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The Best Influencer Marketing Platforms for Small Businesses

There are numerous platforms in the overall influencer marketing platforms category, and they all offer similar services and features to help businesses enforce an effective marketing strategy.

However, the needs of small businesses, like pricing, features, setup, and installation, differ from what other big companies need. This is why we have taken the time to compile some of the well-known influencer marketing platforms for small businesses; they are also very suitable for any business size. 

The influencer marketing platforms in this guide were selected based on good customer reviews and suitable features that work best for small businesses. So before we look at the platforms, let’s better understand what influencer marketing platforms are. 

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What are Influencer Marketing Platforms? 

Influencer marketing platforms are software designed to help brands with an effective influencer marketing campaign. When working with influencers, the platforms act as support systems to make life easier for brands and agencies. These platforms provide brands and agencies with easy-to-use tools for influencer discovery and also offer highly searchable databases of influencers using intelligent algorithms.

Some influencer marketing platforms also use opt-in methods of scouting for influencers. An employee of the forum will vet potential influencers and confirm if they are genuine, qualified and willing to collaborate with brands. 

In addition, aside from creating a relationship between influencers and brands, influencer marketing platforms also provide services that include campaign management, relationship management, third-party analytics, influencer marketplace, and influencer content amplification. 

Top 12 Best Influencer Marketing Platforms

This is one of the most reliable and efficient influencer marketing platforms for small and big businesses, and it provides a simple platform for partnership between brands and influencers, publishers, affiliates, mobile apps, etc. uses future automated campaigns to help small and big businesses access millions of potential partners from around the globe and recruit them. can provide adequate support for your business throughout all the influencer marketing stages, from finding and recruiting a suitable influencer to monitoring their performance and settling them after a completed business. 

So due to the convenience that Impact offers, many small and big brands always consider them first when choosing an influencer platform. Some brands already benefiting from this platform’s amazing services include Lenovo, Fanatics, Vivino, BBQ Guys, Drop, Coach etc. 


Grin is your one-stop influencer marketing platform aimed at helping ecommerce companies build highly reputable and well-known brands through the power of influencer partnerships. For small businesses, one of the most common concerns when choosing an influencer platform is the pricing, which is why Grin has a customizable pricing plan that allows you to pay for only what you need. 

This platform has many high-profile partners, including Urban Outfitters, MVMT, and Ipsy, to name a few. So it is a good choice for businesses, and over the years, they have proven to be very effective and efficient in their services. 

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Grin offers an extensive database that allows you to search for influencers that suit your business needs, and they provide the most accurate reporting with AI-powered influencer analytics. The platform will not only help you find a good and reliable influencer, but it will also help you create winning influencer campaigns. 


It is now easier than ever to find, analyze and manage creators on social media with Favikon; the platform offers an easy way of managing your influencer marketing campaigns for as low as $39/month. Also, the platform is fully automated, so you can get the desired results without wasting time and money. 

If you have been searching for a secure, reliable and easy way to work with influencers, you should consider this Favikon influencer marketing platform. They can help you create an influencer audit, discover trustworthy influencers and reach out to potential influencers who can give you your desired results.


Scrunch is the number one DIY influencer platform for small and big businesses that love to manage their influencer programs. This platform offers a free trial period that allows you to test its reliability and suitability before committing to it. Aside from the free plan, they offer three different payment plans starting at $199/month. 

With over 20 million influencers in their database, they have provided easy access to many big-name brands who desire to work with micro-influencers. These collaborations have always ended in success stories and positive reviews. So amongst many others, Scrunch is one of your business’s best influencer marketing platforms. 


This is one influencer platform known for its ease of use and a new approach to creator marketing. With a starting price of just $499/month, Paid is one of the most affordable influencer marketing platforms for small businesses. In addition, they allow for customization of services so you can pay for only what you need for your business. 

With Paid, you can launch an influencer marketing campaign in just a few steps and choose influencers who will reach your target audience efficiently. You can also have influencers who will give you details of their ideas and concepts before implementing them.


Over the years, Aspire has built a strong reputation for being the influencer platform for many high-growth ecommerce brands. However, you can’t access their pricing without requesting a demo, but customers have attested that their services are affordable and worth even more than the price.

So if you run an ecommerce business like Shopify, this may be the platform suitable for you. Also, for those that run websites on in-house solutions, you can always upload a CSV file, and the team at Aspire will easily merge it with their database to get additional insights for more efficiency. 

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One influencer marketing platform that offers services for all kinds of businesses, from nonprofits to brands and even influencer agencies looking to connect with each other is Upfluence. With the numerous influencer discovery tools on Upfluence, it is easy to find suitable influencers or creators for your campaign. 

Upfluence breaks down its plan into three options with detailed comparisons so you will be sure which one to work with. You can drive more sales with their efficient affiliate management services and ecommerce tools. 

In addition, the platform allows you to carry out influencer analysis, discover the best in the industry, send products to your influencer, manage your brand-influencer relationship and payments, and manage your campaigns effectively. 


Influencity is an excellent platform for influencer marketing because it offers everything you will need to run your campaign from the beginning till the end. The platform is also cost-effective and time-saving because it allows you to turn your manual campaign process into a fully automated system. 

Influencity helps businesses manage multiple campaigns, gain access to millions of influencers’ stats, automate processes, and share information. Together with the many features it offers, the platform is incredibly cheaper than most other platforms, with a starting price of $48/month, allowing you to create your bundles or opt for an already prepared plan. 


Are you looking for a platform that offers more than influencer marketing? Digimind may be just what you need. It isn’t labelled as influencer marketing software; instead, it chooses to be called intelligence software to let people know that it encompasses so much more. In addition, to helping brands gain information about influencers, they also help businesses gain useful insights about competitors, consumers and trends. 

However, if you need an exclusive platform to help you find an influencer to generate buzz for your brand, Digimind is also a great choice. For the fact that influencer marketing needs engagement just as much as it needs metrics, Digimid will also analyze an influencer’s social status and authority to help you find only those that can truly make an impact. 


Klear is an excellent influencer marketing platform that connects ecommerce brands with influencers across various social networks. One unique thing about Klear is that it focuses its resources and tools on finding influencers within your existing network of followers. This way, you will easily find one that suits your business needs.

It is an already known fact that working with influencers can help you build your brand’s affinity and positive reputation via social commerce, but you will only get these results when you work with the right influencers.

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That is why Klear is readily available to help you every step of the way with your influencer marketing strategy. They first identify potential influencers among your followers and then take the next necessary steps from there; all you have to do is enjoy the results. 


The London-based platform Audience was founded in 2011 and, to date, has maintained a reputation for positive results and excellent services. It offers analytics and insights using data from Twitter to create data-driven influencer marketing strategies and help brands grow their businesses through influencer marketing campaigns. 

Over the years, it has been noted that Audiense uses audience segmentation to drive engagement and ROI for brands; this strategy helps recognize the audience that is likely to respond to your influencer marketing campaigns. 

Aside from Audiense’s unique strategy, the platform is user-friendly and can give you easy access to get macro or micro-influencers for targeted ads. More importantly, you can identify the influencers that suit your price and vision requirements. 

Popular Pays

Brands hire influencer marketing platforms to make their teams faster and more flexible and get a cost-effective and better way to deliver their marketing goals. That is why Popular Pays is available to offer the most modern approach to help your brand achieve these goals.

Popular Pays use a network of over 85,000 influencers to create content on various channels; they also have a powerful system and client service professionals to streamline and scale your work to guide your strategy and ensure maximum results. Their services include activating influencers to promote brand awareness, testing new platforms to enhance growth and scaling content to populate brand channels. 

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The influencer marketing platforms listed above are all you need to choose the best influencer for your business, whether big or small and regardless of your business needs and budget, there is a suitable one for you.

Of course, you should know that the importance of working with the right influencer must be balanced, as it will determine whether your influencer marketing campaigns will yield success or will fail.

The right influencer or creator and the right influencer platform can bring up to 200% more profits and growth to your business through influencer marketing campaigns. So you should choose the best influencer marketing platforms to get the most reliable influencer. 

If this guide was of great help to you or you have more suggestions of some of the top influencer marketing platforms for small businesses, kindly leave a comment below. 

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