing is one of the most popular methods of content marketing; blogs are usually easy to read and creative. Blog content marketing allows you to get and maintain the interest of your audience through informative blog posts but not with too much persuasion. Instead, the aim is to keep them informed and turn them into potential clients and customers.  

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In addition, readers can interact with you when your blog post is entertaining and engaging. You can also add product information, call to action, social share buttons, internal and external links, etc., thereby creating awareness and promoting loyalty from your audience. 

Social Media Posts

With the excessive use of phones and social media platforms, social media content marketing has become one of the fastest ways to reach out to people. These days the chances of finding a person that is not on any social media platform are relatively low; this is why a social media post is a very effective tool for content marketing. 

If you maximise social media posts in your content marketing, you will never lack ideas and engagements. 

There are many social media platforms, from Facebook to Snapchat, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, etc., and each has unique features that you can utilise to create the best content.  

Social media lets you share pre-recorded videos, texts, reels, live videos, stories, and pictures. 


Infographics are visual representations of clear and precise information or data. This content creation method entails using attractive and engaging graphics designs to pass easy-to-understand information to your target audience. 

Since this method involves using simple words, clear images, short statements and attractive colours, it is one of the best ways to engage your audience and communicate your content effectively.

However, you must understand that the design alone isn’t all that matters, and there is some information you cannot effectively communicate through infographics.  

Ebooks and Whitepapers

Ebooks and whitepapers tend to be longer than the usual content length you may already be used to, and they have a slightly different tone. However, they offer valuable and highly-relevant content in downloadable formats, for example, a PDF format.

An ebook is usually a complete or extended guide on a particular topic, showcasing your expertise. While a whitepaper is more of a report on research topics that are presented to an audience with more expertise, this can be done within an organisation to highlight the solutions your products, services, or ideas can offer. 

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Best Content Creation Software

Trying to do everything on your own may produce many errors and setbacks for your content; this is why there are good and reliable software to help you create exceptional content. The good news is most of them are either free or very affordable. 

You should incorporate many important things into your content creation strategy when creating content. First, you need to know the best content ideas, especially trending ones, and the right keywords to use so you can reach out to more people. You should also research your competitors and add more value and uniqueness to your content. 

You will also need software to improve readability, writing efficiency, analytics, and content research. However, here are some of the best software for content creation. 

  • Reddit.
  • Quora.
  • Buzzsumo.
  • LeadFWD.
  • Ubersuggest. 
  • Goggle docs.
  • Grammarly.
  • Asana.
  • Google Analytics. 
  • Hemingway App.
  • Surfer SEO.
  • Yoast SEO.
  • Inspector.

Effective Content Marketing Strategy 

Now that you know what content marketing entails and the software you can utilise to help you create engaging, well-researched and exceptional content, the next question on your mind might be how do I go about it, or where do I start from? 

The following steps can launch you into content marketing even if you have never been involved in it.

Set Goals

Yes, you are interested in content marketing and want to get involved in it; the big question is, what is your aim or what do you plan to achieve with it? 

Your goals are what you should establish first when starting content marketing, and the goals should correspond with your already established business goals. 

Decide on the Type of Content Marketing to Use 

Earlier in this guide, you have learnt about the different types of content marketing you can choose to incorporate into your business. This step involves selecting the type of content you want to create and share with your target market or audience.

You can make a good decision based on where your targeted audience spends more time, why they need your products or services, and how you can help them overcome a challenge or provide a solution to a common need. 

For example, if you want to inform people about the importance of keeping their faces clean and simultaneously tell them about your products, such as a face cleanser or soap, infographics or videos may help you get a better result than an ebook.

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Choose a Platform

After deciding the type of content you will create, you have to choose where you would like to share your content to reach as many people as possible. 

The platform you choose should suit your business operation style and target audience. 

Some of the best content marketing platforms include, Zest, YouTube, Pinterest and more.

Get Your Tools and Personnel Ready

Content marketing is best done as a team; using reliable and affordable tools, and software can help increase your efficiency and productivity. Some of the most important software you need have been discussed in this guide, but you may also need to employ some experts to aid your content creation; for example, you may need a graphics designer, a writer, an editor, etc. 

In addition, you need good equipment to create good content; this may include a camera, a smartphone, computer, lighting, mic, etc.

Create and Share Your Content 

Now that you understand content marketing, you can start creating your content which must be unique, informative and engaging. The most important thing in content marketing is consistency, so it would be best to share your content consistently so you can retain the interest of your audience or target market. 

Furthermore, ensure you analyse your content to make necessary improvements and determine if you are getting your desired results or if you may need to do things differently.

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Content marketing can offer many remarkable benefits if you properly utilise it; it doesn’t just help you interact with your audience; it enables you to understand how they think, feel and what they need the most. 

In addition, it is not transactional or overly persuasive but aims to build a long-lasting relationship, engagement and trust with your audience, which can turn them into prospective customers. 

Lastly, it is essential to understand that getting results from content marketing may take some time. However, it would be best if you are consistent, patient and dedicated, and with time you will likely begin to get better results. 


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